13 thoughts on “Dubai Names 26 Suspects in Mossad Assassination, Mysterious Iran Connection Revealed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Great post Richard!

    But it is not only the Mossad that has a get out of jail free card for engaging in willful murder.

    Iranian security forces recently arrested the head of a Sunni terrorist group responsible for scores of killings in that country and claim that group was directly supported by US intelligence agencies.

    So not only does the US refuse to hang a terrorist label on Mossad, but they apparently are supporting terrorists as long as the “right” people are terrorized

  2. Richard – my “theory” on Mossad having infiltrated an Iranian weapons supply chain was in its conception highly speculative and I’ve since seen plenty of reasons to dismiss it.

    On the issue of suspects fleeing to Iran, I have a somewhat stronger theory: it didn’t happen.

    This was a carefully prepared false exit to create the appearance of an Iranian connection. The two Mossad operatives boarded the ship and then surreptitiously disembarked, thereby setting up a false trail.

    If these two soon end up being arrested in Iran and put on a show trial, I’ll have to ditch this theory as well. (“Mossad agents on trial in Iran” – that would certainly put Gilad Shalit in the shadows.)

    Whatever Mossad is doing in Iran – and there’s little doubt they have all sorts of things going on – I don’t imagine this includes risking having Israelis taken captive.

    1. Seems like the Dubai police is now reaching too far and wide to stay in the news and keep this story alive. Not only is the notion that 2 supposed mossad agents would flee the scene of the assasination to Iran of all places far fetched, the notion that Israel would send a team of 26 individuals (2 more per reports today) in and of itself is preposterous. I have no experience in espionage and in covert ops, but sending 26 operatives to carry out a murder in a semi hostile state is surely an overkill – pun intended. It doesn’t make sense.

      Seems to me that some of these people may have come and gone into Dubai (maybe from Israel) on various spying missions and now that the Dubai police realized that people with false passports easily come in an out of their country, they checked the records of recent entries and realized a bunch of people have come in on false passports and decided to associate them with the current media party.

    2. That makes good sense. But on the face of it it’s so preposterous that two assassins who are white Anglo Saxons would board a ship to Iran. Who would believe that they could implicate Iran in any way in this crime unless one could believe that Iran could use such individuals in its own secret ops.

  3. I like Paul’s latest theory about the Iran diversion. But I do see a few more potential angles:

    1. There was some obvious infiltration into the iran/Hamas weapons network by mossad people. The only thing we don’t know is how deep and from which end. It is highly likely that someone(s) would need to pose as an Iranian middleman as part of a ruse to get al-mahboud to Dubai. In such a case, the pretend “iranian” would need to cover their tracks, making sure they lead to Iran, hence the escape route (which BTW, we don’t know where it lead and where the agents disembarked. A ship is definitely easier to slip off incognito than a plane).
    2. The most puzzling aspect of the whole operation is Hamas allowing a presumably high level operative like al-mahboud to travel by himself, with no security detail, and virtually no precautions. That means that hamas either had a high level of confidence in his safety – a strange prospect given previous attempts to off him, or that al-mahboud conducted his own rogue operation without the full blessing of hamas higher-ups – either by himself, or as part of a cell.

    There is a third possibility, which I’ve been musing over for a while now. The assassinated hamas may have been a sacrificial lamb, who either had enemies within hamas or has outlived his usefullness, and was ‘given up”. In this scenario, one or more hamas people could be double agents – pretend to have been turned by Mossad, only to alert Dubai either just before or just after the assassination took place. The purpose of such an operation would be to give israel a black eye at the cost of a single individual (who may or may not have been as important as portrayed).

    The reason I contemplate that third possibility at all is from looking at the tried and true “who benefits”, which in my book, reads “who REALLY benefits”. It certainly isn’t israel – or the Mossad. What good they got from the murder is more than out-weighted by the repercussions from exposure of so many agents, not to mention methods of operation. Surely, there would have been, somewhere in Mossad’s guts, saner minds who’d contemplate the eventuality of exposure of this many people (could mossad has become this complacent? may be). Hamas, despite losing one individual, benefits for obvious reasons. Israel is exposed as duplicitous to it’s friends and possibly, hamas may now get cooperation from other intelligence agencies, thus helping legitimizing itself. Iran benefits because this totally muddies the waters regarding israel’s push for sanctions and takes attention away from its internal suppression of dissent. But the greatest beneficiary is Dubai police, which are getting, by and large, rave reviews for the investigative job they did. And Dubai did need the good press lately.

    Somewhere, within the possibilities above (playing out in in one or more twists) the truth lies. Of that much I’m convinced.

    Ain’t conspiracies great?

  4. How much commercial business does Dubai do with Israel or passes through its ports to or from Israel? It would be nice if it were alot.

  5. Whoever was responsible – great work – no innocents harmed- one confirmed bad bad person taken out of the world.

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