16 thoughts on “IDF Plans for Imminent Attack on Iran to Include Civilian Targets – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Much of this is wishful thinking. If the Zios were to take on Hezbollah and Iran simultaneously, they would pay a terrible price. I suspect cooler heads will prevail.

    1. @ traducteur: Which “cooler heads?” Bibi? The IDF chief of staff? HEads of the Shin Bet and Mossad? All appointed by Netanyahu?

      Who will stop this madness? Biden? Jake Sullivan, who gave Israel the green light to attack Iran?

      1. I have to ask
        I can see your Hebrew isn’t really good
        Who helped you to translate all of this?
        You’re soooo far from understanding this, not only this essay, but the whole idea

        1. @ Ofer: This comment is characteristic of Israeli apologists. Note he doesn’t provide a single example of mistakes in my translation nor mistakes in understanding the essay.

          No one helped me nor did I need help. I am fluent in Hebrew with degrees in Hebrew literature (BHL & MA). Two years studying Jewish literature and Judaica at Hebrew University.

      2. The way you’ve interpreted things here, shows you’re extremely radical against Israel- why is that?
        How could you refer to this as ‘an Israeli attack against Hezbollah’? When in reality, there is no scenario which Israel attacks Hezbollah, out of nowhere, without being provoked, or attacked? In reality, Iran and Hezbollah work together to destroy Israel, these are facts. You have to stop tilting things your way

        1. @ Ofer: “Extremely radical?” And your own fascist government is what? Extremely moderate? Don’t be a fool. Israel has become an extremist terror state and you expect me NOT to be radical in opposition to this??

          How could you refer to this as ‘an Israeli attack against Hezbollah’? When in reality, there is no scenario which Israel attacks Hezbollah

          If you read the essay, the author does not say that Hezbollah provokes or attacks Israel. He merely says Israel should annihilate Hezbollah. So there goes one of your claims.

          Iran and Hezbollah work together to destroy Israel

          As for Hezbollah and Iran seeking to “destroy Israel”: how would they do that? Overrun Tel Aviv and march to Jerusalem like Saladin and pillage the place? Don’t be silly. Israel has the 10th most powerful army in the world. No one is about to destroy Israel. This is melodrama. And not convincing.

          these are facts

          No, these are claims. And false ones at that.

  2. More wishful thinking from Yossi Cohen, for simplicity act as if China doesn’t exist and has its national interests in the Gulf region … the window of opportunity for war on Iran has closed for now.

    Deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia is ‘absolutely possible,’ says ex-Mossad chief

    Dermer and Hanegbi are expected to meet with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and other top-level officials from the White House and State Department to discuss the Iranian nuclear threat and peace prospects with Saudi Arabia, four Israeli and US officials told the Axios news site.

    1. @ Oui: It’s a full court press on MBS by the Israeli intelligence apparatus, trying to lobby him to join the Abraham Accords. They’re desperate because they fear MBS has thrown in his lot with Iran and will ditch them. I hope he does.

      And what can the US do to influence MBS? The entire reason he’s reconciling with Iran is that he’s given up on both the Israelis and the US. We have no leverage there.

    2. Erdoğan re-elected …. many heads of states (dictators) have send congratulations … the powerful Western allies of the NATO pact states trailing in their reaction … by exception Macron and … future member Zelenskyy.

      Test for Abraham Accords partnership

      Emirati leaders extended a long-sought invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Syrian regime’s Bashar Assad to attend the UN climate conference, known as COP28 in November.

    3. Article in PressTV:
      Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman to form joint naval force under China auspices: Report

      Will Israel try to join that naval force?

  3. If Israel (or the US) could attack Iran with impunity, it would already have done so. Iran’s missiles and extended regional strategic capabilities were always designed & developed primarily as a defensive deterrent. That strategy has worked for several decades.

  4. Maybe if Iran withdraws its support for it’s Arab proxy armies in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, Israel wouldn’t have to plan to fight a three front war and attack Iran.

    China just brokered a deal wherein Iran withdraws it’s support of the Houti rebels in Yemen in exchange for normalization with Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states.

    Why isn’t it in Iran’s interest to give up it’s three front proxy war with Israel?

    Is there something in Twelver Shiism that prevents Iran from doing so?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. @ Chad: It’s mighty white of you to offer Iran uninvited suggestions about how it should pursue its geostrategic interests. I don’t think they ask for it. But can’t stop you from trying.

      Maybe if Israel stopped supporting proxies in Syria (al Nusra) and stopped its sabotage attacks on Iran and murder of Iranians and stopped pressuring against a nuclear agreement, then Iran would feel it could negotiates an end to its own support for proxies.

      You mischaracterized the deal bet Iran and Saudi Arabia. You as usual only provided benefits to the Saudis but neglected those for the Iranians. While the Iranians have agreed to stop arming the Houthis, the Saudis have agreed to stop supporting their own proxies in Yemen The Iranians don’t merely make agreements out of the goodness of their hearts. They get something to give in return. As they have in this deal:

      Under the agreement announced on Friday, Iran and Saudi Arabia will patch up a seven-year split by reviving a security cooperation pact, reopening embassies in each other’s countries within two months, and resuming trade, investment and cultural accords.

      The Saudis have also agreed to stop terror attacks they’ve sponsored inside Iran.

      Israel offers the Iranians nothing and will get nothing in return. Including no end of Iranian support for the frontline forces resisting Israeli hegemony and aggression in Lebanon and Gaza. Unlike Palestinine, Israel cannot impose its will on Iran. If it wants stability in the region it will have to negotiate that with Iran. Till it does, it will have the bogeyman it prefers in order to unite an otherwise dysfunctional society.

      Twelver Shiism

      What’s especially pathetic about people like you is that you spout bits & pieces of Islam. Just enough to fake your way through a comment thread like this. In reality, you’re ignorant.

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