15 thoughts on “Fix is In: Israeli Arms Maker Attacks Armenia to Sell Drones, Mossad and Judges Help Hide the Mess – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Azerbaijan is Muslim and Armenia Christian. I don’t have a dog in that fight (not much of one, anyway) — but I wonder how Christian Zionists would feel about this news. How about Armenians? There are a fair number of Armenian-Americans — witness the endless palaver over the Armenian genocide.

      1. ‘Colin: I hope you didn’t mean to downplay the Armenian genocide by calling discussion of it “palaver.”’

        There’s a lose/lose. As it was, I thought about putting quotes around ‘Armenian genocide’ — but decided that was tendentious. Of course, vide your remark — any reference to it whatsoever is liable to prove tenditious.

        …I suppose I could just not refer to it at all, but that would hardly be an improvement, would it?

        Shall we have a long and increasingly acrimonious discussion about umm,,,err…(gulp)…the Armenian genocide (No quotation marks)?

        Sticking to the POINT, I doubt Christian Zionists would be happy about the role Israel played here. I’m quite sure Armenian-Americans would be unhappy about it. I doubt Christian Zionists are aware of it in the first place — but I suspect the Armenians noticed. Israel’s made another friend!

        …and — leaving aside ‘palaver’ and the implications thereof of my use of the term — I wanted to emphasize that Armenian-Americans aren’t politically inert. An Armenian was governor of California. The continuing not-palaver over the Armenian genocide is further evidence of their political potency.

        1. I guess if Germany had not admitted to the…uhhmm, gulp, the “holocaust”, it would have been considered as an exercise in palavering, especially if the world Jewish community fruitlessly had battled for decades towards a true recognition of the Holocaust. Colin, you are a, what roughly translates in Armenian, an ass.

          1. @Zareh

            Colin is something other than an ass.
            His webpage once had a section called ‘Jews’, which section Colin cravenly took down right after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

            I think Richard’s comment rules prohibit me from more accurately labeling Colin.

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful investigation. Israel’s relations with Armenia repay study. Israel expelled several thousand Armenian genocide survivors in 1948. It denies the Armenian genocide – but occasionally threatens to recognize it, when relationships with Turkey are strained. And it allies with Azerbaijan in its wars against Armenia.

    1. @Edward Thomas

      Did Israel really expel Armenian genocide survivors?
      A cite would have helped us.

      The article I linked below says West Jerusalem’s non-Jewish population was expelled.
      We know that means Arabs, but Armenians?
      Can’t say for sure, but we know that West Jerusalem Armenians were wealthy and could have fled the field easily.

      The Old City’s Armenian Quarter held the bulk of Palestine’s Armenians, and that Armenian Quarter was held by Jordan until 1967, so Israel couldn’t have expelled Armenians from the Armenian Quarter.

      My guess is that the Armenians who survived the genocide and came to Palestine as refugees would not have been wealthy and probably would have lived in Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter among their brethren, who, BTW, took up arms against the Zionists (who had shelled the Old City).

      Also, I read the eyewitness account of Arthur Derounian, aka John Roy Carlson, an Armenian-American, whose excellent book ‘Cairo to Damascus’, and I don’t remember Derounian saying that Israel expelled Armenians.
      To put it another way, Edward, the 1948 war was complicated and blanket generalizations do not suffice.



  3. Israel needs a strategic alliance with Azerbaijan in order to counter the threat from the Iranian hegemon.

    Any port in a storm.

    1. @ Kareem: Utter horseshit. You speak in slogans, not facts. Speaking of “hegemons” you represent one here. One called Israel. A regional hegemon if there ever was one. The Iranians are pikers by comparsion.

    2. Oh, Iran is a hegemon, then let’s help its frenemy Azerbaijan by helping the latter attack a third country, Armenia, and in the process say “business is business…we really don’t hate Armenians”. Does this make it even more believable?

      1. @Hagop

        As you well know, this historical conflict is complex.

        What’s important for our discussion is recognizing that Turkey, not Israel, is Azerbaijan’s patron, and that Turkey, like Iran, is a regional hegemon.

        Let me conclude by saying that I acknowledge that Turkey committed a genocide against the Armenian people one hundred years ago.

        1. @ Kareem: Remember when I tell you you are done in a thread, that means no more comments. Do this again and you will be moderated.

          Of course Israel is as much an arms supplier as Turkey is to Azerbaijan. It supplied nearly $5-bilkion is such arms in 2016:

          Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in 2016 said his country had bought $4.85 billion in defense equipment from the Jewish state.

          Your attempt to deflect indicates bad faith and hasbaroid deflection.

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