7 thoughts on “Bibi’s Crooked Budget Deal with IDF – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “These developments come on the heels of a realization that there are simply no financial sources from which the government can satisfy the army’s original request for a $1-billion budget increase. The only legitimate way to do so would be to severely cut back on social service funding for education or grants to local governments, which would be a suicidal move in the midst of an election campaign.

    Loud and clear.”
    The god of Zion is Mars.
    Bibi makes his sacrifice of Israel’s children at His feet.

      1. In case you didn’t know it, Israel is a great place to raise kids.
        Very little of the crime, violence or drugs that plague America, or say, Dublin.

        1. @ Alice: You’re absolutely right…if you’re an Ashkenazi. But if you’re Mizrahi, Palestinian, Ethiopian, or an African refugee. Then… Not so much. Then you could be beaten up by settler thugs, the Border Police, Israeli police or just about anyone–and your blood would be hefker.

          Curious how you only make allowance for your own experience and ignore the experience of well over half the Israeli population, which fall into those groups who suffer enormous levels of violence and racism.

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