9 thoughts on “Israel’s Sex for Judgeship Scandal Widens with Charges Implicating Finance Minister, Moshe Kahlon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. it’s important that you publish this information, but you’re misleading when you claim a “massive sex and corruption scandal implicating virtually the entire Israeli judiciary.” There are approximately 770 active judges in Israel’s various courts and I’m SURE you can’t even name 10 who are implicated in either a sex or a corruption scandal. Go ahead – give it a try. Please don’t hurt your status by making easily refuted claims. Keep up the good work – but be more careful.

    1. @ Samuel D Rabina: There are at least a score of figures implicated either directly or indirectly in this scandal. They range from powerful cabinet ministers to the most powerful lawyer in the country, to judges, to a Supreme Court justice. I meant to say the scandal implicated every level of the judicial system from top to bottom. I didn’t mean to say it implicated every single judge in the country. I have edited that phrase in order to more carefully reflect what I intended to say.

    1. @ Lemontree: While I agree that she has caused damage, it’s important not to allow a single individual to damage an entire movement. That’s what right wing Israelis do in their attitude toward Arabs and what religious fundamentalists do in their attitude toward those who don’t share their religious beliefs (whether Jewish, Muslim, CHristian, Buddhist, etc.). Sweeping generalizations based on a narrow set of data are ill-considered.

  2. You mislead the readers.
    These messages are from a year after the nomination. Even if you SPECULATE it started earlier, you should disclose that and not state it as a fact.

  3. A. How does that change the fact the failed to mention the fact the messages were newer than the nomination? Any reader who isn’t familiar with the case would assume they are from that period.

    B. This new tweet doesn’t speak about messages but calls. These CALLS are indeed from the relevant time but there is no content. I speculate that you are going to speculate the content.

    C. You didn’t mention this tweet in your article so there are two options here, either you knew of it and decided to leave it out (may I speculate why?) or you didn’t know of it in which case you are just making excuses.

    1. @ Dani: Casuistry–look it up.

      Since you’re being a pedant, the tweet also mentions that in addition to the calls between Kahlon and Craif BEFORE she was nominated, the metadata shows that there are several dates when they were in the same place on the same date at the same time. And that ain’t “speculation.” That’s fact.

      Besides, legally it doesn’t matter much whether the affair happened before or after she was nominated and approved. There is much more than an appearance of impropriety. Judges must always have a reputation that is completely transparent and clean. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be judges. She shouldn’t be a judge. Aranya shouldn’t be a judge. Elron shouldn’t be a judge. The list goes on.

      But they are and that’s the tragedy and outrage at the heart of the Israeli judicial system.

      You are done in this thread.

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