9 thoughts on “Shin Bet’s Campaign Against Palestine – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The International Criminal Court will have much to investigate in its upcoming inquiry into Israeli war crimes since 2014”

    Just to remind your dear readers, the International Criminal Court will also be investigating Palestinian war crimes since 2014.

    Fair, after all, is fair.

    1. @ Mighty: I welcome the ICC investigation into Palestinian violations. But I remind you dear hasbarist, the Palestinians have killed 25 Israelis from Gaza rockets since 2014, while Israel has killed nearly 3,000 Palestinians.

      1. How many armed combatants were among the nearly 3000 Palestinians that Israel killed?
        There’s a difference between armed combatants and unarmed civilians, isn’t there?

        As far as ICC investigation into Palestinian violations, let the ICC begin investigating this month’s rocket attacks on Israeli towns in Southern Israel from Gaza.
        What did Israel do to warrant this latest rocket attacks on Israel towns?

        If sure the Palestinians had a reason for starting to bomb Israel. What was it?


        1. @ Mighty: Of the 2,300 murdered during Protective Edge, 700 were fighters. THe rest were largely women, children and old men: civilians all and unarmed.

          What did Israel do to warrant this latest rocket attacks on Israel towns?

          Oh, I don’t know–refusing to permit MUsims access to Al Aqsa, closing Damascus Gate to worshippers, stealing homes in Sheikh Jarrah from Palestinians who’ve lived in them for generations. How would you react if these were Jewish victims? You’d support rocket fire on those inflicting the suffering.

          1. Richard, if you’d have read the link I posted, you’d see that the rocket barrage that shattered months of calm, was on or around April 24, seemingly unconnected to the current events on Al Aksa.

          2. @ Mighty: “Seemingly unconnected.” Maybe unconnected to you. But the Border Police thugs barricaded the Damascus Gate at the beginning of Ramadan, April 12th. That’s plenty of incitement to motivate Gazans to launch rockets.

  2. ‘Labeling this unified system as apartheid is…’

    …is somewhat unfair to apartheid. After all, the racist regime in South Africa genuinely intended for the blacks to have autonomy, if not actual independence, and there is no reason to think they intended to endlessly nibble away at what territory they were prepared to allot to the black Africans.

    Personally, I think the model the Jews of Israel have in mind for the Palestinians more closely resembles the Nazi plans for Russia; settlements of the master race, from which militarized patrols would strike out as needed if the surviving native population proved troublesome.

    …Gee, that pretty much describes what’s in place now, isn’t it?

    So don’t call it ‘apartheid.’ That’s unfair to the South Africans.

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