10 thoughts on “Jews, Blacks, Muslims: If We Hate Each Other, Our Enemies Win – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. a very good article.

    Do not forget as Israel Shahak never failed to remind us, that the Talmud is quite the equal of the Koran when it comes to bigotry including an edict against saving non-Jewish lives on the Saturday (unless so doing endangers Jews!)

  2. Wow! What an article. You have managed to invert the exact circumstances. The blacks are totally innocent of racism. At the same time Jews and whites are guilty. Amazing!

    Is it any less racist to say that whites are bad than blacks are bad?

    1. @ Jack Baxter: I’m deleting the more racist of your comments. But this one is only slightly less offensive.

      I never said Blacks were innocent of racism. In fact, I said almost the exact opposite. I said that every religious, ethnic and racial group is guilty of racism including Blacks, Jews, Muslims and Christians. My goal was to say that every one of these groups needs to admit its flaws and prejudices and renounce them. BTW, African American leaders and groups have denounced the attacks in Monsey and Jersey City.

      Never ever summarize, paraphrase and characterize my views on my behalf. You don’t know what they are and clearly are acting in bad faith in doing so.

  3. [comment deleted: one of the main points of my post was to point out how ludicrous it is to use IQ tests as a measure of anything other than their original specific purpose: of measuring individual intelligence. Yet you, racist that you are persist in arguing that these tests have probitive value in determining racial superiority. I doubt you will publish here again. But if you do I will immediately ban you if you attempt to publish such racist drivel again.]

  4. Thank you for this!
    If I could have my way in this wicked world, I’d hope to abolish religions altogether, since after all they are man-made fabrications that have caused so much pain, unrest and unfair conclusions. Till that happens, I just wish people in general would listen more and talk less.
    In Israel it pains me that the religious establishment shows ample intolerance (and antisemitism) to different Jewish believers. And almost simultaneously allow themselves to protest when someone utters an antisemitic remark…

  5. My fatty liver started to roll over when I noticed that tweet by Mort Klein right away- but I should have known better- A fine essay- as usual- the little child killed in that long ago car accident was a boy, I believe, and the Australian rabbinical student was actually lynched during the riot. Brooklyn never did recover from that and a few other things as well.

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