15 thoughts on “Black Cube Targets Cyber-Security NGO at Behest of Leading Israeli Malware Maker – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Sho Time: This version of events is about as credible as Mohammed ibn Salman’s account of the death of Jamal Khashoggi. I have read many accounts regarding Sean Penn’s meeting with El Chapo and never heard any talk of a film about him. Personally, I think this was an invention by either the reporter or NSO itself. And how do we know that the president of Mexico actually called NSO Group? The idea that the leader of a country would call such a company for such a reason seems almost preposterous.

      This article might have had an ounce of credibility if it acknowledged the damage Pegasus has done. But since it was written as almost as a paid ad, it didn’t.

  1. Richard said:

    “Personally, I think this was an invention by either the reporter or NSO itself.”

    I believe Ronen Bergman to be reliable and credible reporter, and so do you apparently.

    “Ronen Bergman, one of Israel’s most distinguished security and intelligence investigative reporters has earned the distinction of having an interview he conducted with the media watchdog publication, 7th Eye, censored not once, but twice.”

    As far as the movie about El Chapo’s life, I believe that claim was accurate too.

    “He also said the drug lord dreamed of directing a movie about his life years ago. He had hired a Colombian producer and anticipated an accompanying book. ”


    1. @ Sho Time: COmmenters like you make the mistake of believing that because I once said something positive about someone or something that it chains me to that opinion regardless of subsequent events. I do respect Ronen Bergman’s journalism. But it and he have their limits. IF you had a few hours I could offer you my complex, generally positive, but extremely ambivalent response to his book. In this case, Bergman’s piece reads like an advertisement for NSO. Definitely not his best work.

      As for the El Chapo movie, I wasn’t arguing he didn’t want a film made of his life. I was saying that I’d never heard what Bergman claimed, which was that Sean Penn had been roped into the project. That was what Bergman wrote, and I’d never heard this before. So I’m dubious about this particular aspect of the report (along with other claims in it which I mentioned).

    1. @ Sho Time: FIrst of all, you’ve unearthed yet another encomium by Ronen Bergman on behalf of NSO. So if you think this apologia for its sins is any more persuasive than the earlier piece you quoted, you’re wrong. This is shameless pandering to an invasive, illegal, immoral cyber-weapon which gets people killed.

      As for NSO’s CEO and his claims, they’re about as credible as if Don Juan claimed he was a choir boy. NSO lies, Black CUbe lies, the Israeli intelligence apparatus lies. Lies from beginning till end and from top to bottom. That you’re so gullible as to believe them is not surprising.

  2. Reply to Sho Time and business article: From A to Z bs – a commercial PR story filled with fallacies about the capture of El Chapo and the ransom paid for the Qatari hunting party. NSO with Pegasus is making the world unsafe while striking up profits. Enablers of gross violations of human rights wherever their intrusion software is installed. No words for it but utter hypocrisy.

  3. @Oui

    Calling bullshit on the Bergman article, the business interview, NSO in general and NSO’s CEO, specifically, is insufficient.
    You and Richard should point out, with great specificity, the lies and fallacies concerning CEO Hulio’s claims.

    Bergman and CEO Hulio have specifically pointed to several instances where Pegasus fought crime and terrorism.
    Please. Disprove these claims on an individual basis.

    Broad condemnation is insufficient.

    1. @ Sho Time: Here’s the way things work around here: you don’t call the shots; you don’t make the rules; you don’t make demands; you don’t tell me what I “should do;” no one owes you anything.

      So I don’t care what you think about my opinions of these articles. I don’t care if you think they’re halacha l’Moshe mi’Sinai.

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