38 thoughts on “Rachel Corrie Among First in Long Line of Foreign Rights Activists Murdered, Maimed by IDF – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As you wrote, it’s important to remember that these courageous victims of state brutality are the relatively “privileged” tip of the native Palestinians’ bleeding iceberg.

  2. Should I prepare a list of the Israelis who were murdered by terrorist attack on buses, hotel, restaurants, on the streets or just by sitting at home and getting hit by a rocket? it will be too long (thousands).
    By the way, today, 40 years ago, 11 sports man were brutally executed by a group of Palestinian terrorists on the ground of Germany during the Olympic games, no one wanted to stop, no one in the Olympic management want to honor their memory properly even today. A tip for you, the Israeli government published today some secret protocols from its meeting during the terror attack in Munich, maybe you will find there some more items to write against us.

    1. New hasbarista around ?
      Richard’s article is about FOREIGN peace activists being wounded or killed by the IDF. Your list of Israeli civilians has nothing to do with this topic, but should be compared with that of PALESTINIAN civilians killed by the IDF.
      I like your way of writing “thousandS” as if we’re talikng about many thousands. If you want to compete in that game, I’m not sure you’re going to win, but maybe one Palestinian life isn’t worth an Israeli (Jewish) one….


      Munib al-Masri is the grand-son of Munib al-Masri, the richest Palestinian worldwide. Richard wrote an article about him in June 2011 shortly after his grand-son was wounded.

      1. Dear Dier Yassin,
        I do not know what is Hasbarista? I triied to look it up in the dictionary but there is no word like that, maybe it is some kind of internal code for someone who holds a different voice from you and your friends here? maybe it comes from the word Hasbara (explain) in Hebrew? well, I am a private person, and yes I want to explain our point of view.
        By the way your name is real? or do you want to say something about the past? If so, I have some other think to tell you out of this contest.
        In any case, I do not like to ANYONE getting killed. In both sides. The problem is that Palestinian are always comparing numbers. We do not do that. Does Americans compare? Does Egyptian or Syrian compare? when you are at war, you do not count, you are trying to minimize killing (at least in our actions) but we do not say: a Palestinian attack killed 30 Jews in a hotel so let’s kill 60 Palestinian. You may not like it, but we do not think like that and we do not act like that. I am not happy at all about the above list, it should not happen, we investigated and in some cases we paid. Try to get an example for compensation from a Syrian government for a killing of a journalist or photographer or a raped journalist in Egypt. I guess there is none.

        1. Fine. you figured ‘hasbarista’ out all by yourself.
          “I want to explain OUR point of view”
          Who’s ‘our’ ? Are you speaking on behalf of someone ? Youli Edelstein, maybe ?
          Yeah, and the “look-at-Syria-blah-blah” is an example of rule number one among hasbaristas: Try to draw attention to somewhere else where it’s the same or even worse. Oh, but wait: Syria and Egyprt don’t claim to be The-Only-Democracy-In-The-Middle-East or The-Villa-In-The-Jungle.
          You see, we know all the usual hasbara stuff around here.
          “The problem is that Palestinian are always comparing numbers”
          Yeah, I guess we should talk about ‘qualitative deaths’ when it comes to Israelis, right ?
          I don’t really understand what your trying to say other than Israelis are human, peace-loving, moral, honest people and Palestinians are not……
          I know: Rachel Corrie threw herself under that bulldozer only to make Israel look bad.

          1. What I can see here in this blog is that there huge amount of “Plestinian Hasbarista” all over the place. You are probably one of them as well. You really did not leaved among Israelis to understand the way we think. At least the majority of us. I am sorry for that, since you could have witnessed some other sides you are not aware. Just to take one side opinion all the time will lead you nowhere.
            I think that Israel is the only democracy in the region, we are the only one that investigate those cases, and even Goldstone rejected later his initial report based on new information he understood.
            I am very sorry about any Palestinian getting killed, not sure that this is the same way around. In the Gulf war some people were dancing on the roofs and shouted “Sadam ya Habib Udrub Udrub Tel Aviv”. Guess who was that people on the roof? Did you see Jewish people dancing like that after a death of a Palestinian?

          2. I need you to read the comment rules very carefully and phrase your comments so that they follow them. One of the main rules is to be on-topic. That means your comment must reflect the topic of the post and not dredge in lots of extraneous issues. This is not a debating society in which you get to argue freely on whatever point you wish. This is a blog comment thread and comments must start from, & be related to the post.

            So almost everything in the above comment and much of your other comments are off-topic. Not to mention that you’ve dredged up lots of topics that other pro-Israel commenters have brought up before you. I do not accept repetition of such memes. Once we’ve discussed topics like dancing on roofs or whatever, that’s it. We’re done with it. Be assured if you feel the need to drag in extraneous points to bolster yr argument that Israel is a good, honorable or righteous place and that Arabs are bad, untrustworthy, life-hating or Jew-hating devils–we’ve discussed it here before. YOur goal should be to avoid the common memes offered by the hasbara forces. If you’re in doubt about whether a subject has been covered here do a Google search or ask before you get us lost in the weeds.

          3. @ Ilan
            “You really did not leaved among Israelis to understand the way we think”
            1. You made a revealing lapsus, using the verb ‘leave’ instead of ‘live’. In fact most of my maternal family was “left” in 1948 by your ilk !
            2. You don’t know anything about what I know about Israelis.
            3. “The way we think” is a ridiculous statement. Firstly, you’re not representing THE Israelis – thanks God ! Secondly, I don’t see any ‘thinking’ in your comments.
            4. Your hasbara has been posted hundreds of times before. Concerning Israelis celebrating the death of Palestinians: why dont you look into the numerous comments that were posted – also on Bibi’s Facebook – after Palestinian kids from Shua’fat refugee camps were killed in a bus accident north of Jerusalem back in the beginning of the year. Let me know if you want any links, and we’re talking about people who sign their comments. Or why don’t you look into the people who cheered when young Israeli Jews were lynching young Palestinians in Zion Square, trying to preventi the medics to arrive (cf. Haaretz) .

            I really feel sorry for the many decent Israelis who’ll read all your BS.

          4. i think he melded the words fashionista (a person who is a fascist about fashion… see Seinfeld episode about the soup Nazi now apply to fashion) and hasbara together… also anti israel people like to use the word hasbara to show what is Jewish(Israeli) propaganda… so what he is calling you is a fascist Israeli who propagates right wing propaganda…

            Though i do feel its fair to compare to how Israel handles foreign persons protesting and how any other country would handle this… i wonder if this was in China or Iran or Syria ors audi arabia or Eritrea or Turkey…

            but then again the media does not care much about this…

            in the worlds eyes jews are supposed to be victims and they dont like it when we dont play that role anymore…

            They relish the moments when we make tactical errors to help alleviate their guilt about killing and oppressing us for over 2000 years…

            I say meh crap happens… if you enter a warzone you take risks… Israel should make these people sign a waiver much like a ticket to a theme park, saying that this ride could cause permanent damage to your person and you waive any right to seek retribution and acknowledge that Israel is not liable…

          5. @ Richard
            I think the “fascist”-comment by Ben was a response to Ilan about my use of ‘hasbarista’.

          6. Ben, why bring in Fascism? The word fashionista has absolutely no link with fascism. And have you never heard of ‘barista’, a person who is able to make even frothed up milk look like a treat?

        2. “we do not say: a Palestinian attack killed 30 Jews in a hotel so let’s kill 60 Palestinian.”

          No the rate used to be 4 Palestinians killed for 1 Israeli. During Cast Lead it was 100 to 1 and lately the rate seems to be 10 Palestinans for 1 Israeli: Something happens in Eilat and without even taking time to find out who is behind it, Israel starts to take out enough Palestinians in Gaza to satisfy the bloodthirst of the Israeli public.

          I also remember an awful example of random Israeli reprisals in the West Bank a couple of years ago when Israel killed 15 policemen in one night.

          I understand very well why you do not want to compare numbers.

          1. By the way Ilan it is a bit cynical to reproach Deir Yassin for not having lived among the lovely Israeli’s, since her family was kicked out in 1948.

            “Did you see Jewish people dancing like that after a death of a Palestinian?”
            They pickicked on the Gaza border during Cas Lead, and what about this:

            Stop presenting Israeli’s as superior.

          2. @ Elisabeth
            Haha, I didn’t read your comment before mentionning the bus accident (two souls but a single thought). Someone at +972 mag – Noam Sheizaf I think – translated dozens of the comments.
            After Ilan the guy-who-loved-his-palestinian-peons-as-his-family, now we have a new Ilan. Fortunately we also have Ilan Pappe and Ilan Halevy 🙂

          3. Ben — Israel claims to be a Western styled democracy so your comparisons with China, Syria etc. are wrong headed. Compare protests in Sweden, Germany, France etc. Secondly, people take risks in order to protest but this does not oblige Israel to wantonly kill them.

          4. @davey… you really want to to go to Germany to see how they deal with people? LMAO… I guess your one of those who says lets forget the past… no way we will ever repeat it…
            and a comparison to Sweden today is not logical… perhaps in the 1700 when Sweden was at war with Russia… i wonder what would have happened then…

            You fail to understand that during Israel’s 60 years its been at constant war… its rather hard to have a balance between democracy and survival… and tbh i think Israel is doing rather well…

            plus the majority of UN declaration that go against israel are from the 50 country arab block that has high … their presence on these organisation is an insult to humanity but yet left wing groups commonly quote from them… how ironic that those countries you care not to compare are the ones you quote as is verse from the bible…

            Also you should be proud of these people they went to a place they knew was dangerous but they had convictions that they acted on and in it gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives…
            I may not agree with their politics (in fact i think they are crazy!) but hell i do respect that they had the chutzpah to act on them…

          5. Actually I want to compare numbers, now that you wanted to.
            The ratio you were talking about was set by the Hizbullah and Hammas when they asked Israel to release a thousands terrorist including murderers of children and woman for 1 kidnapped soldier (Gilad Shalit) and I do not even want to discuss the condition of his imprisonment with the Hammas. Also in the past Israel released hundreds of terrorist for 3 bodies of soldiers. Yes the negotiation was very long and though, the ratio was set by the Terrorist organization them self, despite the voices in Israel that claim that we need to keep a ratio of one to one, finally we agree to release thousand terrorists just to spare the life of one soldier. So next time remember, this is the ratio, you set it, you wanted it to be this way.

          6. “you set it, you wanted it to be this way”
            Who are you talking to? And do you mean someone now gave you the right to kill 1000 Palestinians for one Israeli? You equate a prisoner-swap with the right to kill?!

            And about that prisoner swap: Israeli racists love to see these prisoner swaps as proof that even in the eyes of the ‘Arabs’ themselves, they are only worth a fraction of an Israeli.

            But things would be very different without all the US aid: Because of that you are 1000 times stronger and so you have 1000 times more prisoners. A one-on-one swap would mean Hamas hands over 100 percent of their prisoners and Israel only 0.1.

            Is it so hard to think properly?

    2. More people died of peanut allergies than ever of supposed rocket fire.

      Hell, Mt. Carmel fire due to Netanyahu’s incompetency killed more Israelis than 10,000 rockets PLUS the Munich Massacre!

      Here’s what’s more: if you simply Google image search “Palestinian Baby”, more dead Palestinian babies (unique) will show up for you to count than you could ever hope of getting your 10,000 rocket statistic total towards.

      So here’s the point: no sympathy for you — you’re a liar.

    3. You call Munich a “terror attack”. What do you call Cast Lead? Defensive war? I am told that 20 Israelis have been killed by rocket attacks from Gaza in the past ten years. But 1100 Palestinians died in Cast Lead. How many innocents killed in the Lebanon invasions? You can’t win these comparisons. It’s F-16s vs. rocks.

      Israel makes its own destiny and in so doing earns the contempt and wrath of all civilized peoples. Nobody has to go digging for Israeli engendered death and terror to “write against” Israel: It is everywhere.

        1. Deir Yassin’s family was “cleansed” in 1948. So…Zionists kicked the family out and now Illan chides the descendant for not living in Israel! It is a typical Zionist trap. Israel systematically sets about destroying the living conditions for an entire people and then complains about the low living standards. The Zionist soldier says “They are animals.” I say: “Anti-Zionists of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your befuddlement!”

        2. Neat article. Thanks. The telling point of view: ” (Israelis)…are in the know about everything that’s happening inside the Strip, but they let the occasional missile fly, so they can then run weeping to the Americans to get more money.”

  3. Wars bring out the worst in people and every civilian killed is an atrocity, but the number of non-combatant Israelis that have been killed since the occupation started pales in comparison to the number of innocent Palestinian victims. Pls do your own research on the numbers, Ilan.

    Palestinians do not illegally occupy Israel; it is the other way around, and that is not sustainable. If Israel occupied my own country, I’d be in the resistance too, do whatever it takes, and never give up. Making peace is the only way out.

  4. It’s not only that these facts exist, but that they are obnoxiously and absurdly denied STILL by Israel and its brainwashed supporters via lies or other egregious tactics, like exploiting good intentions.

    The Hasbara insists that the world is as stupid as Israel and its citizenry, who are starting to sound like a bunch of hens in a clockwork orange prison.

    Why cover-up if your cover-up is only going to add to the grievances? What stupidity…

  5. What concerns me is the extent to which Israel is corrupting the United States into acting in the same sort of way.

    It’s almost as if Israel wants to drive off all of America’s other friends. They are currently on course to succeed, in that.

    1. Do you seriously think that Israel can even come close to any major influence on the US? It is huge and powerful, pluralistic in many ways, self-confident with a sense of exceptionalism – in short, way beyond meaningful influence by any another country (and especially so by a small one which is in effect its protégé). It sounds as if you wish to be apologetic for the US, namely if it is acting “bad” than it is surely a result of the corrupting influence of Israel. To what extent of absurdity can people go in wishing to demonize Israel?

      1. Thor — Many thousands of people, myself included, have little trouble perceiving the influence of Israel and Zionism on the US. This influence is richly funded and pervasive extending from AIPAC’s purchase of US congressmen to Stand With Us and Israel Consular involvement in a domestic lawsuit in Washington state. Zionist influence, whether through American Jews (who have no intention of ever living in Israel, Zionists that they are) or fundamentalist Christians hoping to script the “end of time.” Surely you have heard of this influence. What else can you call the airlift of 80 US congressmen to Israel for state-sponsored sightseeing? Israel pursues its own interests and, if it is in its interests that the US has lousy relations with certain other states, the Zionists will pursue that policy through its hold on congress. This routine influence peddling has become demonic to the extent that it has gone on mostly cloaked and disguised and has been unchecked. Nobody knows for sure whether the tail is wagging the dog or not.

  6. For anyone who doubts the Corrie’s claim, read this account from an IDF D-9 operator speaking about the 2002 siege of Jenin:

    “For three days, I just destroyed and destroyed. The whole area. Any house that they fired from came down. And to knock it down, I tore down some more. They were warned by loudspeaker to get out of the house before I come, but I gave no one a chance. I didn’t wait. I didn’t give one blow, and wait for them to come out. I would just ram the house with full power, to bring it down as fast as possible. I wanted to get to the other houses. To get as many as possible. Others may have restrained themselves, or so they say. Who are they kidding? Anyone who was there, and saw our soldiers in the houses, would understand they were in a death trap. I thought about saving them. I didn’t give a damn about the Palestinians, but I didn’t just ruin with no reason. It was all under orders.”


    1. Your link to that Moshe Nissim-interview at gush shalom’s website is broken. I really wanted it to post somewhere else but I simply can’t find it anywhere except in Hebrew. I wonder whether it’s been taken down due to the Rachel Corrie-trial as it really debunks the hasbara spin. If you or someone else have another link, I’ll be grateful. Thanks

  7. Now Richard, according to Reg Vernon (from another post) you are just picking on Jews again by publishing this list here. Is that true? Are you picking on poor Jews again? You know these people here are responsible for their injuries and deaths at the hands of Israel. If they’d simply thought to be somewhere else as those particular times, they would never have been injured. This is the state of Israeli jurisprudence at this point evidently.

  8. I have seen movies about hundreds of peacefulpalestinian marsches and all kind of provocations made by Palestinians against IDF soldiers while so called journalists were running around to take the best pictures when some soldier reacted to be kicked and spotted on!You should be ashamed to take resolute one side in an inflicted conflict where palestians put their children in the front line hoping to be killed.As long as they are living in a Middle-Age standard thinking in martyrdomsterms and taking money from the rest of the world there will never be peace.They are moving in large numbers to the West bringing their stupid hate along.!What should israelis do under attack!?I know you will them die but only wish….

    1. @Peter: it states clearly that before you publish a first comment you must read the comment rules. Publishing eight comments within a short period of time is a comment rule violation. Do not post more than 3 comments in any 24 hour period. And read those comment rules carefully if you publish again. Your other 7 comments will be deleted. I don’t allow anyone to monopolize the comment threads

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