8 thoughts on “Israel’s Unit 8200 Produces Spyware Far More Powerful Than Pegasus; and Mossad, Shin Bet Use It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. i said it in a previous remark all this is part of the yearly 3b gift to idf and by extension 8200 etc..
    nothing to see here, keep moving
    as far as the bombastic declarations , nah, just pissing against the wind

  2. Units like 8200 are needed if the Yinon Plan were to bear fruitition. So no surprise this goes on in Israel. I also think, the US is complicit, just my own belief. If the West needs a non Muslim ally in the Middle East, and there is no Christian State, then Israel would have to do. Which means, UK, Australia, EU would also look the other way.

    By the way, Richard, seeing that you expose the Israeli security state, who is/was Obadiah Shoher, the author known as Samson Blinded? Would be great if you could do a write up.

  3. First time commenting, really like your blog, richard, somewhat new here (found your blog after the tomer eiges scandal). I must say i dont think Oren׳s tweets deserve any mentioning since he uses the words ״it׳s obvious that…״ the internet (and twitter) is full of people who have ‘opinions about stuff’, but you set a certain standard , so far, of using sources who supposedly KNOW what they’re talking about, not just stating their opinions on what probably or definitely is or isn’t. If mr. Oren has proof for any of his claims, that would be a whole different thing. I, too, can come up with conspiracy theories (i love em!) but i wouldn’t expect anyone to treat my thoughts as newsworthy. Anyways, just my thoughts…. Thanks for your hard work richard!

    1. @ Maya: the difference between you (and me, for that matter) and Amir Oren is he has a distinguished record of reporting on this and many other important issues. I’ve known and respected him for many years. His statements/tweets are worth a great deal.

  4. Ha!
    What Tom Malinowski and Co. will achieve, is that IF indeed the private surveillance sector will be barred from selling on the open market – They WILL do that on the black market.
    This way it will become far more malicious and away from any sort of oversight or checks and balances.
    If there is a buyer – there will ALWAYS be a seller.
    NSO and other companies will have no problem at all closing their official doors and establishing the same business under new names in the shadows.
    P.S. it is ironic that people who are “worried” about privacy – still use Facebook and Gmail…

    1. @ Alex: Not so fast pardner. Yours is the typical Israeli cynical response. The fact is that there are thousands of markets which are regulated. Of course, there are ways around regulations and people will try to do so. But that doesn’t mean regulation doesn’t work and isn’t effective. Once the black marketeer discover there are punishments for their behavior most of them will come into line.

      As for privacy, many people who are worried about privacy either don’t use Facebook or Gmail; or figure out more secures ways to do so. You vastly underestimate the market for secure alternatives to these platforms.

  5. Amir Oren on Intelligence sharing NSA and Unit 8200 … the Snowden papers. NSA provided raw Intelligence to Israel, Unit 8200. Obama succeeded to prevent Israel bombing Iran in 2012 … at a price.

    Birds on a Wiretap | Haaretz – Dec. 29, 2013 |

    Leaked Classified Memo Reveals U.S.-Israeli Intel Cooperation on Egypt, Iran | Haaretz – Aug. 5, 2014 |

    With approval from U.S. National Intelligence Director Lt. Gen. (ret.) James R. Clapper …

    1. It’s good that Barack Obama prevented Israel from bombing Iran. That would’ve been a disaster for them, and the entire mid-east. What Obama failed to do, however, is to put pressure on Israel to pull out of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, rescind control of the water and air-space in those territories, and to allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state alongside Israel (and NOT in place of Israel) thus allowing the 2-state solution (the only safe, sane and sensible solution to the decades-old Israeli-Arab debacle) to come into fruition.

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