5 thoughts on “The Global Triumph of Religious Nationalism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: your comment was not only off-topic, it was Islamophobic. Not permitted here. Do it again & you’ll be banned or moderated]

  2. This is an excellent overview of what appears to be l’esprit du temps. Do you suppose it’s latent “millenial-ism”? Tim Snyder says “democracy is precious and exceptional”. People have to appreciate what that means and requires. Or, as in history, learning the hard way: revolution (of some color as in recent years) led by the brave.
    On the other hand some want, will welcome, allow, need, a strong leader. The use of religion and nationalism makes such leadership all the more appealing, people feel protected, taken care of.That is until it turns totalitarian and rights are taken away. Okay they pay the price.
    It’s a careful line dictators, like Putin, have to walk, appeasing all the way, indoctrinating, propagandizing; people can’t handle democracy. Invariably leaders are out for power, addictive toxic, and they tumble after doing much harm. People suffer on.
    We’ve been lucky to have the ineptness of Trump and his GOP as a stark warning (take it as luck looking at the bright side). We are not done cleaning house, not by far. There are those who in despair say it’s all over here.
    There are lessons to learn, changes that need to be made, there is a battle to engage in to save our democracy. But if we cannot engage the people en masse, if we cannot use the tools of democracy to do it, ones that we have already built including public education, the law, the media, ultimately the vote ( getting good people into office) then democracy will have failed here.
    There are those who have thrown in the towel already, out of the ability to outrage anymore.
    Since Trump we are being called a “flawed democracy”. Religion and nationalism are at work here too.

  3. Thank you Richard for this excellent analysis. You got me thinking though, about the two decade duration of religious nationalism in the world you outlined. Thinking about that got me thinking about the collapse of the Soviet Union. Prior to that collapse, Socialism espoused by the USSR preached equality and atheism. Many students from the developing world were brought to the USSR for a free education or military training and exposed to those ideas. By and large, those third world student were treated well by the Communist Bloc’s citizens.Then they returned home where later, some of these student became national leaders promoting socialism and repressing religion. Perhaps after 80 years of forced “Equality” under Socialism, the “Return of the Repressed” shouldn’t have been a surprise after the moral bankruptcy world communism.

  4. Sorry Richard to go totally off topic, but I am wondering if the foreign nuclear forces secrets found at Mar-A-Lago were Israeli? That would certainly be one reason for the withholding of the country’s identity… as we know, Israel neither acknowledges nor denies its nuclear capabilities.

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