6 thoughts on “Democracy: the Noose and the Coffin – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for this excellent commentary. I desperately hope you are wrong about Biden. We are living in perilous time, and you are an important voice.

  2. Thanking the tv crews, reporters and journalists for pictures and video … hits home very hard. This was no surprise, a matter of when, not if. Tells the story of fascism and corruption better than a thousand words. The emperor caught with no clothes … tone down the exceptionalism, reach across the Isle or leave the party of Trump. Sedition.

    Georgia turned Blue! Oust Trumpism, sons, stock and barrel.

    1. @ Bruce Porter: I don’t have a suggestion. I support progressive Democrats and Bernie Sanders of course. But the Party tolerates us rather than welcomes us. So we have to fight for progressive values within the Party; or outside it if a better option arises (and I don’t count marginal third parties as serious options). I do not, however, support the Democrats when they offer candidates like Biden.

  3. Well, it was certainly a moment when the Rubicon was crossed. Again. I fear there will be more unrest up to and beyond the day of the inauguration.

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