4 thoughts on “Facebook, Twitter Impose Israeli Military Censorship on Their Platforms – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Jen: That is both a stupid and insulting question. It presumes that I had no moral standards and that the only thing I care about is exposing secrets, any secrets, any time, for any reason. If you don’t know me or my standards, or that I have them, then either you haven’t been reading, or you’re a woefully bad judge of character.

  1. Richard.

    How is what you’re doing here, broadcasting the identities of Mossad operatives, any different from Canary Mission’s using their website to identify pro-Palestinian activists that Canary Mission deems haters of the USA and Israel?

    1. @ Fast Lane: They’re not Mossad operatives! Don’t you even bother to read the posts you comment on? If you don’t, then don’t post another comment here until you read the entire post so that you don’t waste my time having to correct your errors.

      These commandos killed 7 Palestinians, violated the Geneva Convention by abusing a Gaza NGO, invaded Gaza, and nearly started all-out war. Tell me which Canary Mission victim ever killed anyone? Or committed any of the offenses I mentioned.

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