1 thought on “Israeli Holocaust Commemoration Marred by Political Infighting – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Excellent essay, so many good points, exposing the political circus, the hypocrisy, Israel’s claim to ownership of the Holocaust.I guess the flyover and the quote would have been goose-pimple time for me were I there but you threw water on that-I must say appropriately. How we get caught by these things! Israel must show military force above all…it seems when at critical times it need not, should not. That part of our humanity, the need to repair part, seems gone, lost from Israel’s face to the world, usurped by the political expediency of leaders. We here in diaspora, some of us, try to make up for that.
    It’s apt that we think deeply about that at this time. I believe Israel is the victim of post-Holocaust-trauma and fears nurtured from the (craven) top.This would put Israel in a special category, an exception to rules and norms.. always about how we’ve been treated in the past. Here we are not choked by that, we breathe free of that and embrace.
    Fortunately there has been some good photo coverage of this anniversary, the faces of and quotes from the survivors- in WAPO and the NYTimes.. photos of Auschwitz. VIP’s helping the bending old marching through the gate that “macht frei”. You really have to look into those photos and try to imagine… the huts, camps, the cattle cars. One photo series shows faces of those who witnessed “the death march”, the neighbors who watched.
    Richard Thank you.

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