8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Supreme Court Justice Locked in Influence-Peddling Scandal Takes Leave of Absence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. First, you didn’t bother to read my post. In it, I reported what Kan said: that he went on a “sabbatical.” But clearly this is a ridiculous excuse. Elron has implicated the entire Court in his corrupt dealings. THey understand they’ve got to get him out of the way until this blows over. After a month, they hope they can slip him back into the judicial rotation without causing a storm.

      Further, after I posted a link to Glickman with my post he blocked me on Twitter, the creep. I blocked you on Twitter too. I can’t remember why. But I only block creeps there. So that must make you one too.

  1. By my count, there are five orthodox justices on the Israeli Supreme Court, two of which are also settlers. (One of the five, Mazuz, is considered very liberal and is hated by orthodox conservatives.) Doesn’t seem like very many in a court of 15, but it’s a subjective matter.

    1. @ Eli: If you follow the rulings of the Court, especially on national security matters, you’ll know that it has become decidedly right wing. I don’t care whether a justice is a settler or Orthodox. His or her political orientation is the key issue. And the Court has gone far to the right.

      But that’s not even the half of it: the rest of the judiciary below them has been transformed into a far right bastion, just as Shaked envisioned. She has shaped the justice system in her own image.

  2. @Richard: Yes, certainly there has been a shift to the right. And certainly Shaked’s interest is in judges that reflect her agenda, rather than legal acumen and accomplishment. The Israeli Supreme Court is not nearly as right wing leaning as SCOTUS. But if appointments continue in the same direction, it will be.

    1. @ Fake Lefty: I moderated you (not blocked) because you and your response was full o’ shyte. But now I have blocked you.

      Elron went on a month-long vacation that was long-planned and it is unrelated to the recent affair

      The “vacation” was not a vacation. It wasn’t ‘long-planned.’ And it IS related to the current scandal. Nor did you offer your comment in order to “present more accurate information.” Other than that, you’re golden!

  3. Elron is Kahlon’s friend. I thought that’s how he got to the supreme court, but given the latest Kahlon scandal, it’s obviously more than just friendship. Kahlon and Nave probably share more than Etti Kraif. I wonder if Kahlon is some Caesar Sose – looks honest and has a clean reputation, but is corrupted as they get.

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