7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israel Attacked Iranian Missile Base in Yemen – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hussein al Houti, the founder of the Houti movement, was a genocidal anti-Semite and conspiracist whose followers curse Jews while calling for the death of America and Israel.

    Preaching to a school hall in January 2002, Hussein al-Houthi announced they had the “great honor” of being the first to speak a chant spreading “wrath” against America, Israel, and Jews. He noted he had included the Jews “because they are the ones who move this world, who spread corruption in this world.”


    Because people ignored what Hitler had said about the Jews in the 1920’s and 1930’s, there was a Holocaust and ‘Final Solution’.

    Having learned from something history, the State of Israel is attacking this latest enemy of all Jews.

    1. @ Clancy: A warning: all comments must be on topic, related directly to the post and not stray to extraneous topics. Your comment is off-topic. Don’t do this again ro I will delete.

      As for your claims about al Houti: first, there are no Jews in Yemen and have not been for decades. If he is what you claim, his views have no bearing on reality. His views are about as relevant as if I said Hittites are evil and should be exterminated from the face of the earth.

      Second, you’ve ignored the Israeli Jews who espoused foul, Arabophobic, genocidal, conspiracies views, whose followers curse Muslims/Palestinians while calling for their expulsion/death. Not to mention that these Judeo-Nazis actually have a state doing their bidding. Actually implementing mass murder. So you’ll have to excuse my indifference to a theoretical anti-Semitic, compared to an actual Judeo-fascist murdering Palestinians.

      As for your ridiculous comparison to Hitler and the Final Solution: where will he find Jews to exterminate? Import them from Europe or North America? Not to mention that you’ve proven the truth of Godwin’s Law: every Islamophobic rant by hasbarists invokes those tropes.

      Finally, Israel is not Judaism and has no right or permission to attack anyone on behalf of Jews, this is us. Your conflation of Jews and Israel stokes anti-Semitism and the actual murder and attacks on Jews.

      You are done in this thread. If you do post again, you may only post a single time in any thread. Remember this.

    1. @ Clancy: OH please! What is Israel doing assassinating hundreds of its purported enemies around the world? What is Israel doing invading the sovereign territory of states from Iraq to Iran to Yemen, to Sudan, to Lebanon, to Syria, to Gaza. Iranians are pickers compared to Israel in that regard.

      C’mon, you’ve got to pick up your hasbara skills. These arguments aren’t even original. Prior hasabaroids have offered them here before. And they’ve been rebutted. Be original or stop wasting our time.

    1. @Braintree: The woman you claim is an “expert” on Iran is nothing of the sort. She is a “fellow” at the Henry Jackson Society, a far right pro-Israel, anti-Iran think tank known for its ideological bias.This is but one of many articles about its Islamophobic agenda.

      Here’s some more information about HJS:

      The thinktank has attracted controversy in recent years – with key staff criticised in the past for allegedly anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant comments. Its associate director, Douglas Murray, complained last year that London had “become a foreign country” because white Britons were a minority in 23 of 33 London boroughs. Murray has also been pictured with Robert Spencer, the far-right US anti-Islam campaigner banned last year from Britain by the Home Office.

      In 2012 its then director William Shawcross, who runs the Charity Commission, said “Europe and Islam is one of the greatest, most terrifying problems of our future”.

      Both HJS’ Iranophobia and hers is clear in this HJS bio:

      Her ability to move close to Iran’s Leadership and have access to key information as to the regime’s propagandist structure bought her the ire of Tehran

      She claims in JPost (itself a pro Likud propaganda rag) that she witnessed a speech at which she claims Ayatollah Khamenei “sentenced all Jews to death.” Note, that the words she claims he spoke aren’t even in quotes. SO we have no idea of the credibility of her claim. Or I should say we have a very clear idea of the credibility of her claim. The fact that this claim of hers hasn’t been reported in any other credible media outlet tells you something further about the credibility of her report.

      Don’t ever pass off right-wing think tanks like HJS or its “fellows” as “experts” here again.

      This is an off-topic comment. I’ve warned you about this before. And it’s one of the reasons you are moderated. I will not warn you again. The next time you publish a comment not directly related to the post you will be banned.

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