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  1. “Israel has always viewed its Palestinian minority as a Fifth Column endangering from within the security of the “Jewish state.”

    Yet two of the police officers murdered by these terrorists were Arabs, Yasan Falah, a Druze Border Patrolmen, ambushed while sitting with his partner, Shirel Aboukrat, 19-year-old, and Amir Khoury, 32, who died in Bnei Brak running to save Israeli lives.

    Say their names, Richard.
    Say, Yasan Falah, Shirel Aboukrat and Amir Khoury, and don’t glorify a terrorist by putting up his smiling face alongside the Dome of the Rock.

    That hater was only 16 years old when he tried to buy a suicide vest online from Islamic Jihad (who swindled the stupid kid and turned him into the police).

    Israel tried the young hater and gave him a light sentence.
    Israel thought the milk of human kindness was inside the young terrorist, but Israel thought wrong.

    Really Richard, what’s there to say about a serial terrorist who shoots and kills a Bnei Brak Jew pushing a two year old in a stroller?

    Teach us love, compassion, and honor that we may heal the earth and heal each other. — Ojibwa prayer

    1. you are either willfully ignorant or just another Zionist liar…we all know the Druze ( except the Druze from the occupied Golan Heights ) align themselves with the Zionist oppressors (hell, some of the young Druze men that I know have even taken on Hebrew names to suck up to/align themselves with the dominant group)…the other policeman that died and that you name was a Christian Palestinian/Arab and is possibly trusted more than a Muslim Palestinian/Arab by the thugs from the Zionist Police establishment…you talk of the milk of human kindness and quote a Ojibwa prayer all rather melodramatically mind you…go read this to all the Zionist murderers ( whom were never prosecuted ) of Palestinians since ’48 until today…go read this to all the settlers who destroy and vandalize property etc and terrorize the indigenous peoples of the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem…go read this to all the prison and security guards that torture, mistreat and humiliate Palestinian prisoners ( imprisoned often on trumped up charges mind you) etc etc…the whole Zionist project and oh so many Zionists themselves are devoid of love, kindness, compassion and honor if you ask me ( unless amongst themselves to some extent only )

      1. The Dutch, who’s East India Company invaded, enslaved and pillaged non-Whites from Batavia to New Amsterdam.

        The Dutch, who volunteered by the tens of thousands to glorify the Third Reich.

        The Dutch, who committed genocide against the Third World and her Holland’s Jewish citizens.

        1. @ Stoney: What fraudulent whataboutism. I’m no more responsible for the genocide inflicted by the US government 100 years ago on Native Americans than Willem is responsible for the crimes of the Dutch East India Company centuries ago. And insinuating that he has no right to criticize Israel because of Dutch complicity in the Holocuast is simply arguing in bad faith.

          By the way, you need to read my friend Mark Klempner’s book, The Heart Has Reasons, about five Christian Dutch who hid Jews and defied the Germans out of a devotion to their religious faith. It is a remarkable story which will, of course, land like a lead balloon in your deadened soul.

          No more comments in this thread.

    2. @ Shelly:

      Say their names, Richard.

      Don’t you dare EVER give me moral lessons or direct me to do anything. Not EVER!

      So let’s give you a few lessons about Israeli Palestinians. Unlike your mistaken conception, they are not a monolith. In fact, thanks to Israel’s divide & conquer tactics, it has divided Palestinians into different ethnic groups. THere are Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bedouin, Circassian, etc. Druze are the “good Arabs.” Bedouin as well because many serve in the IDF (though in general they are as badly or worse treated than the other groups. The Muslims, of course, are the “bad Arabs.” This means that the Druze, Bedouin and to a lesser extent, the Christians serve in the security services including IDF, Border Police, etc.

      Nor do many of those who do serve, do so out of a sense of patriotic duty. Rather, there are so few economic opportunities in their communities that a police job is considered a good one. So waxing rhapsodic about the sacrifice of Israeli Palestinians (or “Arabs” as you so insultingly call them) and their sacrifice to the nation is performative bullshit. All the victims, whether Palestinian, Ukrainian or Israeli were sacrifices on the altar of Israeli apartheid and a brutal thuggish regime and its 70 year reign of terror.

      Don’t you dare ever accuse me of “glorifying terrorism.” Not EVER. Showing that there are two sets of terrorists and that one is responsible for creating the conditions under which the other engages in terrorism is NOT glorifying it. And if you don’t have enough, nuance, intelligence, or good faith to understand that, you don’t belong here.

      When you talk about “hater” let’s also include the tens of thousands of IDF and Border POlice who’ve beaten, shot, maimed and killed Palestinians over the years. Let’s not, by any means forget their hate or the hate of a state which treats its non-Jewish citizens as barely human because they are not Jewish.

      As for shooting someone pushing a 2 year old, not a word of sympathy for the thousands of Palestinians parents of 2 year-olds who’ve been murdered over the years, not to mention the murder of 2 year babies themselves by Israeli bullets and missiles. You’re hypocrisy and holier than thou attitude is sickening.

      You are not long for this blog. Just give me a reason. no more comments in this thread.

      1. “All the victims…were sacrifices on the altar of Israeli apartheid and a brutal thuggish regime and its 70 year reign of terror.”

        The reign of terror began 100 years ago when Arab mobs began slaughtering innocent Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron and Tiberias.

        Richard Silverstein doesn’t get to define terror. History does.

        And lets put to rest your Twitter account lie that Israel ‘executed’ three terrorists. The truth is that the Islamic Jihad terror squad was armed to the teeth, shooting an IDF officer and wounding several soldiers.


        You can ban me, but the truth is always going to come back and bite you on the ass.

        “He who loves the truth has many enemies”–Indian Proverb

        1. @ Shelly: There is one rule about history: it doesn’t lie. But people do–like you.

          Have there been massacres of Jews by Palestinians? Yes. Have there been massacres of Palestinians by Jews? In fact, there are so many pre-state Jewish massacres (of Palestinians) on this list I stopped counting after a while.

          But more importantly, why were there massacres of Jews? Because they were colonists. Because they bought and sometimes stole land. Even when they bought land from owners far away, they displaced fedayeen working the land as tenants.

          Some of the Jews treated the Palestinians well. Some treated them with disdain playing the colonial European masters role they arrogated to themselves.

          That’s the real history. You distorted history. You told half the story. That’s the problem with hasabaroids like you. You tell the part of history which is most convenient and you ignore the rest.

          I always enjoy reading the bubbeh mayses in Israeli media which regurgitate the lies disseminated by Israeli security services. So you think a bunch of lies told to a willing journalist are true? On what basis? In this circumstance, when there have been three terror attacks killing Jews, the security services need to prove their manhood. When they discover a group like the one executed the other day, they make an example of them both for the Israelis Jews and the Palestinians themselves. There have been numerous times when the security services executed Palestinian militants. This was one of them. I’ve documented many of them in these posts: https://www.richardsilverstein.com/page/2/?s=Execution.

          I don’t like you. Let’s make that clear. But I don’t need to like someone for them to comment here. I do require that commenters who disagree with me argue in good faith and state facts and offer evidence. You’re a liar. You’re a cheap propagandist who preens over the smattering of history you know. You’re on the list. Give me a reason. No further comment in this thread.

          1. [comment deleted: I explicitly told you no further comment in this thread. I’ll be charitable and assume you didn’t see this in my comment.

            In fact, from now on do not post more than one comment in any thread. You and your hasbara colleagues produce quite enough content here as it is. One comment per thread is more than enough.]

  2. Richard says:

     An Israeli source indicated to me that the preliminary finding is that Islamic Jihad sponsored it”.

    Oh, so this is just Iran settling scores with Israel, via her Palestinian proxy, IJ.
    So these terror attacks have to do with Iran and Israel’s Cold War, and not about Palestinian rights.
    Thanks. Got it.

    And BTW, ISIS gives no thought whatsoever to Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights to self determination.
    ISIS wants to create a borderless Caliphate where there are no Arab States or separate nationalities. No Israel. No Syria. No ‘Palestine from the river to the sea’, and no Palestinians, only one billion Muslims living life under strict Shar’ia law.

    No surprise ISIS is an anathema to Palestinians.

    1. @ Stoney: Whoa Nellie! Islamic Jihad sponsored the attack, so that means Iran itself was directly implicated? What are you smoking?

      So these terror attacks have to do with Iran and Israel’s Cold War, and not about Palestinian rights.
      Thanks. Got it.

      You “got” nothing. Why do you think Palestinians commit suicide on Israeli streets? Because of their allegiance to Iran? Because of their allegiance to ISIS? Of course not, the spark is their suffering under the Israeli boot heel. Without the apartheid regime there would be no hatred, certainly not enough to incite a man to get himself killed. Theirs is a desperate act of revenge for decades of misery inflicted on them by Israel. The fact that you deny or reject this makes you a hypocritical, cold-hearted propagandist. You have a axe to grind rather than see reality for what it is. Not to mention what you do is selling snake oil.

      ISIS wants to create a borderless Caliphate

      Your claims about ISIS are years out of date–showing that you spew a few slogans and hope that I’ll let them slip by. ISIS occupies no territory so it can’t create any state, let alone an Islamic Caliphate.

      one billion Muslims living life under strict Shar’ia law.

      Not only is this wrong on its face. It’s Islamophobic. As if 1 billion Muslims would agree to live under such a Caliphate. As if ISIS has the power to force them to (and it would have to because few Muslims want anything to do with this cockamamie concept). YOu are treating ISIS as if represents all of Islam. That is Islamophobic. Don’t do that again here.

      No more comments in this thread.

      1. Hello!!
        I mean this simply as an exchange of ideas.

        “Your claims about ISIS are years out of date–showing that you spew a few slogans and hope that I’ll let them slip by. ISIS occupies no territory so it can’t create any state, let alone an Islamic Caliphate.”

        Not to antagonize you or anything, but in fact ISIS has expanded on 3 different continents and they do control equipment, men and weapons in 24 document locations, with conducted 324 attacks last year. A UK weapons expert like Calibre Obscura, and other experts like the private intel firm organisation called Xtrak have documented everything from them. I suggest you pay a visit to their work.

        In short, not only has ISIS not been defeated, they have grown and expanded in a variety of years in the last 2 years. Their expansion in non-levantine theater has given rise to three african affiliates that demonstrate trimester after trimester increased lethality, and their regeneration in the Iraqi-Syrian region (which is their center of gravity) has reached the stage where they are able to coordinate sufficiently to conduct prison-breaks (that enabled them their rise in Iraq in 2013) like what happened at Gweiran. The attacks in Israel indicate a further regeneration of their capabilities.

        ISIS is the most powerful non-state on the face of this planet and constitutes a global security threat, and people mistake their intent or their seriounsess at their own peril. ISIS or other militant non-state actors will get their Caliphate simply because they are the ones dictating the fight and their (ineffective) opponents can only play catch up and have nothing to offer (nation-state societies have this foundational problem). ISIS should be seen as an armed syndicate that is fighting absolutely everyone on the planet, and when given the choice, they will choose to escalate the fight, always, so they will look for additional theaters to expand in order to escalate.

        Not only is this wrong on its face. It’s Islamophobic. As if 1 billion Muslims would agree to live under such a Caliphate. As if ISIS has the power to force them to (and it would have to because few Muslims want anything to do with this cockamamie concept).”

        The best way to convince people to formulate/embrace views they would not normally have is to subject them to mass chaos that makes the narrative they have about reality untenable, I’m sure you understand this. It’s obvious Muslims will more and more disengage with the “civilized” (I use this term sarcastically) world that despises them and will take matter in their own hands, with less and less intent to cater to secular humanist values and with less and less respect for international world order, and you know, the “powers that be”. This process is what led to ISIS in the first place, and they were certainly able to convince many when they controlled 8 million people. Further victimization of Muslims by their own openly blasphemous and scoundrel “governments” and foreign govt sponsored mass killings ( China, India, and Russia) will fuel this process.

        Because of what they have been subjected to, Palestinians are far more likely than everyone else to embrace ISIS or their way of seeing things and will do so more and more, and ISIS will have no shortage of “work” to offer them in return. The only thing ISIS has to do is to tell Palestinians the arabs who betrayed them are all apostates who are no different then the zionists who kill them. And frankly, arab rulers are making a point of publiclty demonstrating disinterest to Islamic beliefs and values at the very same time they are normalizing relation with Israel, so this ill makes ISIS even more believable. The “radicalization” of Palestinian militants will resemble closely the radicalization of Syrian rebels. The conflict militant Muslims have with their governments will fuel the conflict Palestinians are doomed to have with everyone who has agreed to seal their fate. I predict more and more arab rulers and religious “scholars” finding a knife or a bullet from Palestinian ISIS cells.

        I understand your skepticism at this prediction so let me address it:

        The reasons ISIS was not unable or unwilling to penetrate mainstream Palestinian discourse was 1. the deeply nationalistic nature of the palestinian struggle that relies on nation-state narratives (completely at odds with how militant Muslims see things), and 2. the hopes placed in non-Muslims helping palestinians, granting them a seat at the UN, etc, so Palestinians though using Islam as a weapon to fight would be counter-productive for these aims and were generally unreceptive to what ISIS was saying. These obstacles are gone or waning away.

        I personally predicted, 2 years ago, when discussing with staunch warmongering zionists who thought that they were successfully fighting “radical Islam” by hurting palestinian farmers that they would soon have to deal with the real thing and that they were not ready for it. I predicted a rapid escalation would happen once ISIS would become involved in the palestinian struggle, and this process seems to be on the way. Palestinians slaying traitor heretics and unbelievers on sight to kill those they hate and get closer to God will prove far more fierce and unpredictable than Palestinians fighing for a homeland.

        1. @ jcorendo: Whew, that’s a lot of comment!

          I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds discussing ISIS. Suffice to say, that I’m much more downbeat on these sorts of Islamists. I don’t think they resonate among the Muslim world writ-large. Yes, their popularity and power may wax and wane. And I would never dismiss them entirely as Trump did when he said that ISIS had been “Defeated.” As long as there is hatred and oppression against Muslims, groups like ISIS will gain a foothold. But they likely never attain their previous level of power.

          As for the Palestinians, I think you are very wrong about ISIS in relation to them. The Palestinian movement started as a seuclar nationalist one. Religion was tacked on later. So while religion is now a key part of Palestinian political identity, it can never rise to the level of fundamentalist zeal of an ISIS or al Qaeda. Neither of these groups is interested in national rights. Their goals are far broader. Palestinians are not interested in a global caliphate. They want personal and national rights denied them by Israel. So while ISIS will gain purchase among some Palestinians, it will not resonate in the way that Hamas or Islamic Jihad has.

  3. And juxtaposed with these terror attacks is the meeting of the foreign ministers of Israel, the US, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt and the UAE at Sde Boker, itself a reaction to the challenge of Iran and its proxies.

    ‘Any donkey can knock down a barn, but it takes a man to build one.’

    1. @ Mynah: These terror attacks show that no amount of celebratory meetings of Arab potentates and kleptocrats with Israeli officials can abrogate the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people. Israel thinks it can pull the wool over the eyes of the world by bragging about the Arabs who’ve made common cause with it. But that trick won’t work as long as Israel has its boot heel on the Palestinian neck.

      Not to mention that this alleged alliance is skin deep. Once Iran is no longer the world’s bete noir, these Arab states will have little or no use for Israel. Unless of course Dubai stops being the refuge of choice for ex-Arab dictators overthrown by their people. IN that case, a gleaming penthouse overlooking the Mediterranean and Tel Aviv beaches might be a good second choice.

      No more comments in this thread.

  4. “…how long should Palestinians suffer under Israeli apartheid, if not genocide, before their resistance takes the form of violence?”

    It IS, and always has been, GENOCIDE. Attempts to discuss and problem solve rationally is impossible, as humanity is, again, facing our ultimate predatory potential of mass murder, routinely triggered by pre-concious, instinctual, existential fear of vulnerability, the “territorial imperative” and “mobbing” (facilitated by ignorance, denial and projection). The apex predator species is out of cognitive control on a massive scale with WMDs and a degrading environment. International Organized Crime is in charge. The promise of an ethical “Light Among Nations” is sabotaged utterly by the aforementioned, predatory skullduggery. Although our existence here on Earth is miraculous, none of the miracles appear to be earmarked for saving Palestine, the planet, or israel from it’s desperate, murderous, self-righteous self. Overcompensating for it’s own ethnic genocide, it became the exclusive apex nation of apex human predators. In their billionaire yachts, spaceships and underground bunkers, they are not looking, or turning, back. Human intelligence is overrated.

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