11 thoughts on “Cycle of Blood: Jerusalem Attacker’s Palestinian Grandfather, Murdered by Jewish Terrorist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Compare Ben Gvir’s intentions to Wagner Group- a group of outlaws headed by Prigozhin, he who seems to be heading to become leader of Russia after Putin. But in Israel as the cycle of violence and revenge continues, the terrorist state against Palestinian terrorists (resistors of a brutal half century plus of occupation) that they inspire, truly dysfunctional, we support Israel. I do not any longer. My family and friends are there and I love them. But they shrug, they buy the propaganda, the myth, the righteousness.”This is the way it is- we need to be safe from these animals.The Arabs are this way.” (not exact quote but in essence). Complicity and cause does not enter the mind- that these are human beings too.That’s ironic because it repeats and perpetuates the cycle. And the politicians take advantage, fear monger. It works. I compare this to what is happening in Russia now. And it is and has been by no means unrelated. So many Russians ( and Ukrainians) in Israel. Israel is15% Russian, post Soviet. Democracy means nothing to many of these people. Decency, humanity, mean nothing when “the situation” is presented as survival. Power and revenge, showing strength over the weak is everything. The only history is the Holocaust for some.

  2. [comment deleted: for every horrible picture of Israeli terror victims I can show you 20 of Palestinian terror victims. WHat you’ve done is terror porn: my victimization is worse than yours. Blah-blah-blah. Not here.]

  3. Mr. Silverstein,

    I believe you’ve made a small error in your report, having said,
    Last week, Israeli soldiers invaded the Shuafat refugee camp. There they confronted 17-year-old Salah Mohammed Ali and murdered him. They claimed he had a gun. All he had in his hand was a toy gun.”

    Salah Mohammed Ali was holding a ‘dummy’ automatic weapon, not a toy gun.
    See pic, below.


    The IDF had entered the Shuafat refugee camp in order to demolish the home a terrorist who’d earlier murdered an Israeli soldier.

    1. @ Polly:

      Salah Mohammed Ali was holding a ‘dummy’ automatic weapon, not a toy gun.

      That is a lie. Not even your own source uses the term “automatic weapon.” YOu’ve made it up. Which is pathetic. Every global media outlet either uses the term “toy gun” or “toy rifle.” Neither are anywhere near an automatic weapon.

      I warn you, and take my warning very seriously: I check and double check every source and every claim people like you make here. You will not and cannot get away with lazy lies like this. And the next time you do this you will not comment here any longer.

      1. [comment deleted: I told you one comment per thread. You ignored me. I’ll take the first instance as an error. But do it again, and you may be moderated.]

  4. Richard
    Thanks for all this background to allow us to better understand the ongoing situation in general and the particular threat posed Ben-Gvir.

  5. Even as a Finn, with all our nation’s less peaceful history with Russia, I am against this trying to portray Russia and Russian guilty for everything, especially Russians being responsible of what now happens and had happened in Israel. Let us remember, that (Russian) Jews had a significant role in the process which created Soviet Union and how it was ruled, so can we blame all Jews for that? The tragic Palestinian occupation and the racist religious Israeli state system was created already long before the massive “aliyah” from Soviet Union started. USA has made it financially and militarily possible what has happened and happens in Israel. We in the “west” are responsible of keeping Israel “alive and strong”, not Russia or Putin. Martin David Kahane and Baruch Kopel Goldstein came not from Russia, they came from guess where.

    This modern way to blame Russians for practically everything is really absurd. My sister for example is convinced that Putin was responsible for the Brexit process. When I asked how did Putin get 17.4 million Brits to vote for resigning from EU, she answered “I do not know how, but he did it”. Millions of Americans and US media have the same answer to how Putin got Trump elected.

    In the end the “problem” in saying Russians (and Putin) are responsible of “this and that” without any rational explanation of why and how is considered right, then saying Jews are responsible for …. can’t be wrong.

    1. There is substantial credible evidence that Russia helped elect Trump. Check the work of Kathleen Hall Jamieson to start. “Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President: What We Don’t, Can’t, and Do Know”, 2018 and updated. Then the Mueller Report, Mueller himself “saying we should all be concerned” about the connection. And now there’s more coming out with an arrest of an ex FBI agent from New York pertaining to his connection to a Russian oligarch connected to Trump’s campaign manager.. FBI Director Comey’s revelation about a Clinton investigation on the eve of election in 2016. Is related.
      Not every Russian in Israel of course. Is responsible for Israel’s turning away from democracy and peaceful coexistence but enough of those with that mindset it seems have gained power.to matter..

    2. Simo- https://www.brookings.edu/research/the-other-tribe-israels-russian-speaking-community-and-how-it-is-changing-the-country/?

      The paper underlines the profound differences between this huge wave of immigration and preceding immigrations to Israel, arguing that unlike others, the Russian immigrants never aimed for “absorption,” as perceived for decades, but rather for leadership. Some political scientists presume the Russian community will be Israel’s future elite.

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