15 thoughts on “Bibi Murdered Peace and Democracy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Your claims about Bibi’s culpability are not born out by the facts, which are, that Yigal Amir had attempted to assassinate Rabin three times in 1995 before finally succeeding in November 1995.

    “The year of the murder, 1995, Amir had attempted three times to assassinate Rabin: at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, at the “Nof Jerusalem” hotel and at a ceremony inaugurating a highway flyover in Kfar Shmaryahu ”


    Sorry, but Yigal Amir had it in mind to kill Rabin months before Bibi’s speech.

    1. @ P Spot: So you think Bibi’s speech was the only bloodthirsty speech he gave in the run-up to the Rabin assassination? Bibi spoke daily in the same terms he used during that speech. He just didn’t have a rabid bloodthirsty audience screaming for murder at those earlier events. Yigal Amir didn’t conceive of this murder independently with no influence from societal or political forces. The environment in which he circulated inspired him to murder and Bibi was very much part of it throughout the whole process of planning the killing & stalking the victim.

  2. I was at that demonstration with thousands of others, standing near the reporter. There is no way Bibi could have seen the signs which were a set up by Avishai Ravid, Shabbak operative who created the fake organization under their auspices to malign the right. If you were a real journalist you would know this.

    1. @ Jewdy:

      I was at that demonstration with thousands of others,

      So you freely admit you were an accessory to murder as well. You disgust me.

      the signs which were a set up by Avishai Ravid,

      So now you’re blaming Avishai Ravid for the assassination. That’s clever. I didn’t think it was possible for you to disgust me even more.

      This was your last comment in this thread. And I warn you, if you boast about crap like this again, your time remaining here will be limited.

  3. You also got it wrong about the caskets, I was there too. The coffin, not a casket said “Rabin kover ha tzionut.” Rabin buries Zionism. Please stop spreading lies. You only hurt those who want to live in the only Jewish country there is, and incur unnecessary hatred. You are not a real journalist, just a spreader of lies.

    1. @ Jewdy: There are many pictures of Bibi with caskets at different events.

      So they shouting “Death to Rabin” and then carried around coffins which also referred to Rabin as a murderer, and then they actually did murder him–and you think it’s terribly unfair to claim the caskets weren’t a reference to murdering Rabin. Spare me!

      You only hurt those who want to live in the only Jewish country there is, and incur unnecessary hatred.

      Israel is a country which presumes to speak for me as a Jew and to act on my behalf. Therefore, I will speak my own mind about it and its policies. I will criticize its flaws and wrongdoing as strongly as I can.

      I will never accept any commenter here who accuses me of lies. You are now banned.

  4. I remember the fierce opposition in Israel to Oslo.It was going to be a hard long slog with both sides kicking and screaming. But Yitzchak Rabin’s personal change, epiphany, made quite an impression… even on the world, as did Anwar Sadat. Both paid with their lives. Now there is no-one. Netanyahu is complicit in the death of peace and democracy, over the years by a thousand cuts. He has been Israel’s Trump before we knew we could have a Trump. But Israeli’s have kept Netanyahu.

  5. This post is amazing.
    On the one hand, I can see how when i read such descriptions about such events at other countries I should suspect the intentions of the writer of those description.
    It is disgusting to see a Jew being so overcome with hate to other Jews. So sad.
    This is now archived on the webarchive so people can see what sort of comments, Mr. Richardson censors.

    1. @ Neta: Not at all. How else would you justify the assassination of a political leader than by accusing him of destroying your country. And when you have bloodlust in your heart and want that leader killed and you see caskets dragged around the country with Rabin’s name on them–well, you get the message. Not you obviously, because you excuse the murder and the murderers. But everyone else who is disgusted not only by the murder, but by the murderer, and every citizen who excuses or connives to mitigate the horror and the crime–all of us get the message loud and clear.

    1. @ P Spot: Don’t make me laugh! Bibi makes a claim and you believe him??? The only politician who lies more than Netanyahu is Trump. And the difference is that Trump is such a sociopath he doesn’t know he’s lying. Netanyahu is shrewd and cunning and knows he’s lying.

      After every Palestinian is murdered in cold blood by Jewish terrorists Bibi trots out his standard mealy mouthed template that sounds something like what he purports to have said before and after Rabin’s assassination. Whatever he claims to have said doesn’t matter. What matters is what he DID. He stood there above a raging crowd thirsting for Rabin’s blood and he goaded them on. That’s all that matters. That shows his culpability for the murder.

      At least David Levy had the decency to abandon the rally because of how rabid the crowd was (though he had no choice since they booed him and called him “traitor”).

  6. Question.

    How is your headline ‘Bibi Murdered Peace and Democracy’, any different than the coffin that said, ‘Rabin Killed Zionism’?



    1. @ P Spot: How is it different? Because no one, not a single person in the world (except perhaps Palestinians, who have every right to feel this way) is screaming for Bibi’s blood. Certainly nothing like the 40,000 or 50,000 accessories to murder who clamored for it that night in 1995.

      You’re done in this thread.

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