19 thoughts on “Former Mossad Chief: Ask China to Mediate for Iran-Israel Relations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I recall the horrific assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai … the UAE and the Jewish State of Israel have become the best of friends sharing intelligence and Pegasus.

    With the right incentives, nothing is impossible. However, the strength in the new ties between KSA and Iran lies in pressuring the US and West towards a fair solution for Palestine … Free Palestine 🇵🇸

    The motivation of the present Saudi-Iran rapprochement lies in the common hatred for American policy and broken promises. The retreat (defeat) from Afghanistan ways heavy. A blowback of decades of foreign policy full of incomprehension of cultures and history. America will never do well as a colonizer.

    Nearly a decade ago I wrote an article “US Will Be Ousted by Saudi King Abdullah in Middle-East” … oil independence loosened the remaining ties so long as security in the Persian 😊 Gulf is guaranteed by China (and perhaps Russia). The dependence of China’s economy on ME fossil fuel is quite a marker for the near future.

    Missing is King Abdullah of Jordan, saved from a coup by Joe Biden in March of 2021, is a staunch ally of America and backs a NATO for the region. Jordan and Yasser Arafat picked the wrong side in 1990-91 Gulf War.

  2. I had almost forgotten the Saudi Peace Initiative which was part of the ongoing argument not that long ago now conveniently buried by those many who in their “pro Israel” arguments blame the Palestinians for failures in every effort to end the occupation,whether true or false. I don’t know if the Saudi Peace initiative is still viable but Netanyahu could not be interested in it especially at this point. His power- his ability to stay in power- is built on his house of cards, one that he built to stay in power. He has sacrificed much Jewish support for Israel here… not seeming to care either. There is no shortage of misguidance and stubbornness, though, in unconditional support amongst some. Heels are dug in (despite Friedman in the NYTimes). A Saudi Iran rapprochement pulls the rug from under Netanyahu .Definitley not a man of peace, he needs to keep people afraid. If the Chinese can make an end to hostilities happen between Iran and the Saudi’s and hopefully stop them from going nuclear in the process, I can’t imagine that again the Palestinians would be left out of the conversation- or maybe I can. But it would perhaps be a welcome in feeling about China regarding responsible (not selfish) leadership in world affairs.

  3. Richard.

    For years now, you’ve excoriated Israel when she has any relations with repressive governments.

    You’ve gone on about Israel and Myanmar, Israel and Hungary, KSA, UAE, ISIL, Libya, etc. You name it.

    Byt now, when there’s a proposal for Israel to have relations with one of the worst human rights violators in the entire world, “It’s worth a shot”.

    You’ve got to laugh, from crying.

    1. @ Jay:

      [Iran is] one of the worst human rights violators in the entire world,

      That is a standard hasbara/neo-con meme. But isn’t true. Actually, Israel is equal to, if not worse than Iran in terms of human rights violations. The US and other western countries aren’t that far behind. I excoriate Israel precisely because of its false claims that it honors human rights and that it is democratic. NOne of the other countries you name are democratic or make any pretence of being so.

      As for Iran, it is certainly flawed and violates human rights. But so does Israel. Not to mention that I can name numerous repressive, autocratic regimes violating human rights, with whom Israel has or has had close relations, including Iran under the Shah.

  4. For over 55 years Israel has committed human rights violations against Palestinians. For the last decades leaders have been able to point to Iran to deflect the world’s attention to what is ongoing at home. Israelis have managed to get away with labeling human rights violations in the name of terrorism and security, and not the resistance to occupation and human rights violations that it is… a catch 22 situation with no status quo. In this knot the Iranians have reasons and support to take advantage. Iranian and Saudi rapprochement could force some change in Israel and in fact the entire Middle East especially with regard to nuclear ambitions, a nuclear free Middle East being the goal, including Israel.
    Criticism of Israel’s relations with repressive governments is not evidence of inconsistency.

    1. @Richard

      Freedom House rates Israel as 77% free, and Iran 12%, and not free.

      “NOne of the other countries you name are democratic or make any pretence of being so. ”

      And neither is Iran democratic, yet Israel should have relations with Iran and shun Myanmar, Hungary, Libya, etal


      “For over 55 years Israel has committed human rights violations against Palestinians.”

      And have Palestinians committed human rights violations against Israelis for over 55 years?


      1. Yours is a “they do it too” excuse. If Israel can excuse it’s much harsher human rights violations using overwhelming arms and force because of terrorism and security for 55 years, then Palestinians surely are entitled to label their human rights violations, a total far less, a response to 55 years of that brutal occupation, land theft, inequality, injustice : resistance which they are entitled to. Surely the scale tips against Israel, certainly morally, in the comparison. So yes.. but the judgement does not end there just because you make your argument so simple.

        1. Potter, I disagree with you.

          Overwhelming arms and forces do not justify terrorism.

          Consider the overwhelming arms and forces Russia has brought to bear in the Ukraine..
          Now consider that In despite being outgunned and outmanned ten to one, the Ukrainians have not resorted to terrorism in the year since their country was invaded.

          I don’t brook the Palestinians defending their towns with weapons.and bombs against the IDF;
          I do not accept murdering any innocent and unarmed civilians no matter who they are.

          1. @ Chad Fisher: I’m always amazed at how flimsy the arguments like yours are: Ukraine has gotten armaments from half the western world including missiles, tanks, helicopters, mines, etc. It does not need to resort to terrorism. Nevertheless, it has engaged in acts of sabotage inside Russia which might be considered terror.

            But there is an even more important distinction. I will only label Palestinian resistance terrorism if ppl like you will label Israeli mass murder as terrorism. If not, then Palestinian resistance is legal and appropriate. Under international law, the occupied are entitled to resist against the illegal occupier.

            Nor are Israelis “innocent.” They are citizens of a state engaged in mass murder. They are responsible for crimes committed in their name. And when Israel stops murdering “unarmed innocent” Palestinian civilians,” then you can make your meaningless distinctions. Till then–‘fraid not.

      2. @ Jay: Freedom House is a right-wing old anti-Communist outfit, whose ratings are not credible. I’ve written multiple posts here about rankings by independent, non-biased human rights groups. Israel usually ranks somewhere in the middle of all nations included. And always ranked as “partially free.”

        Iran is democratic. It’s about as democratic as Israel is. And no, just because Israel has elections doesn’t make it democratic.

        Israeli human rights “violations” have caused 40,000 Palestinian deaths. They’ve caused 6,000 Israel deaths. So yeah, Israel’s violations are far worse.

        Can’t you just stop the tit for tat s*t. It’s annoying. Like a game. Except you’re never going to win because you don’t have right on your side, first of all. And you think you have a lot of arrows in your quiver. But I have more.

        1. [comment deleted: I can see you abused my graciousness in permitting you more than one comment per thread. I have no interest in having prolonged debates with you on any subject. So you are now back to a single comment per thread.]

        2. [comment deleted: this is not a site for hasbara. Especially not cheap, patriotic claptrap hasbara. I’ve moderated you. If you choose to continue to comment, only comments on-topic and supported by credible sources (NOT your own opinions) will be published. Also, you only publish ONE comment per post comment thread]

  5. Richard for all the ink spilled condemning Israel and chastising Zionism, you remain a citizen of a country that’s less democratic than Israel.

    When you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing back at you.

    1. @Punch: I refuse to permit someone who has no idea about anything related to the US to tell me about US democracy. The very notion that Israel is more democratic than the US is preposterous. It’s laughable (except I’m not laughing). Hasbara is at least supposed to be believable, or semi-believable. You’re offered sheer inanity instead.

      Oh & by the way I have one finger pointing back at you.

      1. [comment deleted: this was your 3rd try. And you know you’re only entitled to one comment per thread. Since you’re already moderated I’m afraid is layla tov for you pal. Send us a postcard after landing at Ben Gurion (hope you can avoid the traffic jam if Bibi’s flying off to Europe to get away from it all). It’s truly been splendid having you.]

  6. @Chad

    The quest for peace requires much effort and in many ways is more difficult than to continue on a path of war.

    After 9/11, Ariel Sharon {!} and Bibi Netanyahu changed the definition of “terrorism” as any act against the State, or outside threat from afar. Funding and policy targeting the Muslim religion also gave support to the scourge of Islamophobia in the West. What is terror?

    Execution style policing by Border Police and Mossad assassinations of Iranian civilians should end. The US, UK, France. Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands suffered the consequences of the rise of rightwing populism and neo-nazi extremism. Led to Mosque attacks in New Zealand and elsewhere. Racism came out with rise of nationalism. Kahane is good again in Israel. Indeed civil war is imminent, but comes forth from our own poor choices.

    The end of neocon policy disturbing the Middle East has arrived.

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