7 thoughts on “Bibi’s Incites Murder: He Did it Once, He’s Doing it Again – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am just old enough to remember exactly where I was when I saw that news all those years ago (study hall on Channel One, sophomore year of high school in Gurnee, Illinois). I’ll never forget the sense of loss from that, even as a kid. 😟

  2. <a href=”https://twitter.com/IsraeliPM/status/1399374309882220548″>Desperate</a> … Lindsey Graham sides with friend Bibi Netanyahu …not the state of Israel.

  3. I was thinking “don’t insult toads” but toads do secret a poison. Netanyahu is Israel’s long serving version of Trump, ruthless, self-serving. He thinks he is the state, like Trump. Maybe Trump learned from N (not Napoleon). He’s done much harm, caused blood to be spilled, grief/suffering, for his cause: keeping power, keeping Israel from a peaceful settlement of the conflict with Palestinians, his goal. Those that will succeed him are hardly Left. As here we got rid of Trump at the head, one thing at a time, first get rid of Netanyahu. Celebrate that. Then deal with the rest- still a hill to climb.

  4. How about the harsh way you write about settlers?
    Have you ever considered the risk of someone reading your words and hurting settlers? That your own words could be a match?

  5. Do you think the Biden administration had something to do with prodding the various opposition parties to form this coalition? I do. I don’t think all those visits from the various members of his cabinet and staff were just about defense alone. I think they see Bibi as a danger and wanted him out as soon as possible. It wouldn’t be unprecedented. The Clinton administration basically did the exact same thing after Rabin was assassinated.

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