8 thoughts on “Why I Published US Intelligence Secrets About Israel’s Anti-Iran Campaign – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Sham-moron: first look up the definition of “espionage,” moron. I am a journalist, not a spy. I neither received any payment for what I did nor did I do it for the benefit of any state, except perhaps my own. If not wanting the U.S. to join Israel in fighting a war for Israel constitutes acting on behalf of my own country.

      If you wish to make the lame argument that I spied against Israel–no I didn’t do that either since the FBI did that. I was given the FBI transcripts & published tiny paraphrases of some sections of them. That’s not even committing espionage against Israel.

      You remind me of the phrase “garbage in-garbage out.” Garbage in–hasbara out!

      1. You have leaked papers that the US government considers confidential. In addition, you have benefitted from it by gaining material to write about. If you want to change the laws of the US, use the ballot box. Arrogating yourself to leak materials over the national security of the US is no different than what Pollard did

        1. @Shammoron: I am a journalist. That’s what journalists do. Pollard was a spy, not a journalist. He stole secrets. I did not. Reread your U.S. constitution. It protects journalists specifically. Further, the Justice Dept could’ve chosen to prosecute me but didn’t. So given the choice between trusting your judgment or theirs, I prefer theirs.

  1. I am an America first kind of guy. I really dont care whether Iran and Israel nuke each other. Its the Middle East after all. However, the only possible beneficiaries of your reveleations are Israel. Thanks to you, you have compromised FBI efforts on Israel. Your website appears to be progressive and anti-Israel, but I think you are a zionist false flag operation

    1. @Shammoron: You’re nothing of the sort. With your name you’re a hasbara fraud, is what you are. And definitely an Israel First kinda guy.

      If you think Israel benefited from having the world know it was engaged in a perception management campaign leading to war against Iran, you’re out of your mind.

      My comment rules insist if you make a claim you must support it with evidence. If you level another unsupported claim here you will be banned.

      Further, you are using an IP address previously used by two different commenters here. Either you are using different handles to post comments or you are using a proxy server to conceal your real location. Either one is unacceptable here. And your e mail adddress is fake as well. As you are.

    2. You use the name Shammai, but you do not care about Israel and what happens to Israel (“Middle East after all”). Riiight. That is so incredibly badly acted that it almost surpasses the time when you claimed to support Breaking the Silence, B’tselem and Adalah. Lazarus has risen. Yawn.

  2. [comment deleted: I reject any comments which accuse me of being a dupe or plant for anyone or engaging in false flag operations on anyone’s behalf. If that’s your style there are plenty of fake news sites out there to peddle your papers. You are moderated. If you publish further garbage like this you will be banned.]

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