4 thoughts on “How the Media Botched Coverage of the Jersey City Terror Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Jack: Apparently, you’re an idiot. And racist. You credit a video created by Dov Hikind as having any credibility? That racist JDL asshole? Really. Take it somewhere else moron. You really don’t belong here.

      And if you’d bother to read my post you’d note that when white people move into a neighborhood in large numbers and gentrify them, and prior residents feel disenfranchised, it creates tension and hostility. That’s why its incumbent on the gentrifiers to try to alleviate that tension.

      You’re already moderated. Your next comment rule violation is your last…

  1. I believe this story is written to express the idea that Black Hebrew Israelites aren’t as much as a hate group as they are perceived. I’m not sure why they would even be lumped into the same category. I am a Hebrew brother and I respect all my Hebrews, whether they refer to themselves as black Hebrews or black Israelites, and for some reason (which I could speak on but for the sake of argument, fall back) are hated against moreso because we are gaining notoriety. All I want to know from that news article is what really transpired in that cemetery and why were there in the first place🤔? There needs to be so many answered questions. Too bad they had to be killed 🤔

  2. Ignorance waits for violence and error in reporting it. Then jumps on hate, dances with it, accepts the grievous error and McCarthy-ism sneaks into the fear fabric of white America again. Easier to hate than investigate!

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