10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Who Leaked the Israeli Attack on the Iranian Spy Ship to New York Times – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The source who leaked the details to the media didn’t know about the decision to postpone the operation, and upon discovering this asked the reporter to delay the publication.”

    Well. That should narrow down the source of the leak.
    Whoever the leaker is, he or she should be banned from government permanently for endangering the commando operation.

    1. @ Alice: Alex Fishman is an excellent reporter. But I think he misunderstands the events as they unfolded. The NYT report clearly indicates that a US official confirmed the US was notified that Israel had attacked. But that notification happened after the attack. Nothing in that report indicates the US knew about the attack before it happened.

      The Haaretz report clearly indicates that the Israeli official leaked the operation well before it happened to the NY Times.

      You might consider doing something I always try to do when reporting a complicated story. I always try to game out the situation, taking into an account a scenario I might wish have happened, but also taking into account a scenario that might not be convenient to my narrative. That way I take into account both what’s helpful and what might contradict what I believe. It makes for better more nuanced reporting. And also helps avoid the mistaken assumptions you’ve made here. Try it sometime.

  2. Sorry if I muddle things up for you, but there appear to be two versions of the leak.

    “In one version, an Israeli official updated a counterpart American official with the understanding that the US would keep the information confidential.
    This was based on understandings followed in recent years as a condition for Israel being more open with the US.
    In another version, the Israeli leak to the US, or in some other fashion to the media, was illegal, and may need to be investigated.
    Some sources are pointing fingers at the US, while others are implying rival defense or intelligence officials within Israel.”

    Maybe you were too quick to accuse Yossi Cohen of being a leaker.

    Too quick.

    1. @ Alice: Never believe anything you read in JPost. In fact, why do you even bother to read that rag?

      Maybe you were too quick to accuse Yossi Cohen of being a leaker.

      Maybe you were too quick to believe what you read there?

      1. [comment deleted: don’t tell me what or how to write. I have no responsibility to report claims that are not credible. And don’t repeat yourself in publishing comments. And don’t post another comment in this thread.]

  3. Good Morning.
    I could write how ridiculous are the Theories which are represented here…but I believe that there is no place here for common Sense.
    Looking at some of your the caricatures here I will only say, that the people, who are running this thing here “Tikun Olam” are not good people.
    They definitely think they are the good guys. They are not.
    And Karma does exist.

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