5 thoughts on “Settlers Defend Goebbels-Like Video Incitement – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Tyranny has many faces but underneath is (to use the title of one of Philip Roth’s novels) the same “human stain”. What characterises the particular face of settler tyranny is this absolutely ludicrous self pity.

  2. 1- The coffin in that demonstration had “Rabin is burying Zionism” written on it – not quite incitement to murder. Lots of demonstrations use coffins as props – poor taste but not incitement.
    2- Your calling the Jewish settlers in Hebron “800 Jewish pogromists”, all of whom spit, throw rocks, forge documents & steal Palestinian homes, is true incitement. Only the Jews spit & throw rocks – never the Arabs? Have you ever been in Hebron? Are you really comparing the actions of the Jews living in Hebron to the atrocities of the Arabs in the 1929 pogrom? I could quote a true leftist – Noit Geva – on the subject, but I don’t have the stomach. Find it on the internet, & please edit your post.

    1. @ Hana: In light of the fact that Rabin ended up buried in a similar coffin only a few weeks later makes this particular coffin incitement and more.

      The mere existence of these 800 Kahanists amidst 30,000 Palestinians is incitement personified. It’s aparthedi era South African multiplied by 100. If you accuse me of incitement again, not only will I find such a claim disgusting, I’ll ban you here so fast your head will spin. Just try me.

      I dare you to find a picture of a Hebron Palestinian spitting at a Hebron settler. In fact, if you don’t provide proof I’ll consider that your first strike

      As for ancient settler provocations/grievances, I have no interest in them whatsoever.

    2. Only the Jews spit and throw rocks,because they have protection from IDF and their own weapons of which the Palestinians have none.

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