15 thoughts on “Bolton Sounds Drumbeat of War Based on Tenuous Israeli Claim of Iran Threat – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I don’t think Israel will be stupid enough to attack Iran. It will be better if Saudi Arabia does their own dirty work.

    The Saudis want Israel to do it. But Iran is a bigger threat to Saudi Arabia. Sunni Shia 1000 year old war. Even without Israel it would still be going on.

    The US should be attacking Saudi Arabia and Qatar. End of terrorism worldwide. Topple the rulers and install a democracy.

  2. As I can’t answer directly, this is to “Fatima”
    We know Hasbara trolls and other right-wing Islamophobes like to take Arabic or Muslim sounding pen names, I guess you’re one of those ….. your “Sunni Shia 1000 year old war” convinced me …. are you Barbar recycled ?

  3. I believe there is this unnecessary war going on- between Israel and iran but it serves at least Israel’s ( I mean Netanyahu’s) need to deflect from the more ominous threat to Israel’s viability or legitimacy: the continuing occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people. Verbal threats served Ahmedinejad , I am remembering. And Netanyahu took that as a gift and ran with it. After that it was Iran iran iran here, there and everywhere, fear mongering .

  4. The most interesting element here will be how much evidence we get of intense hasbara in anticipation of Der Tag.

    The Zionists aren’t actually very bright. They may well tip their hand.

  5. Richard said:

    “Israel had promised its Egyptian interlocutors as part of that agreement that it would significantly ease the Gaza siege, open border crossings, lift fishing restrictions, and permit hundreds of millions in Qatari humanitarian aid to enter the enclave. It failed to honor most of these provisions.”

    Fact check, please!

    According to your link, in 2018 alone, Qatar gave Hamas in Gaza $200 million for humanitarian aid, fuel and government salaries.

    And according to Haartez, Israel has consented to allow Qatar to give Hamas, 1 billion dollars since 2012.

    As for the $30 million dollars, you believe Israel withheld from Hamas, in November, Israel allowed two installments of $15 million in Qatari money to enter Gaza.

    The money was to have been distributed in six installments, but Israel postponed the third following the shooting of an IDF soldier by a terrorist from Gaza.

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the Security Cabinet subsequently approved the transfer of the third installment, but Hamas refused to accept the money “in response to the occupation policy”.

    Israel has continued to keep it’s border with Gaza open despite rocket fire.

    And, Israel had allowed Gazan fishing rights to expand to records rates.

    But, fishing and border entry were shut down last week in response to rocket fire from Hamas and from Iranian proxy army, Islamic Jihad.

    1. @ Eunice:

      Fact check, please!

      I don’t do your homework for you. Google the subject and you will find tens, if not scores of articles which outline what Israel committed to as part of the original ceasefire. I have plenty of more important things to do than to do things for you which you can do yourself.

      Again, you can find huge quarrels inside the Israeli government about the Qatari money and evidence to support claims that the funds were either denied or delayed in contravention of the ceasefire agreement. Not to mention the $430 million Qatari has agreed to give now, which cannot happen until Israel opens the gates.

      Israel has continued to keep it’s border with Gaza open despite rocket fire.

      Whoa! Settler News is your source??? NEver, ever use Settler News as a source here. It is settler garbage news. The truth is that the border crossings are almost always closed despite what Settler Hasbara Central may claim.

      fishing and border entry were shut down last week in response to rocket fire from Hamas

      No, once again. Israel reneged on its ceasefire agreement, after which Hamas ratcheted up protests. If Israel wants no violence on the border it should honor ALL its commitments. Better yet, end the siege. I’m also amused by Israeli claims it doesn’t occupy Gaza when the siege and Israeli ironclad control of even the few things which do go in or out of Gaza, only happen because Israel permits it.

      Iranian proxy army, Islamic Jihad.

      Do cut the bullshit. Don’t introduce little hasbara zingers here. They go over like lead balloons. And they shorten the amount of time you’ll be spending with us. If you continue with this narischkeit, I will start calling the IDF “America’s proxy army;” or U.S. armed forces “Israel’s proxy army.”

      You are done in this thread. Do not publish another comment here.

  6. Fact check!

    Richard said:

    “The Mossad alerted the U.S. to an unspecified threat by Iran to attack our forces somewhere in the region.”

    The intelligence about a possible Iranian plot is not very specific at this stage, but the officials said it was clear the threat was against a U.S. target in the Gulf, or U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia or the UAE.

    The unspecified attack may be against American forces in the region, or, more likely, against America’s Arab allies, the Saudis and the Emirates.

    1. @ Eunice:

      The unspecified attack may be against American forces in the region, or, more likely, against America’s Arab allies, the Saudis and the Emirates.

      That’s nonsense. The U.S. isn’t going to war because an Iranian proxy attacks UAE or Saudi troops.

  7. “Hoaxes and faulty intelligence have brought the world no end of war and misery. Is this where we want to go once again?” – Not looking at the reality for what it is brought a lot worse. That is what allowed Hitler to gain so much power and start a war.
    That is also what happened in October 1973, when intelligence was neglected and Israel almost was gone.

    1. @Yon Levy: so your argument is that Iran is like Hitler? When the U.S., Israel and the Saudis have military forces 100,000 times more powerful than Iran?

      And your alternative claim is that Iran is akin to the combined forces of Syria and Egypt in 1973, which carried out a surprise attack on Israel? Implying that Iran would do the same against the U.S.? Are you daft? It would be suicidal and Iran is not suicidal.

  8. Deir Yassin and others who want to learn about the 1000 year old Shia Sunni split, you can learn about the background here. The Iran/Saudi rivalry playing out today is a continuation of an ancient tug of power

    The Sunni-Shia Divide
    Rising Militancy

    Sectarian violence intensified in 2013 and has grown since. Extremists were “fueled by sectarian motivations” in Syria, Lebanon, and Pakistan, according to the U.S. State Department. After years of steady losses for al-Qaeda–linked groups, Sunni extremist recruitment is rising, aided by private funding networks in the Gulf, particularly in Kuwait, with much of the violence directed at other Muslims rather than Western targets. Shia militant groups are also gaining strength, in part to confront the threat of Sunni extremism.

  9. I just love you tactics of deflection.

    No, I didn’t say Iran = Hitler or Iran whatever 1973. What I did write was, sometimes there is a bully and the only way to calm it down is slapping them across the face.

    Love how in these cases you are looking for an exact match while calling Israel an apartheid state is normal for you those Israeli Arabs receive all benefit from state. You’ll say everything which supports you world view.

    1. @ Yoni Levy: The only bully in the region is Israel and the Saudis and their megalith ally, the U.S. They’ve been slapped in the face repeatedly for their overreach, but it apparently hasn’t taught them a thing.

      Israeli Arabs receive all benefit from state.

      You’re truly a joke. First of all, the term “Arab” when linked to ‘Israeli’ is offensive and unacceptable. Israeli Palestinians reject such terms, and do not use them here. Second, what “benefits” do these Israeli citizens get from “the Jewish state?” They get 50 different laws which affirm and enforce apartheid. They get 3rd class treatment. THey get political emasculation. They get poverty. They get poor health care, education, and job opportunities. They get racism at every turn. They would say to you: “thanks for nothing!”

  10. Richard – not sure if you are lying on purpose or just uninformed. Most of what you wrote in your reply is utter rubbish.
    Many Israeli Arabs refer to themselves as such. Just listeer to a podcast with Aiman Udah who did exactly that.
    Out of many thousands of laws, some radical activists found fifty that could be interpreted as unequal and you make it into apartheid?? Obviously you haven’t been to South Africa during that time.
    Am I banned for telling the truth?

    1. @ Yoni Levy: Accusing me of lying is an automatic comment offense. You have now been moderated. Only future comments which respect the comment rules will be published. The next comment violation will lead to outright banning.

      Concerning the offensive term “Israeli Arab,” one of Israel’s foremost Israeli Palestinian demographers polls Israeli Palestinians every year. One question he asks is what they prefer to be called. Over 60% use and prefer the term “Israeli Palestinian.” Those who use ‘Israeli Arab’ tend to be old school; Palestinians who are older and have absorbed much of the discrimination against them for decades.

      Here is a rather darkly funny take on this issue. It’s from a 972 Magazine piece listing the top racist compliments Israeli Jews offer to Israeli Palestinians:

      ‘You, the ‘Israeli Arabs,’ are alright. Our problem is with the Palestinians.’
      Take a deep breath and count backwards from ten, nine, eight, seven, six…

      How to respond: “Your mom is an ‘Israeli Arab.’ We’re all Palestinians, you asshole.”

      Regarding Aymen Oudeh, I don’t know that he ever said what you claim he did. Even if he did, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t also used the term “Israeli Palestinian” as often or more often. Further, since when is he the arbiter of proper Palestinian usage? He’s a liberal Palestinian politician. He represents a niche of the community, but by no means the majority.

      As for Israel’s racist laws, there may be ‘many thousands of Israeli laws,’ but there are not many thousands of laws which apply specifically to Israeli Palestinians. And these fifty are particularly offensive and racist and symbolize the general racism of the State towards these citizens. And how many racist laws would it take before you conceded Israel’s racism toward its Palestinian citizens? 100, 500, 1000?

      You are done in this thread. Do NOT publish another comment here.

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