10 thoughts on “Iran’s Major Diplomatic Successes Offer Promise of Regional Stability – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I see reasonable human beings here working toward a safer and more just existence for millions of people in this most geopolitically crucial spot on earth. When ever have agreements among the wealthiest of the world brought hopes of good for all people rather than guaranteed benefits to whoever’s ‘victor’ of the moment?

    Is this the beginning of the “third way”?

  2. The Zionists very much need the ‘threat’ of Iran and their proxies to keep on playing the victim ( illiciting the sympathy and support from Europe and the US ) and keeping their own ( Zionist ) population in fear. And above all else to keep on bleeding the ‘gullible’ Americans of their tax dollars.
    In old apartheid South Africa it was the communists and the blacks that posed the threat to the State and allowed for the young white sons/boys to give up their lives. In the fascist/racist Zionist State it is the ayatollahs and the arabs that pose the threat and allow for the young zionist boys and girls to give up their lives.
    Never before have the Zionists been threatening to bomb anybody for this long and this often. And not done it. They had no problem bombing Syria ( and still do ), Lebanon and Iraq. They have no problem bombing the shit out of Gaza.
    IMO the Americans have never given their full support and/or given the go ahead for such a strike as what the Zionists have been threatening Iran with for over 10 years! As much as all their talk/’bravado’ of going it alone they can’t in more ways than one ( refuelling of their aircraft, special bunker busting bombs etc etc is all outside their capabilities )

    1. @Willem

      “As much as all their talk/’bravado’ of going it alone they can’t in more ways than one ( refuelling of their aircraft, special bunker busting bombs etc etc is all outside their capabilities ”

      Correct. Until it happens.

      But you must concede, Willem, you must concede that Iran has positioned three Arab proxy armies on Israel’s borders and that Israel hasn’t the equivalent.

      1. @ John: Not true. Israel has in the past and currently maintains proxies throughout the region as I’ve noted here. Historically, they range from the Village Leagues, South Lebanon army, Al-Nusra, Phalangists and Kurds, among others. It even helped found Hamas and Hezbollah as foils for the PLO in Gaza & the West Bank, and in Lebanon.

        1. @Richard Silverstein

          Your reply is historically accurate, but none of those proxies you’ve mentioned, if you can even call them proxies, exist today.

          Yet, Iran does, in fact, today, have three proxy armies on Israel’s borders and Israel does not, today, have anything like an equivalent. Israel, today, does not have proxy armies aiming hundreds of thousands at Iran.

          1. @ John: Not true. Hamas, Hezbollah exist regardless of them becoming Israel’s enemies. In fact, Israel helped them become what they are today. Oh and I forgot to mention MeK, an Iranian terror group to which the Mossad farms out some of its assassinations and other forms of sabotage. The Mossad also continues to work with the Kurds. And it has supported the Jundallah Arab rebellion inside Iran.

            Hamas is NOT an Iranian proxy. It does not fight under the direction of Iran. It receives some support from Iran. But it is very limited for obvious reasons. Hezbollah is the only other force opposing Israel which might be considered an Iranian proxy. And the only reason it is such a proxy is that Israel refuses to return the Golan to Syria (among other reasons).

            You may write one comment per thread. You’ve had two in this one. You may comment if you wish in other post threads. But you are done in this one.

  3. No reference to the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi Emirate? Played a key role in developing relations with Israel for many years … intelligence cooperation … many links Unit 8200, NSA and NSO Group Pegasus software.

    The Abraham Accords and Israel–UAE normalization | Chatham House |

    UAE reopens embassy in Damascus | Dec. 27, 2018 |

    The UAE recalled its ambassador from Syria in 2011 and broke ties with the Assad regime in February 2012.

    The United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in Damascus and raised its flag outside it on Thursday, seven years after it severed ties with Syria, a step that marks a big diplomatic boost for President Bashar al-Assad from a US-allied Arab state that once funded rebels fighting him.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed in KSA, UAE and Kuwait. Made the rapprochement of Sunni states with Qatar and Turkey quite difficult.

    The attempted overthrow of Jordan King Abdullah in April 2021 was a joint effort by Israel, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The Holy Place Al Aqsa and guardianship plays an important role in foreign policy. The refusal of Israel to halt evictions East Jerusalem and expansion of settlements on Palestinian land made the Abraham Accords a dead treaty.

    1. In an optimistic view, pressured to behave and become a partner in the neighbourhood in a learning proces 😊 read the UN Charter, an obligation to pursue peace.

      Targeted Assassinations: a Bankrupt Strategy.

  4. I normally laud a person’s optimism, however my take on these developments are more sombre.

    The Biden/Blinken’s foreign policy failures are many, but missing the NATO Middle East Quad formation must be crucial. What you see are rear guard battles, more likely to prepare for worse to come. I would call it talks for a prisoner exchange. None of the JCPOA partners are involved and Biden has declared the treaty dead. Indeed, Joe is setting the stage for his re-election in 2024, a bridge too far for him. Is any nation capable to stop an attack by Israel on Iran, or any neighbouring state? I don’t think so. The US do not want a reprisal on captives held inside Iran.

    The issue of Palestine will not be part of the US-Iran talks. Even the UAE could have cared less, see attempted coup in Jordan in April 2021. Saudi King Salman personally takes a strong stance on Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinians. The Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 remains the foundation for any agreement between the Kingdom and Israel.

    As we have seen, the weasels are the Europeans as they have conformed to the US stance on Israel and Palestine. The ban on Palestinian Humanitarian NGOs as the most terrible decision

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