23 thoughts on “BREAKING: Shin Bet Hacks Palestinian NGO Workers’ Phones Using Pegasus Spyware – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Excellent coverage, so very important to know the intelligence alliance between repressive states. A window into the future I’m afraid. Thx.

  2. as usual nowgantz and his goons are crying wolf. they want the entire gov. to kiss ass to entire biden staff in order to reverse. if biden does reverse then he’s no better than trump even worse.
    gantz wants to reverse not cuz he needs it, cuz he lost face, now he’s so against the entire coalition merely cuz he was supposed to be THE P.M. NOW, and its a nothing bennett in his eyes that sits on coveted throne. its all ego and money

    1. sted of wasting money of hungry palestinians. let them enforce israel internet infrastructure , additional firewalls for utilities, banks and gov sites. sted of wasting time looking for an emir wife hanky panky, protect my surfing from ransomware , noooooooo its more convenient to sow evil it pays better . yah rite

  3. dunno to cry or laugh. please help me. with the latest gantz boohoohoo

    from jpost today

    “As defense minister, I work hard to enable a respectable life for the Palestinians, our neighbors. 

    1. to add salt to injury the 3 main coalition partner sorta peed on gantz by coming out all 3 together stating that israel had no vested interest in nso those were lapid benett and liberman. so i stand corrected its gantz only gantz and very personal

    1. @ Kareem: The level of intrusiveness into personal & private life in the UK is nothing compared to that of Israel. Especially the lives of Palestinians. Just one small example: have you ever seen the UK install surveillance devices, cameras, etc. on private homes without the permission of the owners? No, you haven’t. Israel does it in Palestine. Do UK surveillance cameras peek into private homes? I strongly doubt it. They do in Palestine. Does UK surveillance target one particular ethnic group above and beyond others? It does in Palestine.

      You’ve got to up your hasbara game my friend.

      1. Let’s keep it real my friend.

        There’s one security camera for every 11 people in Britain, making it the most surveilled county in the world.
        Israel is a laggard by comparison


        And, BTW, there are tons of privacy intrusions in Britain with neighbors training their private video cameras on other neighbors.

        Yes, Israel is targeting Palestinians in the disputed territories, parts of which Israel now occupies, but Israel isn’t ‘targeting’ Palestinian civilians living in Israel, are they?
        That ethnic group, makes up 20% of Israel’s population and is currently suffering under a long and deadly crime wave.
        Israel Palestinians decry that the government of Israel isn’t doing enough to protect them!

        1. Oh yes they do target them and how. They firce them tospy or else they either tossed back or any kind of punishment that they may dream of

        2. @ Kareem: Your claim Britain is “the most surveilled on earth,&#8221 is false. There are more surveillance cameras and systems in China, the US and Germany. The link in the article which supposedly attests to yr claim no longer serves a pg. You didn’t bother checking that, did you? I did. So I have no idea what the source you’re claiming says. But I assure you that aside from surveillance states like China, Palestine is far more surveilled than any on earth. Not to mention the interception of all digital and conventional communications by Israeli intelligence services.

          As for private individual snooping on neighbors, you know as well as I that there is a difference between a peeping Tom and a peeping state. The Israeli state Conducts this as a part of its overall policy, not a peeping Tom.

          As for Israeli Palestinians, you bet the security services target them. Everything they do including the content they publish on social media. As Israeli citizens they have slightly more rights, but only slightly. And if the security services target you, they will treat you as badly as they treat an occupied Palestinian.

          The crime problem in these communities derives from Israel’s overall racist approach to non-Jewish citizens. Decades of neglect & racism have degraded these communities. Better security is a stopgap measure. And how can a police force riddled with racism and corruption hope to offer security to a community it routinely hates and oppressed? Transforming society in a non-racist, fully equal one is the only answer.

          1. The crime problem in these communities derives from Israel’s overall racist approach to non-Jewish citizens.

            So what accounts for crime among Israel’s Jewish citizens?

            The point isn’t whether China or Great Britain have the most cameras. The point is that countries, large and small, free or authoritarian, are using surveillance devices on citizens.
            Israel is no exception, but the number of surveillance devices per capita in Israel, is less than China, UK, USA, Australia, etc.

            Far less, unless of course, you can substantively prove otherwise.

          2. @ Kareem: This was your last comment in this thread.

            Don’t change the goal posts in the middle of the game. You raised the issue of crime among Israeli Palestinians in the vain attempt to justify surveillance against them by Israeli authorities. Do not attempt to change the discussion by bringing up the subject of crime among Israeli Jews. It’s a red herring.

            However, it’s important to note that Israeli Jews are heavily surveilled as well. Just not as heavily as Israeli Palestinians.

            The arguments about others countries supposedly doing the same thing as Israel is a red herring as well. The surveillance in western democracies has an entirely different motive than in Israel. Among them, only Israel uses surveillance and other intrusive forms of monitoring communication & social media content specifically to target a single ethnic group. China does it as well against Uighurs.

            the number of surveillance devices per capita in Israel, is less than China, UK, USA, Australia, etc.

            First, the issue isn’t the number of surveillance devices in Israel, but in Palestine. That’s where the most massive surveillance regime is installed. And we’re not just talking about CCTV, but also about facial recognition, surveillance of social media, Unit 8200 interception of e mail, phone calls, etc.

            Far less, unless of course, you can substantively prove otherwise.

            Not how this works: you make a claim, you prove it. It’s not my responsibility to disprove an unfounded claim of yours. It’s yours to prove your own claim.

        3. few years back i was in shanghai, in the main tourist center in addition to the cameras fixed on poles, they’d bring these ambulance truck like with 4 to 8 cameras that they raise about 2 mt. from floor and the amount of police surveillance. at once i thought there were more cops than tourist way back 2017. helpful if you needed directions although most didnt understand anything more than chinese but annoying to elbow a cop to go into a shop. so no for intrusion no one beats Xi’s domain

    1. @ Kareem: Here’s how to correctly interpret this story. If Israeli secret police arrest you on a security offense, you have only 2 options: 1. is to refuse to admit guilt 2. is to cop a plea. If you choose 1 you will rot in jail for years, if not decades. You will have the satisfaction of refusing to admit guilt, but you will never be tried, nor have any hope of being tried. Except in extremely rare cases, the State will not put a security suspect on trial. You will simply remain in jail forever. If you cop a plea, you know you are not guilty, but you at least know the length of your sentence. Instead of rotting in jail for 5, 10, or 20 years without admitting guilt, you may get a year or 5 under a “reduced sentence.”

      Yes, Israel gets to say you admitted guilt and that it has proven that you support terrorism. But none of this is true. You are not guilty, you are not a terrorist. You have simply made a deal with a filthy, corrupt devil. So be happy with this filthy system you defend. But do not under any circumstances attempt to argue that the Shin Bet has proven that this poor woman is anything that it claims she is. She is a decent, upright human rights defender squashed like a bug by the secret police, just like under any garden variety dictatorial regime.

      In future, do not under any circumstances post off-topic comments, as this one was. Comments must be directly related to the specific subject of the post. I will delete any future comments of yours which violate the comment rules.

  4. Israel is a nation of ne’er-do-wells, numpties, Right-wing dinks (Netanyahu family), religious fanatics, racists who should be back inside the Leningrad oblast’, religious fanatic child molesters, and the tiny minority of sane people who are hanging on by their fingernails because they want to go to Paris or Montreal or London or Madrid than deal with the Israeli madhouse. So their Stasi-wannabes doing crap like this is just another nail in the coffin.

    1. hey, you forgot polygamist , a rabi no less was given permission by the israel gran rabbinate to marry a second wife. hey try to do that where you live. can’t can you, move here you can have your wife on mondays wednesdays and fridays. you mistress on sundays, tuesdays thursdays and rest like the lord on saturday , too bad there’s no nfl on this day, oh wll

  5. SUCCESS — just as i predicted, read long haaretz expose. nso is a defense baby and now that the golden faucet has been shut, NSO IS BLACKMAILING THOSE WHO PROMOTED IT , THE LIKES OF GANTZ BIBI BNETT AND ALL THE REST (READ MOST OF RIGHT ) that if they dont get biden to backtrack nso will let “some” juicy tidbits out in the open . the tiny pet crocodile turned into a big aligator. i hope he bites and bites big

  6. when it rains it pours. today nov 17 in the morning haaretz they asked why would 2 emirati princes need each his own nso software, they are both living in the same country. probably to spy one on each other, and this afternoon eset mentions that the saudis had used candiru left right and center, i mean they used nso to kill hashoggi, that’s not even enough that they also bought candiru.
    and what made my heart flutter, was the spanish curator that decided that the painting supposedly done by Da Vinci and that some dubai coughed up 450 millions was not terribly authentic. it was nice probably painted by same period painters but not the master himself.

  7. Here’s an interesting case.

    A Islamic firebrand and Hamas member, teaching and preaching under the noses of Israeli authorities in East Jerusalem.

    You’d think the oppressive foot of the Zionist State would be on this guy’s neck, but no, Israel never arrested this guy and left him unmolested while he exhorted his brethren to resist Israel at all costs.

    Where’s the intrusive surveillance of the oppressive Israeli State?

    A mob his supporters come out, and throw stones at Border Police, and nothing happens to them either!


    1. @ Kareem: There are 2 possibilities: either the Shin Bet screwed up bigtime by not considering the shooter a security threat. Or the shooter was, before he decided to go rogue, a Shabak informant who rebelled and like Samson, got revenge on his captors. Both are eminently possible.

      Israeli surveillance and informants undoubtedly knew everything that the shooter did and said at Al Aqsa and elsewhere. But the best surveillance tech does not guarantee security unless the humans monitoring it interpret and act upon it properly. In this case, it appears Shabak screwed up.

      You are done in this thread.

  8. [Comment deleted: you seem to be under the mistaken impression that this is a Football match and you must cheer for the home team. Comments must be on topic and contain a coherent argument. Slogans and cheers are not that.]

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