8 thoughts on “Hezbollah Infiltrates Northern Israel, Mounts Attack Gravely Wounding Israeli – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: off-topic. All the contents of a comment must be directly related to the subject of the post. In your case, dredging up claims of Iranian attacks in Europe has nothing to do with a Hezbollah attack in Israel. Stay on topic no matter how tempted you are to do otherwise.]

  2. Clearly, Iran is trying to light the ground on fire in Israel and spark a Ramadan intifada.

    If she achieves her goal, Israel will be distracted from Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and Israel’s heavy handed backlash against an intifada will make Israel look bad in front of Iran’s new friends in the Persian Gulf and KSA.

    Will Iran succeed?

    1. @ Pamela:

      Clearly, Iran is…

      Not not “clearly” at all. Remember, I’m not interested in your opinions. I’m interested in facts and evidence. If you have an opinion, offer credible data, sources, etc. to support it. If you have none of those, don’t bother.

      Next, I already told you you are entitled to a single comment per thread. Remember this. The next time, I will delete your 2nd comment.

  3. Richard

    I am full of questions. Why did the Hezbollah agent target a Palestinian? And isn’t it out of character for the IDF to be so upset by a Palestinian death?

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