14 thoughts on “Israel Planning Iran Attack Before Biden Takes Office – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “My source threw an intriguing wrench into the works by saying that the story fed to Ravid was intended as a diversion to conceal that Israel itself is planning such an attack, not the U.S.”

    Not that I honestly expect your answer, but is this the same ‘source’ who told you that Israel had bombed the Beirut Port this past summer?

    But maybe you can answer this. Why would Israel forfeit the element of surprise, by forewarning Iran of (ally) America’s impending attack on Iran?

    Also,Trump just ordered B 52 bombers from Nebraska and fighter jets from Germany, to the region.
    Why would America forfeit the element of surprise by moving attack squadrons to Iran’s doorstep?

    Makes no sense, unless these maneuvers are only meant to deter Iran from firing a Parthian shot at the outgoing Trump administration.

    1. @ Wunsch:

      Why would Israel forfeit the element of surprise, by forewarning Iran of (ally) America’s impending attack on Iran?

      Another more relevant way to approach this is by asking the rhetorical question: why would an Israeli official leak a juicy story? The answer of course is that the Israeli government is a kingdom of leaks. If it was a boat it would be at the bottom of the Mediterranean. Officials leak for thousands of reasons or no reason. How do you think I get the stories I get? Because someone wants to leak. As for the “element of surprise,” do you think Iran would be “surprised” if Israel attacked? In fact, Iran is on constant alert for such an attack and in this unstable period even moreso.

      As for those B-52 bombers, they would be perfect for dropping those 30,000 ton bunker buster bombs on Fordo or other underground installations. Just perfect.

      As for Iran firing a shot before January 20th, you clearly haven’t been reading the media accounts which explicitly note that Iran has told its allies in Iraq and elsewhere to stand down during this period because it is waiting to see what’s on offer from the Biden administration. Contrary to your belief, most Iranian officials are quite pragmatic and practical when it comes to such issues. THey aren’t as driven by ideological hate as Trump and Bibi are. Much of that is simply realizing there are limits to their ability to control events. Unlike Israel which never accepts the notion that there are any limits on its actions, with the exception of American presidents telling them they can’t bomb Iran to smithereens.

  2. There’s a precedent, in between G.W. Bush and B.H. Obama: 24th of december 2008, Israel attacks Gaza (Cast Lead)

    1. @ Jewdy: Comment rule violation: comments must contain an argument of some kind, a claim with supporting evidence. You have a long habit here of refusing to do so. Your last comment from July was deleted for the same reason. I warned you then that a repeat would bring moderation. You are now moderated.

      Future comments which respect the rules will be published. Ones that don’t could lead to your banning.

      Also don’t use IP proxies. They’re a dead giveaway for someone who has something to conceal.

    1. @ Ariel: Well, golly gee. The Iranian majlis had an anti American protest. How terrible! They couldn’t possibly have any reason to hate America, could they? Because we never supported the Shah’s SAVAK torturing its citizens. We never shot down an Iranian airliner killing 300 civilians. We never killed the country’s leading military figure. We never supported Iraq during its war against Iran. Did we?

      Your flight is approaching Ben Gurion. Be prepared for landing.

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