29 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s: (Ice Cream) Wars of the Jews – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Turn on the news, the planet is frying due to global warming.

      Wouldn’t we all be better off, putting aside our petty differences and uniting to put out the flames that are burning down our house and home?

      Clearly, this ‘ice cream war’ falls into the category of a petty disagreement and distraction from more pressing issue, of saving the planet.

      Agree or disagree?

      1. Respectfully disagree. Ethnocide is not trivial and each of us must use our voice. For whom do you wish to save the planet?

      2. Jack Hoffman said “Clearly, this ‘ice cream war’ falls into the category of a petty disagreement and distraction from more pressing issue, of saving the planet.”

        We must do both. Save the planet and stand against oppression. It’s like walking and chewing gum at the same time.

        1. @Walter

          Walking and chewing gum is doable, running and chewing gum isn’t..

          You run to put out a fire. You don’t walk.

          1. @ Jack: Wrong. Qatania existed till 1948. Kiryat Malachi is built on its remains. The plant is in Kiryat Malachi therefore it sits on the ruins of a depopulated Palestinian village.

            You’re done in this thread.

      3. @ Jack: My entire post was a rebuttal to your nonsense claim. Sure, save the planet from climate change while Israel steals all of Palestine’s natural resources including water. We’ve had pinkwashing, now we have climate-washing.

    2. Sorry Amear, but your history is all wrong and requires correction.

      The Ben and Jerry’s plant in Israel is located in Beer Tuvia and not on the remains of Qastina.

      Jewish immigrants in the 1890’s formed a settlement named Qastina, after the neighboring Arab village. The settlers changed the name of their settlement to Beer Tuvia.
      In 1922, Be’er Tuvia had a population of 112 inhabitants, all Jews.
      In 1929, Arab rioters destroyed the settlement, which was quickly rebuilt, becoming one of the most prosperous moshavs in the land.


      1. ” Jewish immigrants in the 1890’s formed a settlement named Qastina”
        In other words, these immigrants built their new home on someone’s land.
        Let us hope these early settlers legally occupied, and lived in peace with their Palestinian neighbours. So unlike the armed squatters of today.

          1. @ avram: This is an outright lie. Qatania was depopulated during Nakba by the Palmach.

            I do not permit commenters to publish lies. You are now moderated. Further violations of the comment rules will result in banning.

          2. I don’t know who sold it, who had title to the land to begin with ( the Ottomans?) Wikipedia, if to be believed, says that a Polish Romanian group settled it. The Jewish agency website says:In 1887, a group of First Aliyah newcomers from Bessarabia founded a moshava, which they named Quastina, after the neighboring Arab village.

            Wikipedia says … In 1896, the association of Hovevei Zion in Odessa purchased the land and new settlers came. Qastina was renamed Be’er Tuvia – an adaptation of the site’s Arabic name, “Bir Ta’abya”….the story moves on with Baron Rothschild supporting the settlement but wishing for peaceful relations between Arabs and Jews.

            This is land close to the coast. In ’48 Arab villages near the coast were destroyed or “liquidated” and so too old Arab Quastina.

            After the revolts, the uprisings and war such questions as who owned the land, sold it, had title to sell, do not seem to have mattered. It’s on all part of the old colonialism based on “might makes right”.
            Please correct or add information to this if you have it.

      2. The other part of the story-is the liquidation of old Qastina’s Arab’s inhabitants, 890 Muslims in 1945, in 1948. This was a village that was supposed to go to the Palestinians after the war, part of the ’47 partition. Don’t argue me the rabbit hole about Arab rejection of what was shoved at them. Beer Tuvia nearby, adjacent, with it’s name change,remained. On old Qastina land new settlements were built. The plan to take and settle all the land has a long history.

        Since Israel claims all the land from the Jordan to the Sea, perhaps Ben and Jerry should stop selling in Israel altogether and put more teeth into the BDS that Israel is so afraid of. Maybe Israelis and some here will force that by not buying the ice cream. Maybe I should buy some.

        Israelis shoot themselves again, in this case making this a bigger deal and giving Ben and Jerry prestige and favor with some, while keeping many aware of what is ongoing, the point of the B&J move presumably.


  1. Thank you for this thoughtful article. It astounds me that so much of Israeli society seems content with their piece of apartheid.

    It puzzles me that the extermination of the Palestinian people can be chosen as a way to achieve the future of Israel. Leaving all moral consideration aside, I can’t help but wonder what kind of world it will find itself in if it succeeds in its current path. With all this blood on its hands and in its soils will it find itself a pariah among the leading nations of the future? Or is Israel so cynical that it believes that once it has achieved its goal of security through ethnic cleansing it will find its comfort in a pantheon of like minded and similarly brutal colleague states?

    What a dismal future Israelis are carving out for themselves?

  2. Ben & Jerry’s Vermont factory squats on the stolen land of the Abénaki.
    Ben & Jerry’s Manhattan store squats on the stolen land of the Lenape.

    Ben & Jerry’s Haight St store squats on the stolen land of the Ohlone

    Ben & Jerry’s appropriates SF hippie culture by placing their San Francisco store on Haight Street in the absence of any other national chains when it was not present until long after the sixties


    Get Ben & Jerry’s off of the stolen lands of the United States!

    1. @ Baba Ram Dass: this is ridiculous. I smell a hasbaroid. There are Palestinians who lived in Qatania before their ancestors were expelled. There are no living Lenape or Abenaki or Ohlone who demand the return of their former lands. Has anyone among these tribes delegated you to represent them? Or have they demanded the return of these lands? Until they do I suggest you stick to BDS and its demands and those of the Palestinian people.

      But since you spoke of the Ohlone, your IP address resolves to San Francisco. So you ought to find the first Ohlone tribal member you can and offer him your home.

      Nor is Manhattan “stolen” from the Lenape. There is ample evidence that an exchange of some sort happened between the Dutch and Lenape. Whether it was a sale or lease of the land is in question.

      1. “…Has anyone among these tribes delegated you to represent them?…”

        Richard: is that a requirement? Does that mean that you had been delegated by the Palestinians to represent them?

      2. There are no living Lenape or Abenaki or Ohlone who demand the return of their former lands’ that is probably because the Americans killed them all off.

          1. @ Potter: I think a combination of factors were at work: Europeans brought diseases to the New World to which Native tribes had no immunity. There were massive disease outbreaks that wiped out large numbers. Then there were wars of conquest and expulsion against Native tribes. But all of them contributed to a massive injustice which most Americans accept and recognize.

        1. @ Avram: And if the world let Israel have its way with the Palestinians they’d be killed off as well.

          But the difference between America and Israel is that we recognize the genocide our ancestors perpetrated and we’ve offered sovereignty and indigenous native rights to the surviving tribes. None of which Israel has done or may ever do.

  3. Now that you’re reporting on the ill-omened Ice Cream War of the Jews, it’s only fitting you take up your Latin name – Richardus Argentus – to properly contextualize your position.

    Make sure you visit the local augury before you depart out into the field again.

  4. The Israeli government portrayed itself as the victim of a hostile and unethical move on the part of the ice cream company. As if Israel itself does not partake in any immoral behavior of its own; as if home demolitions, institutionalized discrimination, land expropriation, administrative detention and shooting at unarmed Palestinian protesters is not problematic; as if an Israeli company selling highly controversial technology to authoritarian regimes is not more questionable than an ice cream company denying their pints to customers who live in certain areas.


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