18 thoughts on “The Atlantic and NY Times’ Normalization of the Alt-Right – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ‘…he said, to the shame and horror of the Manhattan Jewish élite and to the secret joy of every beaten-down Jewboy in the tristate area.) . . .But for a time he held all the answers for me. In the locker room, I was a kike, but in the sanctuary…’

    …and Goldberg went off to work as a prison guard in Israel, where of course he was no longer the ‘beaten down Jewboy’ but suddenly, miraculously, a member of the master race, big and strong, capable of inspiring fear and inflicting pain.

    I noticed something similar in the biography of Jonathan Pollard. He, too, was bullied in school — but found in Israel a powerful alter ego. In serving Israel, he, too, could become big and strong.

    This line of thought raises a possibility. Maybe as well as being the product of the circumstances in which it finds itself, modern Israel is in fact the realization of the desires of its supporters. Israel may be the way it is not in spite of the desires of its supporters, but in the case of at least some, because of those desires. Goldberg et al WANT a strong, cruel, oppressive Israel. It makes up for their cowering fear in the seventh grade.

  2. @Colin

    Say what you like about the State of Israel and her supporters, the fact remains that the days of the ‘Jewboy’ are over. Deal with it.

    Though he will never admit it, I bet even Richard, has a grudging respect for the Israeli, the ‘New Jew’.

    1. @Dr John: You can’t possibly have read a single post I’ve written and still publish the stupid comment you did here. We in the Diaspora are quite proud of being Jews. Not “jew boys.” Not diminished Jews nor kahanist Jewish monsters either. And we have no need of Israeli Jewish superheroes to teach us how to live. in fact it has always been these sorts of superheroes who”ve led us to the edge of the abyss whether it be Bar Kochba, Ben Yair, Shabtai Zvi or Avraham Stern. We won’t let you and your pals do it this time. You all repulse me.

      1. “You all repulse me.”

        Which raises a question.

        Richard, are there any militant Jews or Jewish warriors, living or dead, that you admire?

        1. @ Dr John: I admire Yochanan Ben Zakai, who escaped Jerusalem before the Romans burned it to the ground; founding a yeshiva at Yavneh which permitted creation of a Judaism that eventually flourished in the Diaspora. I admire Jewish artists, poets, musicians, politicians. I admire Jews of conscience. Jews who lived by ethical values: Einstein, Spinoza, Isaiah, Leibowitz, Talmon, Arendt, Kimmerling, Chomsky, etc.

          Why should I value warriors? Strongmen? What value do they offer? Killing? Extermination? Domination? “Not by might, not by power, but by My spririt says the Lord of Hosts.” That’s what I live by. You live by the sword and will die by it.

    2. ‘…Though he will never admit it, I bet even Richard, has a grudging respect for the Israeli, the ‘New Jew’.’

      Comment is superfluous.

      1. @Colin “Comment is superfluous”

        Since you are in no position to understand ‘intimately’ the Jewish mentality you could not possibly know or even surmise ‘superfluous in the context you used it.
        Not wishing to make a racist statement but the Jewish mentality is much diff than the non-Jew and I am not speaking of better/worse.
        Stick to what little you actually know.

        1. First, I find the notion that there is some sort of uniform ‘Jewish mentality’ distinctly bizarre. Is there a uniform Catholic mentality? A uniform black mentality? Woody Allen and Ariel Sharon are indistinguishable? Zsa Zsa Gabor and Richard Silverstein — two peas from the same pod? Have I got that right?

          Second, how could you possibly know what position I am or am not in to understand this purportedly uniform mentality? Go ahead: describe my lifetime experience interacting with and living with Jews. I’m all ears. Guess what proportion of my ancestry is Jewish. Not a clue? I thought so.

          Third, your response is simply irrelevant to my post. How is it a response to ‘comment is superfluous’? You might as well excitedly tell me about the feeding habits of your cat.

          You’re both rude and dim-witted to the point of being incapable of anything beyond spouting gibberish. You may or may not find it reassuring that I don’t think this particularly representative of any ‘Jewish mentality.’ In fact, I’d say you’re inadvertently rebutting at least two Jewish stereotypes. Your reading comprehension skills appear to be nil, and you’re certainly not very bright.

          …And if I’m being insulting, tough-o. I don’t see why Hasbarist vermin should be allowed to dish it out without having to take it.

          1. @ Colin WRight:

            Hasbarist vermin

            Let’s cool down the abusive adjectives, shall we. The other side tries to turn us into insects and sub-humans. Let’s not do that to them no matter how offensive their rhetoric is.

          2. [comment deleted: The next bit of unsolicited editorial advice you offer, you’re banned.]

        2. @ yisrael:

          Not wishing to make a racist statement but the Jewish mentality is much diff than the non-Jew

          Those of the words of a true Kahanist. Mazel tov! You’ve shown your true colors. Jews are human beings. As the Bard says: we bleed like the rest of humanity, we look the same, we feel the same. We are NO DIFFERENT than any other group, religion, etc. Where we are different is in our history. But history is an artificial, external construct. Not part of our humanity or our DNA. So creating artificial distinctions IS racist and nonsensical.

  3. Goldberg is sorta smart, but he suffers a poor moral compass. He’s fashioned himself, worked his way to being, the authority du jour for reporting/opinion on Israel, feigning for some an equanimity of sorts. It’s annoying.

    MSNBC had a report on tonight on the reporting (lack of or bias) of the current Gaza uprisings.

    I have long felt the New York Times fearful of some subset of the Jewish community long standing labeling of them as anti Semitic. So they err on the side of caution. It really diminishes them.

    1. ‘…I have long felt the New York Times fearful of some subset of the Jewish community long standing labeling of them as anti Semitic. So they err on the side of caution…’

      If so, it’d be another example of weakness sometimes being functionally indistinguishable from evil. Does it really matter why the New York Times lies?

      The problem is that they lie.

      1. Lie or not the whole truth? Or from one side? All of that. I have read criticism of the Times that was off the deep end in that it wanted what it was never going to get from a particular reporter ( like Ethan Bronner for instance).. Point is they are sans a really even handed perspective because, I think, they are fearful of “elite” Jewish opinion. They have to sell newspapers…the paper form still too. But that has changed; they have younger readership to appeal to and they are being called out on it more I think, hope. We are also in the age of mass protests and social media reporting on the scene. The Gaza demonstrations are well timed. MSM, MSNBC’s report last night stood out for it’s criticism of the reporting.

        1. My feeling about the New york Times is that it is in some ways worse than Fox News, or the Weekly Standard, or the Jerusalem Post, or whatever openly pro-Israel source you care to name. At least in the case of such organs, you’re getting about what is advertised, so to speak.

          The New York Times maintains a pretense of balance — and hence, credibility. Ethan Bronner writes pieces decrying all the abuse he gets no matter how fair he tries to be — here, I’m thinking of an piece entitled ‘Bullets in my Inbox,’ if anyone cares. His various successors have more or less adopted the same line. We’re honest reporters, etc, etc.

          It makes the Times’ lies much more credible. That has to be admitted.

          1. Okay. Maybe I stand corrected, in this connection, anyway. One can always hope…

            ‘Video shows Israeli forces shooting Palestinian, then rejoicing.’

            What’s significant is not the story, but the source. It’s the New York Times. Kind of like hearing Molotov tee off on Stalin.

            The headline will be fixed pronto, I’m sure, but still…

  4. Yisrael, every silly nationalist all over the world imagines that kind of stuff about the unique mentality of his own people. Just hear a certain type of Russian wax on about the Russian soul, or google Nihonjinron.

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