8 thoughts on “Bernie’s Coming on Strong, Look Out! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well these are the facts… and the more than likely barrage coming against Bernie as the polls show him giving Biden a real challenge. If our goal is to defeat Trump, this has to be taken into account majorly, as much as Biden seems (or is) less desirable ( using modest language). Biden’s latest directed at Sanders designed to make him look tough was a real turn-off.

  2. Richard Silverstein, you’ve hit with perfection the salient points of Bernie Sanders’ wonder and the US media’s mediocracy and slavish devotion to corporate interests. Thank you!

  3. What really angered Corbyn’s attackers was his statement that a Labour government would recognise the State of Palestine. That would mean that three of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council would be backing Palestine.

    Is Bernie brave enough to say that if he was president, the USA would recognise the State of Palestine?

  4. I like Sanders but admit his being Jewish gives me pause because I wonder if he will be able to withstand the crushing pressure and threats he will come under from some Jews and Zionist if he is elected.
    OTOH Trump and Biden are already proven bought tools of militant Israel and zionist .
    So if the dem candidate is Sanders I will vote for him.
    I will not under any circumstances vote for the corrupt, useless Biden…I will write in a name instead.

    1. @ American400: Try not to conflate being Jewish with being pro-Israel. They are two separate categories. Some Jews are quite progressive when it comes to Israel, not at all in synch with the Israel Lobby.

  5. @ Richard

    ”@ American400: Try not to conflate being Jewish with being pro-Israel”

    Yes I know,that’s why I said ‘some Jews”…you know the group I mean. They will “Goldstone’ him.

  6. It was said Trump did not have a chance. How could we vote for this?
    We did not know before and now don’t know either how the electorate will react to Biden versus Trump when all is said and done… meaning basic ignorance, the media (MSM and social) incl foreign interference,the GOP/Trump machine voter manipulations, & the trial, incl how the trial is conducted.
    I won’t vote for Biden against Bernie in the primaries because of fear or out of resignation. I think that many voted for Trump in primaries from the same basic refusal, perhaps thinking he did not have a chance and would not win against Hillary, but also not wanting Hillary.

  7. Mr. Richard – forget bernie for a while and try to unmask who is the “ultra orthodox” in the DailyMail story of today with this header
    Dozens of women and children are freed from ‘cult’ in ultra-Orthodox area of Jerusalem where they were forced to live in ‘slave-like’ conditions
    Long live the messianic jewish mullahs

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