7 thoughts on “Netanyahu Calls on Arab States to Join War Against Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No fan of Bibi, but actually the Hebrew translates much more clearly as “war against Iran” as in phrase “war against crime”. A poor choice of words given the translation, but certainly not a declaration to go to actual war against Iran.

    1. @Rain: Absolutely wrong. Please don’t try to “improve” Hebrew translations unless you know what you’re talking about. I am fluent in Hebrew and the translation offered by the video is perfect and connotes exactly what it says. Bibi was calling for a war against Iran.

      A “war on crime” is generic because “crime” is not a specific entity or thing. A war on a country is altogether different.

    1. @,Andrew: You’re aping Bibi’s lame attempt to walk back the comments. Either you’re a paid pro israrl social media troll or you’ve read the PMO press talking points. You’re claims are baseless. “Milchama” means war. It doesn’t mean fight or struggle. There are others words in Hebrew for those.

      Further, I checked this all out with a native Hebrew speaker before i published because i anticipated these sorts of troll attempts.

  2. The hebrew for war uses two different prepositions ‘neged’ and ‘b’ – the former is actual war the latter is struggle or striving. Bibi uses both in the posted video, first neged and then b.
    An equivalent word is ironically jihad which can similarly be used in both senses and famously Yasser Arafat explained away jihad after peace talks as the latter

  3. While I’m glad that the quiet part is being said out loud (a common occurrence in the Trump years), I’m just sort of wondering if war with Iran is inevitable. This has been in the works for over four decades and no matter how much public opposition mounts to a direct confrontation, all it seems to do is force the war mongers into a temporary retreat until they regroup and agitate again. What can be done to permanently stop these threats from being turned into action? Such a war would be extremely devastating to the entire world as it would likely turn into world war 3 if Russia enters on the side of Tehran. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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