6 thoughts on “Israeli Who Crossed into Syria, Endured Family Sexual Abuse – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” It is one of the more disturbing stories in the canon, revealing the deceit and cunning of these forefathers of the Jewish people.”
    This disgusting behaviour is still practised by some of the Druze and also some Muslim communities in the world. It is primitive and if it exists in the Jewish world I have not heard of it.
    כל הכבוד to Dina Cohen. I am familiar with what goes on in Israel esp among the Haredim but not only them.They hide these deeds whereas it is definitely a ‘mitzvah’ to report them to the police.

    1. Interested to know what ought to have been Jacob and sons’ reaction to their daughter/sister’s brutal rape?
      The whole townsfolk did nothing to prevent or apologize for their leader’s criminal acts, surely when there is no justice, justice should be executed by the family of the girl, as was and is today practiced in the Middle East?

      1. Sounds great, Shai, and understandable.
        But that route leads back to systemised tribal vendetta vengeance in defence of blood feudalism. Nor is this thinking confined to the Middle East. It is our universal default pre-human instinctive primitive bestiality rationalising it’s drives.

        Building democratic structures of inclusive justice is the long hard slog we need to undertake to exit our already reactionary tribal societies spiraling towards mutual destruction.
        Not sure if it is possible, but the blood feud is a false, if invitingly simple, solution. We need to protect all women, not just our immediate clans.
        Israel’s biggest problem may be that, just as the world develops the means to a planetary inclusive humanism Jews have been instrumental in creating over centuries of displacement, a reactionary atavistic cartel of mobsters have hijacked the Jewish identity to create their sectarian supremacist state based on militarist dominance and the worship of the $h€k€£ ‘golden calf’. A spiral of degenesis seems to be the result of this inversion.
        Instead of learning the lessons of their history, folklore and myth they have weaponised every factor, right down to antiSemitism itself, to pursue their exceptionalist mirage; which in turn has mutated into a self-fulfilling prophesy.

      2. @ Shai: The townsfolk did nothing to apologize? What do you call the agreement of all the males in the tribe to be circumcized? At the request/suggestion of the brothers themselves? Which was the ruse they used to then slaughter them all. Are you defending mass slaughter as a method of settling such disputes? That would also seem the Israeli method of settling such disputes, so I guess you’re in good company. There is no such thing as “justice executed” by families of girls and “today practiced in the Middle East.” You’re racism is showing.

        1. @Richard: Your presentation of the biblical story makes it look as though the biblical author condones the brothers’ behavior, as though the Jewish tradition looks favorably upon that reaction. That’s misleading (at the least). In fact, according to tradition, Shimon and Levy were severely punished: They were cursed instead of blessed by their father on his deathbed, and they did not receive a Nahala.

          1. @ DK: In fact nothing of the sort. I made no comment or judgment about how the Biblical author views the slaughter. It wasn’t my intent to delve into the story in great detail.

            But what’s impressive about the story isn’t so much the curse which follows the slaughter, but that the Biblical narrative is willing to present the progenitors of the Jewish people as deeply flawed morally. The punishment meted out doesn’t begin to mitigate the evil done. But at least it is something.

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