13 thoughts on “Israel’s Two-Front War: in Gaza and at Home – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No one on your panel lives in Israel, much less speaks on her behalf.

    “Dogpile on the rabbit…dogpile on the rabbit…dogpile on the rabbit”

    1. @Son of Woody Allen … not surprised at yr chosen pen name MA … what happens in China, India, Iran and Israel effects us all. The International community of nations have set rules to govern. Some countries are invaded and/or bombed by R2P policy of the global superpower. Especially Israel and the Middle East has been and is a powder keg. Ever since 9/11 Israel has succeeded to use the terror label on a people fighting for its independence. As far as I’m concerned, Israel is a pariah state not intent on peace with Palestinians. All the efforts hasbara trolls and lobby groups investments have gone down the drain of sewage. The mask has fallen for the world to see. Anti-Israel protests will continue for some time. Last fortnight Netanyahu has set policy for him to stay out of prison, not in the interest of the Jewish State.

    2. @ Mighty: If you want someone speaking on Israel’s behalf there are literally thousands of places you can go to get it. And this isn’t one of them. Here we don’t defend apartheid or mass murder.

      1. His point was, people who don’t live there, don’t really get to talk about it.
        It is very nice to talk about it from your sofa. Still, until you get a speaker who can talk about their own experience on the ground in Palestine, all you do is bring intellectuals to speak theoretically about something inherently foreign to them.

        1. @ Dan: What utter dreck. That’s the oldest hasbara gimmick in the book. I’ve addressed it here too many times to count. No, you don’t get to discount criticism based on the stupid concept that only Israelis can comment because they’re the ones there on the ground. This isn’t even intelligent enough to deserve rebuttal.

          until you get a speaker who can talk about their own experience on the ground in Palestine

          Lubna Masarwa is “on the ground in Palestine,”which you’d know if you’d bother to watch the Zoom panel. But you didn’t because you’re lazy and its too much trouble.

          Please Hasbara Central, send us better quality than these numbskulls.

        1. @ Mighty: War crimes? You want to talk about war crimes? OK, let’s do that: 27 Palestinians killed for every Israeli. That’s 27 times worse war crimes by israel than Hamas. You don’t have a leg to stand on buddy.

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