11 thoughts on “Decades After Vanunu Served Jail Sentence, Israel Continues Persecution of Nuclear Whistle-Blower – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Kareem: OMG, you’re bringing that shmatteh, Jewish Chronicle into my timeline? The one whose editor has been sued numerous times for libel and paid major financial settlements while apologizing publicly? The one who routinely publishes hoaxes and lies? That Jewish Chronicle? And you’re taking even a word of what it publishes as truth? Really? Can’t you do better? Or this the best that Hasbara Central has to offer? I also note you didn’t bother to link to the original source, but used the TOI instead. Trying to hide the source? Or did you think I wouldn’t check? Don’t ever use the JC as a source here again. It is persona non grata.

      And as for the claim that the Mossad may have recruited Iranians to betray their country–of course it does. Every intelligence agency does the same. They do it with money or blackmail or whatever it takes. BTW, with Pollard, it was a combination of pro-Israel fanaticism mixed in with a lot of money. With Vanunu, it was nothing of the sort. It was his conviction that nuclear weapons were wrong and he was engaged in a deeply flawed enterprise. Did any of these Iranian Mossad spies feel such righteousness in their actions? Did they act out of principle? Well, I think you already know the answer to that. BTW, out of the tens of thousands of Iranians engaged in its nuclear program, am I surprised the Mossad could turn a few of them? No.

      So were they heroes or whistleblowers? Nah.

      Don’t publish again in this thread.

        1. Richard said:

          Did any of these Iranian Mossad spies feel such righteousness in their actions?

          Apparently they did feel such righteousness because they were motivated by the ideology of an anti-clerical Iranian dissident group.

          Why is anti-nuclear Vannunu a hero and these anti-nuclear Iranians less than heros?

          1. @ Sasha: No. The MeK is a terror cult. There is no righteousness in a terror cult in which people lose their individuality and give up their agency on behalf of the cult master. The MeK murdered thousands including Americans in their heyday. Now they seek a bloody vengeful overthrow of the current regime. They have no support in Iran. The MeK is not “anti-nuclear.” It is anti-regime. If the MeK assume control in Iran, after murdering tens of thousands, they would continue the nuclear program and amplify it. Remember your ally today will be your enemy tomorrow. Then Israel, which now relies on MeK for mass murder and assassination, will become the MeK’s worst foe. What goes around, comes around.

            But the fact that you endorse MeK tells us so much about you.

            No more comments in this thread.

          1. @Nate: it paid handsomely to buy goodwill fr US decision makers with Saudi lucre.

            But the leopard never changes its spots. Once a leopard always a. Leopard. MeK was Terror cult and remains one.

          2. Is the IRA still a terrorist organization? Richard.

            BTW, the EU and Great Britain took MEK off the terror list well before Hillary did.

          3. @ Nate: The IRA doesn’t continue to Assassinate British soldiers today. In fact, it announced a truce, respected it, and joined the elected Northern Irish government. Much more than one can say for MeK, which continues to collaborate with the Mossad to wreak as much murder and violence on Iran as it can. Again, it was, is and continues to be a terror cult. Council for Foreign Relations (only one of many sources documenting MeK’s continuing violent, cultish nature):

            Critics of the MEK question the group’s motives and commitment to nonviolence and human rights. The State Department noted such reservations upon delisting the group in September 2012: “With today’s actions, the Department does not overlook or forget the MEK’s past acts of terrorism…The Department also has serious concerns about the MEK as an organization, particularly with regard to allegations of abuse committed against its own members.”

            …in June 2014, a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry condemned the group for its “violent and non-democratic inspirations,” “cult nature,” and “intense campaign of influence and disinformation.”

            …Western support for the MEK distracts from or, worse, undercuts the efforts of more mainstream Iranian opposition groups like the Green Movement, which assembled millions of peaceful protesters in the aftermath of the disputed 2009 presidential election.

            By collaborating with MeK in engaging in acts of terror inside Iran, Israel itself is implicated in MeK’s ugly, tyrranical nature. It becomes that much easier to say Israel’s behavior too is that of a thuggish, murderous cult. And those like you who justify MeK are siding with tyrants, dictators, and cults. Not a nice look.

            More accounts of MeK’s ugly, thuggish, cultish behavior post delisting.

            As for its removal from terror lists, Saudi lucre goes a long way to greasing those skids.

            I’m disappointed in the quality of hasbaroid Hasbara Central is sending our way. C’mon, you can do better, can’t you? Do not post again in this thread.

  1. The message is clear. Vanunu’s mumified and silent head on a pike at the gates to the city keep potential Edward Snowdens in Israel shtum. Sadly, it works.

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