5 thoughts on “Bibi Fiddles While Jenin Burns – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. My charity raises money for a children’s centre in Jenin, the Al Tafawk Children’s Centre. Messages from the Centre speak of their absolute terror. What we saw in Jerusalem yesterday was that terror begets terror. And after all, why should synagogues remain immune when Israel forces regularly invade the Al Aqsa Mosque?

    Yesterday we, the Socialist Labour Network, held a Holocaust Memorial Day meeting with 2 speakers who were Jewish holocaust survivors as well as a Roma Gypsy academic and Ali Abunimah. The theme of the meeting was the cynical exploitation of the Holocaust by Israel as it pursued its settler colonial Jewish supremacist dream.

    I spoke about my book Zionism During the Holocaust and noted that although 6 million Jews died, 4 million survived the Nazi terror and that they did so largely as a result of the efforts of non-Jews who protected Jews, above all Jewish children. I also noted that if non-Jews, the righteous Gentiles, had behaved as Israeli Jews behave towards the Palestinians it would not have been 6 but it would have been 7 or 8 million Jews who would have perished.

    Far from being a light unto the nations Israel has become a dark and evil place where light does not penetrate. The refusal of the ‘democracy’ demonstrators to even acknowledge the injustices that have been perpetrated in their name, the platforming of the war criminal Benny Gantz, shows that even darker days lie ahead.

    When Israeli forces attack hospitals and schools and yes the children’s centre we help fund was trashed in May 2021 then Israelis cannot claim immunity in their religious spaces either.

  2. Mr. Silverstein,

    This conflict has been going on for well over one-hundred years, during which time, Jews have slaughtered Palestinians and Palestinians have slaughtered Jews.

    History has witnessed Palestinians killing Jewish children and Jews have killed Arab children. Both sides have raped, and committed similar atrocities.

    Terror has been used as a weapon by both sides, and both sides have had their share of venal leaders, heros, and martyrs.

    Today the Jews have their boot on the Palestinian’s necks, and yesterday, the Palestinians had their boot on the necks of Jews.

    One-hundred years, Mr. Silverstein, and no end in sight.

    Just think of all those fools, pundits and dreamers who’ve wasted significant portions of their lives trying to end this conflict.

    1. @ Polly Kraft: You’re good. You represent a certain brand of been-there seen-it all cynicism which suits the Israeli brand quite nicely: we do it, they do it. It’s gone on for centuries or millenia. It’ll go on forever. Nothing new under the sun. Blah-blah-blah. THe problem with your brand is that it’s lazy, vague and devoid of any sense of history. And I’m afraid you’re going to have to up your game if you want to compete here.

      Sorry to interrupt your little reverie but…

      Fact: Israel has killed 40,000 Palestinians since the 1920s.
      Fact: Palestinians have killed 6,000 Israeli in the same period.
      Fact: For every Israeli killed by a Palestinian, 20 Palestinians are killed by Israelis

      Today the Jews have their boot on the Palestinian’s necks, and yesterday, the Palestinians had their boot on the necks of Jews.

      Do not EVER use the term “Jew” when you mean “Israeli.” Don’t ever. I do not permit “Israeli” to be conflated with “Jew.” Doing so is in fact anti-Semitic. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be anti-Semitic, would you? Israelis have their boot on Palestinian necks. Not Jews. I don’t have my boot on anyone’s neck, Palestinian or otherwise. So don’t insinuate me into the mess Israel has created.

      Palestinians NEVER had their boot on necks of Israelis. THey have never had supremacy over Israelis.

      1. [comment deleted: and this your attempt to publish a 2nd comment in yet another thread. Don’t do this again. Consider this a warning.]

  3. [comment deleted: you published this link in the wrong post thread. Comments must be in the right one. That being said, don’t waste our time with pro-Israel propaganda from the Wall STreet Journal written by the legal author of Kohelet, Tikvah Fund and Kohelet fascist legal strategy. I don’t promote their work here with links to it. If they want to do that, they have plenty of money to do so w/o my helping them along]

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