13 thoughts on “At MAGA Rally, Israeli Flag and Neo-Nazis Co-Exist…Awkwardly – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The time has come for Jews to repudiate the breeding and slaughter of Russian sable, beech marten, pine marten and American gray fox, for use as headwear.

    Senseless animal cruelty, that has to stop.

  2. “Israel is rapidly becoming precisely the sort of state Germany was under the Nazis.” Didn’t you ban people for making such an analogy?
    “It almost goes without saying that Donald Trump’s most devoted followers are irredeemable anti-Semites.”
    Except the Kushners,the Adelsons and the entire Jewish Population of Israel.

    1. @ Eddie: No, I didn’t. In fact, when this analogy is applied in a careful manner which links specific attributes of Israel to specific attributes of Nazis in proper historical context, the analogy is totally appropriate.

      Here is what I wrote. You’ll note that the parallels I drew are precise and historically accurate:

      The most troubling aspect of this increasing alliance between Israel’s dominant right-wing and its European counterparts is that Israel is rapidly becoming precisely the sort of state Germany was under the Nazis. The same fascist tendencies; the same repression of speech and individual liberty; the same impulse to eliminate enemies, both internal and external; the same readiness to make war as a means of pursuing national interests.

      I never said “the entire Jewish population of Israel” is anti-Semitic. You did.

      But if you’d been reading my posts you’d understand that indeed much of Zionism, in particular the concept of zilzul ha-galut, is anti-Semitic in that it rejects the existence of the Jewish Diaspora. And there is a difference between Zionism and Judaism. That is how white Supremacists are able to distinguish between good Israelis and bad Jews.

  3. A delusional Joe Biden: “This is not America!”

    Yes it is Joe … didn’t you read the signs from Ronnie Reagan on forward? 

    Didn’t you watch the Insurrection unfold outside the Capitol … Trump family, his Proud Boys and scum. You called them terrorists … no they were not, they were misled by rightwing elitists from the swamp.

    Confederate battle flags inside the Capitol, a disgrace not endured since the British under King George set fire to Washington landmarks.

  4. This Mostofsky fool probably doesn’t understand that the Confederate battle flag has been adopted by Neo Nazis here in Germany, and elsewhere as, a ‘stand in’ for the swastika.


    The lovely and courageous AOC, has swiftly and roundly condemned the placing of a Confederate flag on the steps of the Jewish Heritage Museum in NYC.

    A don’t always agree with AOC, but she is a ‘woman of valor’.



    I agree with AOC, that Sen. Ted Cruz must resign in light of his feckless and dangerous conduct last week.

  5. Larger than the person of a president …

    Parler funded by Rebekah Mercer
    One of founders and ceo is John Matze married to Alina Mukhutdinova in 2017.
    Ahead of Capitol attack, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Gen. Flynn are back in town.

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