12 thoughts on ““Shifty Schiff” and Another Trump Anti-Semitic Moment – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You omit that President Trump also called Rep. Schiff, “little Adam Schiff” during the Oval Office meeting.

  2. [comment deleted: the comment threads are not a venue for you to lie and smear people. If you do that again you will be moderated.]

  3. Thanks for the defense of Schiff. Schiff has been brilliant. He listens, thinks, and is very sharp, highly moral,doggedly in defense of our law/ The Constitution. He seems to be able, like Pelosi, to let Trump’s taunting not get him off balance. I did not connect “shifty” with anti-Semitism because I am slow about these things but yes. Wow. Trump is going to get worse before it gets better for the country.

  4. Avram, if you call the four House members antiSemitic then surely Trump is. Shifty Schiff coming from the President and when there is nothing truthful to base this on does seem antiSemitic especially to those who are as sensitive as you apparently are to others use of certain words.

  5. [Comment deleted : this is not a site meant to circulate GOP talking points, and lies at that. You may have mistaken this site for Breitbart or the Algemeiner.]

  6. I do not want here to be again claimed supporting Trump. As a European and a Finn I have no need or will of supporting any US president, even they always claim to be the self-defined leaders of us in the “West”. USA has not for a very long time not produced presidents worth admiring as human beings and politicians.

    When two presidents have a news conference the reporters ask questions linked to their meeting and to the relations between the countries. They leave the host country’s internal politics questions and allegations to news conferences reserved for those. In this “event” Trump had to answer to the allegations and Niinistö was silent and confused solely because there was nothing he could say or do in this macabre media show. Certainly Niinistö was not so astonished of how Trump reacted, more of the level to where USA’s internal political situation and media has declined.

    The Finnish president Niinistö has quite much own temper. If he has to encounter questions he sees improper he lets the reporters to know it. That has he done several times.

  7. I’m not Jewish, but found this chilling. trump has made many racist and even antisemitic statements in the past. I haven’t been personally exposed to a lot of this, but when it does happen it tends to be insinuated, not overt, a dog-whistle. Not being a dog, I usually don’t respond, maybe not to my credit. Recently in a fact-free comment to a Vermont online paper article, someone said a lot of nonsense about Bernie Sanders, concluding by calling Sanders a “carpetbagger” coming from a “Jewish enclave in Brooklyn”, a remark totally irrelevant to the article, and most certainly another dog-whistle. I responded, and the paper agreed with me, withholding my rebuttal, and taking out this guy’s comment.

    This is a scary time in our history, and we have to be responsive to this sort of thing.

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