7 thoughts on “Biden Administration Releases National Anti-Semitism Strategy to Mixed Reviews – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. While the Nexus statement is indeed better than the fundamentally flawed IHRA (mis)definition it is much poorer than the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism that the White House pointedly ignores.

    AS we know it matters less what a report says than how it is used. It s clear from their responses to it that the ADL and other pro-Israeli groups will attempt to use the report’s too inclusive noting of IHRA to support rolling it out at state, university etc level.

    While the report falls short of their hopes and our worst fears it is still very dangerous, especially if it used to marginalise the JDA in favour of Nexus.

    1. The Jerusalem Declaration is nowhere near as good as Nexus. I haven’t read the Jerusalem Declaration in a few months. But there wasn’t a single thing I disagreed with in Nexus. But I thought the Declaration tried to thread the needle between IHRA and a more reasonable, moderate view. But it pulled punches. Nexus imo doesn’t do that. It deliberately contradicts IHRA in almost every point.

  2. Richard: you should have pointed out that documents like the National Strategy are often released around the time of year that Israel declared itself a state: May 15. This is the modus operandi, too, for the release (usually on PBS) of documentaries which are about the holocaust of jews in germany. The great bulk of them in the past 8-10 years are broadcast closely to that date and Israel repeats it with its annual celebration of that date. Otherwise an excellent close critique of the National Strategy.

  3. Thanks for this summary that explains why both the lobby and progressive groups approve of the National Strategy. My feeling is that if both sides approve, the Strategy means little. Be prepared for the Strategy to be mis-used by the lobby.

  4. Criticizing Israel doesn’t make you an anti-Semite.

    Being an anti-Zionist does make you an anti-Semite, since Jews are entitled to a homeland same as any other Nation.

    1. @ Rafe: Being an anti-Zionist IS criticizing Israel. So by your own logic your claim is unfounded. What you’re saying is that ‘good Jews’ who love Israel may criticize it within limits. That’s an unacceptable restriction on my right of free speech, as a Jew, on the subject. I will not permit anyone to do that.

      Not to mention that Jews may be entitled to a homeland, as you stated, but they are not entitled to a Judeo-supremacist state based on ethnic cleansing and the continued massacre of tens of thousands of indigenous Palestinians. A homeland and a [Judeo-supremacist] state are 2 different things. Homelands can be shared by two peoples within one state.

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