10 thoughts on “Breaking: Israeli Corruption Scandal Reaches Highest Level of Courts – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well, what was that “one promise” and how do we know it’s not legit, i.e. promo wete efficiency in court hearings… ?

    1. @ ping: Everything about Naveh was corrupt. So of course whatever change Orenstein was agreeing to pursue at Naveh’s urging was surely a corrupt benefit to them. Do you really wish to argue that Naveh pursued anything that was reasonable for its own sake, without there being a material benefit to him in some way? If you do, you’re either a fool and naive.

  2. Again 2 English sayings describe it all
    1) the fish stinks from its head
    2) monkey see monkey do
    With the leadership of a corrupt PM why shouldn’t each one imitate
    IT is ironic that Israel fought so hard so long to be part of OECD
    ONLY to consistently find itself as 34 out of 42 in matters of corruption
    And so goes the populace. Viva Bibi and the Ultra alt of likud bloc!!

  3. Orenstein gave Leviev permission to steal 2.5 billion shekels from the Israeli investors. That gave Leviev nerves and later Mazal Haddadi, his accounted died by falling from the 10th floor.
    Her blood is on Eitan Orenshtein hands.

  4. a bad joke as it stands the CriminalS (major C a long list of them) are shielding themselves by saying that ALL information frm the hacked phone are FRUIT OF THE FORBIDDEN TREE therefore cannot be used to incriminate any of them. the long list of criminals who are now JUDGES or DISTRICT ATTORNEYS who have knowingly thrown cases (graft) are claiming shield. they have learned from bibi the criminal who is looking for immunity and having the gall to say that immunity is not shielding him from court. he shouldnt be afraid most of the judges are bought not to mention mandelblit himself. SO IN ESSENCE THE ENTIRE ISRAEL EXECUTIVE AS WELL AS LEGAL BRANCHES ARE 100% CORRUPT. from there follows the the ministries and on down. (the land branch which is the SHAS DOMAIN is an entirely bought by bakshish, which is shas modus operandi, I HAVE SEEN IT FOR YEARS WITH MY OWN 2 EYES) CONGRATULATIONS , ARE WE BETTER THAN THE IRANIAN LEADERSHIP OR THE SISI OR ASSAD.
    and yet the populace hails bibi as the current JESUS . hail ceasar

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