14 thoughts on “Trump-Netanyahu Hoax of the Century – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Flawed though it may be, the ‘Deal of the Century’ is not a ‘take it or leave’ proposal.
    ‘The Deal’, is an invitation to begin negotiations.

    No one, not Kushner, not Trump, and not Netanyahu, believe that the Palestinians would or could accede to all of the proposals.

    ‘Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war’–Prime Minister Harold MacMillan.

  2. The deal of the century is not a deal at all other than a deal to consummate Arab betrayal of the Palestinians and satisfy personal political needs..This reveal ironically happens on the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation and contemporary with Trump’s impeachment trial. It can also be seen as a further arm of Article One:Trump’s abuse of power for personal gain. It certainly is not in our national interest or in the interest of peace in the Middle East. The deal represents the US taking sides, against our aims, at least stated, against international law, if unilateral, and the Palestinian struggle for self determination. This is notable now because Palestinians were dispossessed to make room for the “remnants” of the Holocaust (as Howard Sachar put it in his powerful book ” Redemption of the Unwanted”). and pushing Israel to legitimate statehood (accepted by the victorious Western Powers, the United Nations).
    Ironic that Palestinians are that people now- unwanted, betrayed, in diaspora. And it seems this plan is only for Trump-Netanyahu’s geopolitical personal needs: deflection from criminality, craven but successful distraction-pivot antagonizing the Iranians, fear-mongering.This fits nicely into Israel colluding with Arab Sunni forever war with the Shia/Persians. It fits Trump’s destruction of the Iran nuclear agreement. Trump joins, the puzzle piece fits in for his personal-political needs. Another instance of Trump taking US foreign policy with him.. because he can.. we’ve allowed it.

    *Bernie Sanders seems to be standing alone in opposition on this one too it seems.

  3. Dont even know where to begin. How about this:

    “…and transferring them to the new amalgam called a potential-maybe-future state. A neat bit of ethnic cleansing few are remarking.”

    And here you show your hysterical, tendentious and dishonest reporting. They are talking about transfer of sovereignty, not moving a single resident.

    From Wikipedia
    Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic, racial and/or religious groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group, often with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous.[1][page needed] The forces applied may be various forms of forced migration (deportation, population transfer), intimidation, as well as genocide and genocidal rape.

    The Palestinians immediate rejection of the plan, in the context of their repeated previous rejection of better offers, shows their dysfunctional mentality. They would rather live in eternal abject misery than come to some resolution, even if not ideal from their perspective. The prefer the status quo forever, in some pipe dream hope of something better in a parallel universe a thousand years from now.

    If you want to call it a surrender, go ahead.

    The Arab countries are ready to move on, and the Palestinians better get with it, or they will be forgotten.

    Which universe are you living in?

    1. @ DrS: Ethnic cleansing is not confined to forced physical removal of populations. Removing the population of a region based on its ethnicity or religion from one jurisdiction to another without its approval–and without even the approval of the entity to which the expellees are being transferred, IS ETHNIC CLEANSING. Just because the form of ethnic cleansing is not enforced at the barrel of a gun does not preclude that it is still imposed by force. The purpose of the expulsion is to enforce ethnic homogeneity, just as the definition you quoted notes.

      The Palestinians immediate rejection of the plan, in the context of their repeated previous rejection of better offers, shows their dysfunctional mentality.

      No, it shows the dysfunctional mentality of the two crooks who tried to foist this sham on the world. They pissed on the world and tried to make them think it was rain, to quote an old Yiddish proverb.

      They would rather live in eternal abject misery than come to some resolution, even if not ideal from their perspective.

      No, they would rather live as proud members of a sovereign Palestinian nation than be forced to beg for crumbs from Bibi’s table. As for the deal not being “ideal from their perspective”…Gee, dya think???

      he prefer the status quo forever

      Not at all. They prefer freedom and they will get it. The status quo will not go on forever. They will gain their freedom just as scores of other subject, colonized peoples have done.

      The Arab countries are ready to move on, a

      You mean the kleptocratic Sunni dynastic states are ready to move on. THat is by no means the whole of the Arab or Muslim world.

      the Palestinians better get with it, or they will be forgotten.

      No one is forgetting the Palestinians. ANd they will ensure that you don’t forget them. The thousands of Israeli killed since 1948 and hundreds more who will be killed every time Israel starts a war on Gaza, Syria or Lebanon will keep them forever in you consciousness whether you will it or not.

      Which universe are you living in?

      The real world. Welcome to it. It’s not the Hasbaworld you live in. And it ain’t pretty. But the delusional reality you exist in will only get more of you killed. COntinue at your peril.

  4. Dear Mr. Richard, please forward me you address so i may send you some of my blood pressure lowering pills.
    you’re almost having a conniption over nothing.this is hot air that will only exacerbate the climate change that does not exist according to trump and his coward sheeps.
    just read the very first bibi’s declaration, PALESTINIANS MUST (AS THOUGH THEY DO OBEY BIBI) TAKE THE FIRST STEP . really, those same palestinians who noone invited or paid attention to when creating this (one more) peace pact. Those same palestinians that as a result of this must get the israeli teudat zehut so that they may vote for knesset because they are now part of ONE COUNTRY TWO PEOPLE.
    never gonna happen, if bibi’s daddy was against anything palestinians, bibi is 100 times worse, so now in his nadir something palestinians MAY happen.
    is there an israeli government in place to act upon this, is there even a palestinian government in place.
    you must have read the local papers that are broadcasting that the settlers are against it cuz there goes the GREATER ISRAEL DREAM. this may undo part of the likud bloc of 5 .
    nothing but intrusion in local election but not even that will help likud, they know they will lose AGAIN but this time bibi will not be able to demand to be first not in his name not in likud’s name.
    so what are we talking about, the weinstein trial is more interesting or the undoing of McConnell and his witnesses are more interesting.
    please see WHAT WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN as opposed to MR DEAL deals. In effect he proclaims himself as MR DEAL. how many has he in effect produced that actually FULLY EXIST out of nothing previous. ZEEERO.

  5. Dayan- perhaps some good points, but as with Ukraine having to investigate the Bidens, this is for show..about the announcement. And then- the machine than blames the Palestinians for rejecting yet another generous offer, kicks in.
    Richard. what happened to my first post??

  6. I just want to take up your mention of ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing is removing people of a given ethnicity from an area. What the deal/trick proposes is to move an area with it’s people from Israeli rule to Palestinian rule. Not ethnic cleansing

    1. @ David Allon:

      Not ethnic cleansing

      Bullshit. When you strip an entire ethnic population in a particular geographical area of their nationality and transfer them against their will to a different jurisdiction, that is ethnic cleansing. This is especially true because there is no real jurisdiction to transfer them to. THere is no Palestinian state. So you’re stripping them of Israeli citizenship and offering them some vague status in a non-state called the Palestinian Authority. Not only don’t the residents of these Israeli villages want to lose their Israeli citizenship, the PA itself will refuse to accept them as falling under its jurisdiction. This is a hoax. I call it ethnic cleansing. You can call it whatever the hell you want.

  7. You broaden the term ethnic cleansing far beyond its meaning.
    If transferring sovereignty can be considered ethnic cleansing, so is forcing Israelis to give up israel and receive a new citizenship of the one-state state that you preach for.
    Ethnic cleansing, apartheid, colonialism, anti-Israelis adapt all kind of terminology and misuse it to blackwash israel.

    1. @ Dani: Your comment is nonsense. If Israel became a true democracy instead of what it is now, an ethnocracy offering superior rights to Jews and inferior rights to non-Jews, then it would remain the same state essentially. Internally, its system of government would change. But no one would be transferred to another country entirely. Just the way East and West Germany merged and became Germany. Similar to how the Soviet Union transformed into multiple separate states. No one was ethnically cleansed.

      Further, Israel is a nation conceived in sin, the sin of Nakba and ethnic cleansing. So the idea that Israeli Jews who benefited from these injustices for 70 years should object when their nation becomes truly democratic and adheres for the first time to its Declaration of Independence–well, that’s laughable.

      You can be a theocracy in which religion rules and determines superior rights; or you can be a democracy in which every citizen enjoys the same basic rights. You can’t be both. So quit the charade and concede you are not now and will never be a democracy; concede you are an apartheid state. At least be honest. Kahane was an outright villain. But at least he was honest in rejecting democracy and celebrating the theocratic JUdeo-state.

  8. as the intercept puts it : Trump and Netanyahu Dictate Terms of Palestinian Surrender to Israel and Call It Peace

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