22 thoughts on “Israeli Intelligence Source: Dawabshe Terror Suspects Confess to Palestinian Arson-Murders – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The Dawabsheh arson murders and the investigation in their aftermath offer a lesson in the abject failure of the Israeli security system in dealing with Jewish terror. ”

    I predict that the rest of the suspects will soon confess, with the hope of receiving lighter sentences.

  2. The haaretz article does not confirm a “major breakthrough” in the case. It states “headway” something far different. And Maan news agency is the equivalent of the Hamas press arm and just as reliable and objective. Sometimes I read your articles for access to info which has been censored and sometimes for a good laugh at what a fucking idiot you are. Today it’s the ladder.

    1. @ Moron: The difference between a “major breakthrough” and “progress” is infinitesimal. As for Maan, saying it is the ‘equivalent of the Hamas press arm’ is like saying Haaretz is the press arm of the settler movement. Which shows how abysmally ignorant you are of Palestinian society. Or else how poisoned your mind is (or both). Maan is actually a totally independent press agency not affiliated with Hamas or Fatah. Its reporting is sharply critical of both. But you wouldn’t know that now, would you? Because you haven’t read Maan in your life. Rather, you take your media marching orders from…where? Arutz Sheva? Debka? JPost? Makor Rishon? Yisrael HaYom? Or perhaps all of them.

      As for being a “fucking idiot.” That would be you, who turned a “latter” into a “ladder.” From which you can climb that tree, saw off that limb you’re standing on, & fall to your eternal damnation.

      I don’t usually publish comments like yours, but I do when the commenter’s hubris shows him tto be be a total assshole. So congratulations, this is your minute of assholedom. Enjoy it!

  3. I very much doubt that Yaalon can be termed a “close ally” of the settler lobby, and most certainly not of hardcore settlers. The distinct impression that I am getting from reading right-winger publicists and “Amcha” alike (in talkbacks, Facebook, etc.) is that he is almost viewed as a lefty agent in Netanyahu’s government, both a Netanyahu lackey and a softy in dealing with Palestinian terror.
    Of course it doesn’t help much that he has a lefty wife and a daughter who was released from the army as a conscientious objector.

    1. Read the blog more closely. Did a Likud fundraising trip to AUstralian with Moshe Feiglin that was organized by the Kahane clan. Yaalon is a “made man” of the settlers.

      I could care less how he’s portrayed by the far right. They’d complain about Kahane if he came back from the dead. They’d probably kvetch about the Moshiach coming back & declaring their coveted Davidic kingdom. They were born to bitch & moan.

      As for Yaalon’s “women.” I don’t think that Israeli men like Yaalon care much about what “their women” do or say. They live in a man’s world. Women are largely for procreation & ornamentation.

  4. These youths have been subject to extreme torture. Any ” confession” they make is worthless as people under torture will say anything to make it stop.

    1. @ Reb Yankev: GOod to see that settler terrorists have their champions here. At any rate, these “confessions” are good enough to send Palestinian prisoners away for decades. Why should Jews get special treatment? I’d be more impressed with your argument if you condemned all who undergo torture & forced confessions. BUt it’s hard for you to accord Palestinians the same respect Jews deserve, right? If you did, it would make you less of a hypocrite.

  5. “Extreme torture?” Really?
    And when have we heard you protest against the torture of Palestinians suspected of terrorism? That has been going on for years.
    But it seems to have escaped your interest, my dear ‘Rabbi’.

  6. “An interesting side note is that several of the suspects in murder case and among those arrested in the broader investigation into the terror group being called “The Rebellion,” have dual nationality. ”

    “Some 60,000 American Jews live in West Bank settlements, where they account for 15 percent of the settler population, according to figures revealed in August by an Oxford University scholar.”
    “This constituency is strikingly over-represented, both within the settler population itself and within the total population of Jewish American immigrants in Israel,” said Sara Yael Hirschhorn, author of the upcoming book “City on a Hilltop: Jewish-American Settlers in the Occupied Territories Since 1967,” scheduled for release by Harvard University Press in 2016.”

    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.692599

    This gives me a very bad taste in my mouth – one could call it a case of aggravated invasion and usurpation.

  7. Meanwhile, back in the states; it is becoming commonplace for pundits to refer to the Trump domination of the Republican primaries as “a David and Goliath contest” Apparently a couple of these reporters have been contacted by Goliath’s attorney
    and threatened with legal action if they don’t stop referring to Donald Trump as “Goliath”. He claims that it is an insult to be compared with the ‘Donald’. :>)

    1. @Bad Boy: Or so you say. The rest of us believe quite differently. Most of Israeli settlers believe roughly the same things as these boys do. They’re just older, more cautious, more deliberate. The fact that major elements in the settler community have banded together to defend the killers is telling. As is the choice of sending 1,000 settler stormtroopers into Jerusalem to assault Yoram Cohen’s private home. That takes b****.

  8. You are right about settlers kvetching no matter what, and still – wrong about Yaalon. Like I said, it’s not just the far right, and Yaalon is simply not radical enough. Going to Australia on Kahane money doesn’t mean much in terms of actual policy, and that’s where Yaalon consistently does not live up to expectation.
    Speaking as he did last week about (Jewish) incitement being more dangerous than Arab terrorism is simply unacceptable with right-wingers.
    That’s made worse by the fact that he is a known “Bok” – he says what he thinks, not a sleek dude, in sharp contrast to his boss.
    And I think you’re wrong about the feminist issue as well. Most of his Likudnik colleagues have chosen to ignore the recent sexual harassment cases. He didn’t. Not an obvious choice, all the more so because most right-wingers here believe that the accusations against Yinon Magal were a lefty conspiracy intended to ruin a (b)right, fast rising politician.

  9. Richard: may I ask –
    When you say that “The rest of us believe… [that m]ost of Israeli settlers believe roughly the same things as these boys do” – what exactly do you mean by “settlers”?
    Every single Israeli citizen who has made a home for himself beyond the Green Line, Ramot and Gilo and Ramat Eshkol included?
    Or some sub-group thereof?

  10. @Richard Silverstein

    Let me get this straight…

    There are nearly 400.000 Israeli residents in Judea and Samaria. You mention 1000 “settlers” assaulted Yoram Cohen’s private home, which is to be condemned. But that is… 0.25% of Judea and Samaria residents. I don’t think 0.25% is representative of a whole community at all.

    1. @Bad Boy: Yes, 1,000 settlers is a very large protest by Israeli standards. Especially given that they’re defending accused murderers, not something most Israealis are normally willing to do. And they do represent a huge portion of the overall settler community.

  11. That screenshot for Elisha is taken from a fake parody video mocking the settlers, all of the people in that video are actors.

  12. The radio silence on the part of the US is obviously because nobody’s been convicted of anything yet. Once convicted, the US’ll have something to say. It’s premature for them to speak out on conjecture, essentially. They’re being wise, in other words.

  13. A possible reason for the settlers trying to harass the intelligence chief is the change in demographics in Israel. Since ultra-orthodox people have more children than the secular ones, their percentage is more. This makes their lobby an important one for votes. They know this and are letting that power go to their heads.

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