19 thoughts on “Israel, Iran, US: Playing with Fire – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “By June, an agreement “was largely complete,” one senior administration official said ”

    So in spite of Israel’s, and I’m using your words “campaign of state terrorism”, a deal could have been made, but Iran scuttled the deal.


    1. if you want to quote someone, please present the entire quote not just the satisfying part. dont use fox journalism type ….the way you present what was said the blame for the failure was NOT iran. but if you are honest and present the FULL quote it is clear that the blame lies ONLY AND SOLELY WITH IRAN ,

      here is the full quote, you left out the juicy part

      By June, an agreement “was largely complete,” one senior administration official said. Then it became clear that Iran was stalling until its presidential elections, which brought in Mr. Raisi, a hard-line former head of the judiciary.

    2. @ Kareem: No, Iran didn’t scuttle the deal. Only when the date of the June election neared did Iran back out. But from February, the deal was ready to be signed. But Biden didn’t have his shit together and dithered, as the article makes clear (you conveniently neglected this passage even though I highlighted it in the post). The US was responsible for the failure, not Iran.

  2. Rob Malley at Israeli security conference listens in disbelief to the delusions of Israeli military strategists

    Sorry, Charlie. The picture you posted of Malley (I don’t ask how you know what he’d thinking), wasn’t taken at an ‘Israeli security conference’, but rather, at last week’s International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) conference in Manama, Bahrain.

    Note the prominent IISS logo next to Malley’s head.

    1. I confused the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS Israel) with the IISS. Thanks for the correction. The caption was meant to be tongue in cheek. Obviously, you don’t appreciate the humor at the expense of Israel’s delusional leadership.

  3. gantz has been smoking marijuana for a while now. since the day he betrayed lapid and believing HE was going to redress bibi and fulfill his ambition of being PM he’s being eating crow endlessly.
    he got a post, read job, as the ONLY thing he’s able to do. he’s got no one’s ear in this gov from deep heaven so he’s gotta vent somewhere. he’s only good at marketing war equipment just as he did with marrocco just now. he’s incapable of anything else. he and everyone else knows that if tomorrow he walks in benett’s office and says its time to bomb iran that benett wouldnt fall off his chair and crack a rib laughing.
    there is no other option, blinken is useless in convincing anyone, iranians are at door step of reaching the base of their dream and are not about to let go just for letting go, perhaps if they got the keys to fort knox they’d take a day to think it over. then again xi and putin would back the mullas just to screw with biden.
    the only solution would be to force the saudis into iraq and try to close the corridor to syria. its a card that needs some saudis with guts but the little prince is to busy playing nso to envision a superiorr region. the other part of the solution is a total embargo in yemen . this would force iran into a losing corner for which their nukes would be useless
    gotta think outside the box

  4. Not good news about this change of leadership in Israel. Israel continues to shoot itself in the foot fomenting war and nuclearization.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. fomenting war and nuclearization.

      wars – na-ah – israel sells arms to quell rebellions against military dictators or trump type leaders
      nuclearization – here i will ask you to quote a single sale that would befit thiss category – you can’t

      so again keep this site iq above strawberry level ,
      if tarring is your goal dont waste your tar on a telephone pole

  5. محسن فخری زاده، فیزیکدان و دانشمند هسته‌ای ایرانی، در 27 نوامبر 2020 به دست یک رژیم جنایتکار درگذشت.

  6. Israeli National Security Advisor Eyal Hulata at the IISS Conference, not for dialogue but instead a frontal attack on the next target for Israel in the Middle East …
    Nuclear exercises:
    In Step ‘Against Iran,’ Trump/Pompeo moved Israel from EURCOM to CENTCOM … (15 Jan. 2021)
    Today (Sunday), Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jets escorted two American B-52 bombers through Israeli airspace. (7 March 2021)
    [Israel needs the B-52 and MOP in order to deter Iran – Jerusalem opinion]
    Saudi F-15C fighters, US B-1 bombers complete joint exercise (1 Nov. 2021}
    First joint military exercises Israeli Air Force and Arab new allies to oppose common enemy terror state of Iran, the Islamic state of the Ayatollahs.

    1. oughta name change oui to whoeee!!!
      pls stay away from sugar. seems you’re showing all the symptoms of a huge sugar hi
      can you tranlate what you mean. b52 b1b b2 is there any meaning. beyond the us china and russia does anyone have a bomber, does anyone even want one or can afford one. f15 + b52 from maarch 21
      whatever teases ur palate
      one last putdown
      do you think all those JOINT exercises mean peep if israel wants to attack the mullas. do you mean all those new arab allies and the us are going to attack TOGEHER. REALLY ?

    2. @nessim dayan
      Most or all are headlines in Israeli media, part of intimidation and warmongering. The Abraham Economic Alliance is sharing intelligence, buying advanced tools of warfare and rest assured, if Israel incites bombing of Iran, the closest Israeli allies are just across the Strait of Hormuz. Nice to know for Jerusalem the fight will be on more fronts.

  7. More and more saber rattle to justify insane defense outlays, because nobody ever uses that stuff, right! Piss off rus and chi both at one time not a path to mission accomplish.

  8. Israel has just teamed up with UK to thwart Iran. They are also signing a new trade deal and promise close co-operation in defence, cyber and trade missions.

    I predict that Iran will be attacked, there will be civil war and Iran will disintegrate like Iraq has.

    We are seeing the Yinon plan put into action. First, Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon which are now failed states. Next will be Iran then Jordan.

    1. @ Lenna: Israel can team up with the Devil for all I care. It won’t matter who it teams up with. No one has the stomach to launch an invasion to overthrow the Iranian regime. Unless they do, they’re stuck with this government.

      And you can predict all you want. Your predictions aren’t worth s*t. Israel will likely disintegrate before Iran does.

  9. Do the Zionists really want to add a chapter to The Book of Esther?

    The Zionist State completely wiped out one of the oldest Jewish Communities in the world, the 2nd largest Jewish Community in The Middle East, 2nd only to the Zionist State of Israel???

    Or are the Zionist weapons designed to go around and save any household that has a mezuzah on it’s door?

    I really wish someone with an audience would point that out to the world

    They are constantly in my mind, I feel sad for them…

  10. But didn’t trump arbitrarily re-impose sanctions? Without congressional action? If so, why can’t Biden un-do the trumpistas the way they treated the Obama administration’s agreements?

    1. @ kozmo: Sanctions are much easier to apply than remove. Because of the way in which they’re implemented it requires Congressional authorization to remove them, if I recall. The process is onerous and time-consuming.

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