8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Greek Oil Tanker Caused Worst Environmental Disaster in Israeli History – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So did the crude oil freighter sink, run aground or what?

    My condolences for the beach and sea life affected by this spill/accident.

  2. Under the radar.

    Environmental groups have warned for over a decade for such a disaster. The Israeli security state compromised by tar on its beaches. France, Spain, Alaska and now Israel … welcome to the oil spill union.

    As China virus led to the defeat of Trump, will the Greek tar on Israel’s shores be Bibi’s Waterloo. Fully off-guard for a preventable environmental disaster.

    Best defense of Bibi and his cabinet a gag order into the investigation of the tar oil spill? Unbelievable.

  3. There is a bit of hyperbole in this story. I made ALiya to Israel in 1976 and we used to go to the Barnea Beach in Ashkelon all the time. There was ALWAYS tons of oil on the beach. Washed in by oil tankers emptying their bilges before going into the Suez Canal. Then for about 35 years this all stopped. So for people 55 and older, a strong sense of deja vu. Not good, but not unprecedented. We all grew up with turpentine by the front door, to clean off our feet after going to the beach.

    1. @ Adam: Israeli media are saying this is the worst environmental disaster in decades. Are you denying this or not? If you’re not, then what you’re claiming is irrelevant and doesn’t contradict that claim. Not to mention that you yourslef concede the environment was cleaned up and maintained for 35 years. So now you have some nostalgic longing for the bad old days of yesteryear?

  4. [comment deleted: Racism is prohibited here including Iranophobia. Your comment was also off topic. I put you on notice that your next comment rule violation will lead to your moderation]

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