11 thoughts on “BREAKING: First Israeli F-35 Interception of Iranian Drones Happened Over Jordan With Its Approval – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Assuming the post is factually correct, such publications are irresponsible, and may expose the Jordanian kingdom to revenge by the Iranians.
    The title of the blog is “Breaking news on the Israeli national security state” it to does not and should not meddle with Israel’s neighbors’ internal affairs.

    1. @ Amir Hamdan: WHenever I step on the toes of the Israeli military-intelligence apparatus or expose an Israeli rapist or child abuser, invariably some Israeli comes along and tried to lecture me on the dangers of what I’m doing. Without of course giving a single thought to the dangers caused by the generals, spies and rapists who do the awful things they do.

      The title of the blog is “Breaking news on the Israeli national security state” it…does not and should not meddle with Israel’s neighbors’ internal affairs.

      The Israeli national security state is inextricably intertwined with its neighbors’ internal affairs. For example, if Israel receives permission from Jordan to shoot down an Iranian drone, I can’t report that because I can only report what happens inside Israel. Are you daft??

      Nor do I need lectures from you about what I should or should not report.

  2. I reckon that the pistols were meant for the West Bank, where there are Israeli settler and soldier targets, particularly in Jerusalem, where an attack is sure to get press coverage.
    A pistol would be a useless terror weapon in Gaza, where there are no Israelis.

    “Whose voice was first sounded on this land? The voice of the red people who had but bows and arrows. […] What has been done in my country I did not want, did not ask for it; white people going through my country. […] When the white man comes in my country he leaves a trail of blood behind him. […] I have two mountains in that country–the Black Hills and the Big Horn Mountain. I want the Great Father to make no roads through them.”
    ― Red Cloud

  3. In the movie, it looks like the Iranian back-engineered RQ-170.
    It was meant to be stealthy and would likely cost millions of dollars to make. These birds are quite large as they operate 100’s of kilometers from where they take off and should carry fuel and communication systems.

  4. “Earthquake-Level Shaking Over Israel May Have Been Testing of Advanced Bunker Buster Bomb”

    It’s a wonderful country where loud noises/vibrations can happen and nobody can ask “what the hell was that?” to the military and get a straight answer.

    1. There was a straight answer.
      A pilot even got a fine.
      Conspiracy theorists don’t like the answer. God help them.

      1. @ Dan Lev: That’s no “straight answer.” That’s as believable as the claim the earth is flat. Your mistake is to be gullible enough to believe the lies of the Israeli military apparatus. As I just wrote in another comment, they aren’t worth a bucket of warm piss.

    2. @ strelnikov: The latest not included in the post was an IAF claim that a pilot broke the sound barrier in an “unprofessional manner.” And was fined 500 shekels without losing his flying privileges. What a country!!

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