5 thoughts on “Israeli UK Embassy Scandal: Officer Who Sought to Destroy Tory Leader Worked for Strategic Affairs Ministry – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Not surprising Masot is associated with Gilad Erdan. These guys are the types that would attempt such harebrained antics because they are too stupid to consider the consequences. Erdan in particular is one of the biggest morons currently sitting in the Israeli gov’t (considering they are all morons to varying degrees, Erdan is one who really stands out for his primitive thinking). This scandal has done untold damage to the Friends of Israel (FoI) organization in the U.K., and I cannot see how British politicians (especially the conservative ones) can continue to associate themselves with the Jewish lobby.

    Well done Erdan and Masot! 🙂

    And BIG kudos to Al Jazeera!

    1. @ Danny
      This is only as small part – maybe the most revealing, we don’t know yet – of a four episode documentary by an undercover journalist from Al-Jazeera who ‘infiltrated’ the Israeli lobby in the UK for 6 months.
      First episode airing tomorrow, Wednesday 11th. Here’s the program, you can also see the episodes online, I certainly will !

      1. Just watched it. Breath-taking expose! This Shai Masot is a real mover and shaker in London, isn’t he? (well… at least he WAS :-)))). Just incredible how easy it is to bribe conservative party politicians – they literally have no scruples that aren’t for sale.

        But it looks like Labour pols are much harder to buy. It’s undoubtedly the Corbyn effect. If he becomes PM of Britain Israel will have its work cut out for it.

        Al-Jazeera just took down this hydra monster. This expose is nothing short of a train wreck for the Friends-of-Israel movement.

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