5 thoughts on “Another Trump Foreign Policy Quid Pro Quo, This One Abandons Kurdish Allies – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You people are literally blinded by your hatred of Donald Trump.

    I won’t go into who’s been using the Kurds and why, but now you’re on the same side as Senator Graham. Think about that one for a bit. And that notion that Putin is Trump’s boss would be laughable if I didn’t suspect Krugman’s actually serious. The Red menace rides again…

    1. @ Colin: Nope, not blinded by hatred or anything else. Nor am I on Graham’s “side.” I have nothing in common with him on this or any other issue.

      You do seem to have a soft spot for Russian mafiosi and Syrian butchers though.

      No further comments in this thread .

  2. Trump has hit an all time low.
    This is an absolute disaster in the making.

    He’s just handed Iran and Russia the Middle East on a platter.

  3. There is no US president, “Trump” or Democrat, who could or would choose between Turkey and Kurdistan. American previous regime and military obviously in their naivety thought that they can support Kurds in Syria in the Sunni fight against Assad and forget the other aspects with Kurds. It is as naive as USA would help Palestinians (2 million in Jordan) to form their own independent area in Jordan and then pretending that there are no Palestinians in Israel/Palestine and Israel and Jordan would be “happy”. Any US president who chooses Kurds and so forming Kurdistan even inside Syria looses instantly Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. And then the whole Middle East where most countries have considerable minorities. Also the formation of Kurdistan would destroy EU with the unseen Völkerwanderung this process would create.

    Turkey is the second largest military power in NATO, no Lilliput economically and it has huge influence in those numerous countries populated with Turkish tribes. Russia and China would without doubts welcome Turkey and Iran in their Eurasian “defence union” which is gradually forming.

    The present US political and military position in Syria was already formed during Obama’s time. It is rather absurd now to blame Trump for betraying the Kurds. What had USA promised to Syrian Kurds? The reality from the beginning was that USA used the Syrian Kurds and could not promise them anything besides nonbinding claptrap.

    As said I do not support Trump, but blaming him for this fiasco is not very “fair”. What would be the economical and military price of USA supporting the Kurds?

  4. Mr. Richard Silverstein,

    Why is President Donald Trump hurting the Kurdish people?
    The Kurdish people fight Daesh.

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