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  1. Truthfully Richard, Tikkun Olam isn’t the blog blaming Israel for the destruction of the Beirut port.

    See, https://www.veteranstoday.com/2021/10/18/jones-duff/

    And no, Richard, Maimonides was not Saladin’s doctor.

    See, MAIMONIDES, LIONHEART, AND SALADIN, Bernard Lewis. Eretz-Israel: Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies / ארץ-ישראל: מחקרים בידיעת הארץ ועתיקותיה, Vol. ז‎, L.A. MAYER MEMORIAL VOLUME (1895-1959) / ספר ל.א. מאיר במלאות חמש שנים לפטירתו‎ (1964 / תשכ”ד), pp. 70-75 (6 pages)

    “It does not require many words to speak the truth.” – Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

    1. @ Shelly: Gee, I don’t know. I have a choice of accepting a NYT reporter who says he was Saladin’s physician or that avatar of western/white privilege in Middle East Studies, Bernard Lewis. I think I’ll stick with the NYT as a source.

      Not to mention yet another source confirming the NYT: https://historiaislamica.com/en/maimonides-jewish-philosopher-and-saladins-physician/

      You might want to reconsider your claim to know much, if anything, about Jewish & Muslim medieval history.

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  2. The Republic of Azerbaidjan also showed their interest in buying “Arrow” or “David Sling”(can’t recall) anti-missile systems from Israel, Iran probably knows that, Azerbaidjan is probably on the Iran’s list of targets in case of an all out war.

    Egypt, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Azerbaidjan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein are certainly the targets they would pound in case of an all-out war.

  3. Israel is no friend of Kurds, it is the friend of one big corrupt clan, the ruling Barzani family in iraqi Kurdistan. The author didnt mention the largest group of Kurds, the Kurds of Turkey. Israel helped turkey to kill thousand of kurds with their military and intelligence assistance. The kurdish rebel leader of turkey (Öcalan) was kidnapped by the CIA and Mossad, to make turkey happy.

    We know that and wont forget that.

  4. After the fall of the Shah in 1979, the Kurds grew in strategic importance for Israel because they represented a powerful force in the region (in both Iraq and Iran), which could destabilize the new Islamist regime. “

    The 1979 Kurdish rebellion against the government of the new Islamic Republic of Iran, had nothing to do with Israel, who did not support the Kurds in that struggle.
    See, A Modern History of the Kurds, 3rd Edition, by David McDowall.

    Israel, did not initially oppose the new, Islamic government of Khomeini, because Israel’s main enemy at that time was Iraq, who Khomeini began to oppose right after the 1979 revolution.

    1. @ Stoney: No, I’m afraid it’s not rubbish. But your comment is.

      I did not say that Israel offered support for the Kurds in the 1979 Kurdish rebellion, as you claim I did. I said nothing about the Kurdish rebellion. I said that the Kurds become strategically important to Israel after 1979. I did not give a specific date on which Israel allied with the Kurds. I said it happened after 1979.

      Israel and Iran did not become enemies until some time after the 1979 revolution. So there would have been no reason for Israel to support the Kurds until the two countries did becomes enemies.

      In fact, Israel did begin supporting the Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war as a result of Saddam’s gassing of the Kurds. That, in case, you are having trouble reading, is after 1979.

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        1. @ Mynah: How is it different? Perhaps because Israel has been exploiting Kurds as local proxies going back to 1950. Iran only allied itself to Hezbollah when Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon for 20 yrs. and when Israel became Iran’s arch enemy sometime after 1979. Before then, Iran had nothing to do with Syria, Lebanon etc. Israel drew Iran into this fight and Iran responded by defending itself against Israel aggression and encroachment.

          You are done in this thread.

          1. [comment deleted: when I say you are done in a thread it means you may not post any further comments in that thread. Pay attention to this and respect my editorial decisions. Unlike most blogs, I pay close attention to the threads and respond to comments. If I permitted long threads with repeated posts from your type of commenter (having a pro-Israel axe to grind) I’d be doing nothing but responding in the threads. I have other things to do here and must exert control in this way, like it or not.]

  5. “Neither story–claiming hundreds of Iranian were destroyed or that foreign intelligence agencies collaborated with the Israelis–is sourced”.

    I wonder what do you mean by “sourced”? What do you expect them to add to the article in order to make it “sourced”. Do you do it yourself?
    You write “A knowledgeable Israeli source told me…”. Does this sentence make your blog sourced? Do you claim to have better sources than an Israeli reporter with years of ties to the army and mossad?

    1. @ Dan Levy: A few brief lesson in journalistic sourcing are in order for Dan. The best sourcing is naming the source. Next, is not naming the source, but offering some identifying information allowing the reader to understand where the information comes from, if not who. Next, is not naming the source or any specific information about where the source works, but offering a general statement such as “an Israeli official,” or sometimes “an official of a European/Middle Eastern/Asian country.” Worst is not to mention any source at all. That’s what Haaretz did and does routinely.

      As for what I do: I cannot ever name a source for reasons that are obvious (see below). I often say my source is “an Israeli security source” when that is the case and the source permits me to. That offers a considerable amount of information without compromising my source. When my source is NOT a security source or when I’m not permitted to offer any specific identifying information I say: “a knowledgeable Israeli source.” That provides a small amount of identifying information, but protects a source who must be vigilant about protecting him or herself.

      Unlike Haaretz, my sources could be physically or professionally compromised for what they do. So I have to honor their requests for protection. I NEVER, EVER offer information without saying there is a source. That is about as low as you can go. And it’s where Haaretz went and routinely goes.

      As for the quality of my source compared to Haaretz: that’s not the point. The point is–journalistic standards and Haaretz’s lack of them regarding sourcing. When I publish a story which Haaretz doesn’t or can’t publish, it doesn’t matter whether my sources are better than theirs. Often they may be the same sources. But the point is I can publish and they can’t.

      If I named a source or offered more explicit identifying information about the source than the source is willing to provide I could endanger them physically or personally. After having one source serve 20 months in a US prison for leaking secret information to me, and watching Haaretz stupidly exposing Anat Kamm’s identify as a confidential source, leading to a prison sentence, I prefer to protect my sources as best I can. You may not like it. But I prefer protecting them over satisfying you.

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